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    A night of comedy

    BANGALORE: Serenading Bangaloreans with his traditional comical style, Emmy Award winning actor, singer, comedian and television personality Wayne Brady put up a fine show titled Black Dog Comedy Evenings at Lalit Ashok recently. Offering a good dose of rib-tickling humour, the artiste’s witty improvisational skills in Whose Line is it Anyways? have impressed us all for time immemorial. City Express catches up with the versatile entertainer to find out more.Tell us about your experience with Whose Line is it Anyways?Well, it was ten years ago. And, I had a great time working with everyone. I started off with the British version of the show with Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles and eventually moved on to the American version. And, it was a wonderful experience. Before that, I had done a lot of work in drama and theatre as well. How would you define improv?Improvisational theatre or improv is nothing but making things up on the spot. It involves a lot of creativity and spontaneity. Of course, interaction with the audience is also extremely important. And, it can be a lot of fun.Given a choice between musical and non musical improv, what would you choose?Well, I do both. And, I would like to think that I am good at both of them. There really should not be a choice between the two. Ultimately, it is all about loving what you really want to do.Is this your first time in India? Have you had the chance to check out any of the works by Indian artists (in terms of cinema and theatre)?Well, yes this is my first time in India. And, it has been pleasant so far. Unfortunately I have not had the chance to check out anything owing to my hectic schedule (with the tour). But, I have watched several Bollywood films. And, I particularly enjoyed Mr Khan’s (Shahrukh Khan) work. However, I would not be able to name any of them. I really like Russell Peters too. And, I think he is a fantastic comedian.You played James Stinson, Barney’s homosexual brother, in How I met your Mother. Tell us more...Well, it was a phenomenal experience playing James Stinson. You know not many people get to do that. It was a privilege working with everyone. And, I tried to adapt to Barney’s (character played by Neil Patrick Harris) style and create a character who was equally charming and hilarious at the same time.Any future projects you are working on ...Well, I have a lot of things coming up. I will be writing a book soon on being a single dad from my own experience of course. Apart from that I will also be working on an improv show. And, there’s another sitcom lined up next year.