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    Now a smartphone application to protect women

    KOCHI: City-based IT firm MindHelix Technologies has launched Sentinel, a free smartphone application which can send instant alerts in case of a danger. The application works in multiple scenarios even without a manual alert. A forced switch-off of the phone or an improper exit of application will trigger an alert. In addition, a prolonged signal loss will also prompt sending of a ‘fail safe’ alert SMS and an email. Ease and simplicity are the key attractions of the application, which can send email and SMS alerts to many pre-configured numbers. The alerts sent by the application will include the last known location and direction of travel. What’s more, it will also give details on the mode of transport and vehicle number, if it has already been entered by the user.The application runs on all smart phones with Android, Blackberry, Symbian, iPhone and Java operating systems. It can be downloaded from http://sentinel.mindhelix.com. The proper functioning of the application depends on the availability of network availability. “With security being a major concern and increased attacks on women, this application can provide an extra blanket of security to enable quick alerts while facing threats,” the officials said.“The mobile application sends the location and other details to close friends or family. MindHelix wants to add a direct emailing or texting to nearest police station as soon as possible,” said Christin Emmanuel George, co-founder-cum-CEO, MindHelix Technologies LLP.