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    KOCHI: Let Mark Zuckerberg’s invention be a blessing to Kerala’s long fight for the construction of a dam at Mullaperiyar and save the life of nearly 35 lakh people. Not only on Facebook, the Mullaperiyar dam issue has become the topic of the hour on all social media. Popular stars, prominent personalities, youth and students have started tweeting about it. Campaigns and postings are abundant on Facebook and people are creating pages and events on social networking sites. Lots of videos are being shared on Google Plus about the plight of the existing dam.Actor Rima Kallingal tweeted: "Do share whatever information u have about the Mullaperiyar issue! Let’s educate, empower and react! " Director Aashiq Abu asked Malayalis across the world to support the Mullaperiyar campaign. “I request all the film promotional forums, websites and fan clubs to promote the Mullaperiyar campaign,” he tweeted. Music band Avial will soon come up with a new version of the song ‘Aaranda’ to lend its mite for the Mullaperiyar campaign.“We are not fighting for water, we are fighting for our life and what we need is safety. The life of lakhs of people in four districts is in great danger. And if the government fails to do something immediately, they can soon raise memorials for nearly 35 lakh people,” posted Rajesh Krishna, a Kottayam-based Central Government employee.A public event was also hosted on Facebook urging the members to observe January 1, 2012 as Disaster Day. The group requested facebook users to post nothing but ‘Save Mullaperiyar (Disaster Day)' on January 1.Cartoons that reflect the gravity of the issue and the negligent attitude of the Central and Tamil Nadu governments have been posted. Some postings are humble requests. “Dear Tamil Nadu politicians, we have respect for your land, culture and people. Please try to understand. Nothing is more important than human life. Help us save our land and people,” posted Viswajith Puthenchery.