I am no proxy for Srinivasan: Jagmohan Dalmiya

Updated: June 3, 2013, 11:21 PM IST
I am no proxy for Srinivasan: Jagmohan Dalmiya

New Delhi: BCCI Working Group chief Jagmohan Dalmiya on Monday rubbished talks of he being a proxy of N Sinivasan, who stepped aside as Board President, without any power as "wishful thinking", saying that his actions would show the real picture.

Asked about criticism by detractors that he would be Srinivasan's proxy, Dalmiya said, "That is probably a wishful thinking. I will show what it is."

He said Sanjay Jagdale has refused to withdraw his resignation from the post of secretary but Ajay Shirke could not be contacted after giving one day's time whether he would take back his resignation for the post of treasurer or not.

"As far as Jagdale is concerned, he has told us that he does not want to continue as secretary. But we have not been able to communicate with Shirke so far. We are hoping that we would be able to get a reply from him by tomorrow. We will wait till tomorrow," he said.

Asked whether he had powers to appoint a new secretary or treasurer, Dalmiya said, "That is what my understanding is.

Whether (that power) available or not you will come know tomorrow. I think I have been given adequate powers by the Board (in Working Committee meeting).

"But I am not concerned about whether I have powers or not. My concern is that I want to do my duty," he said.

Asked if he intends to stay put for long, Dalmiya said, "I will be happy if I can serve cricket. That is enough for me. I don't have any wishful thinking."

He said describing Sunday's Working Committee meeting in Chennai as "sham" or "pre-planned" was too harsh and uncalled for.

"These opinions are too harsh. I don't subscribe to these. Undoubtedly, it's a difficult time for Indian cricket. But to call the meeting like that was too harsh," he said.

Dalmiya said that former BCCI chief I S Bindra did not ask for Srinivasan's resignation during the meeting.

"Bindra never said anything like that in the meeting. At least I have not heard of it. But he has got the right to have his opinion. I don't want to say anything further on that."

Dalmiya also said that there was no longer corruption charges against him as the BCCI had gone on record that there was nothing against him after he was expelled from the Board on charges of misappropriation of funds in 2006.

"Let me clarify, there was nothing like that against me. Those are made-up things. When all these allegations were made against me, the BCCI said there was nothing like that against me. In the General Meeting of the Board and in the presence of all Board members, the BCCI said it was a mistake (to make the allegations). When the BCCI made a U-turn and say that, then there is nothing against me," he said.

First Published: June 3, 2013, 11:21 PM IST

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