I believe the IPL should be shorter: Gaurav Kalra

Updated: May 10, 2013, 4:38 PM IST
I believe the IPL should be shorter: Gaurav Kalra

Does the IPL need to reinvent itself or is the current model sustainable in future seasons as well? CNN-IBN's sports editor Gaurav Kalra joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. What according to you can be done to make IPL a more improved tournament for cricket and cricketers? Asked by: satyendra

A. I believe the tournament should be shorter- 9 teams playing each other home and away is way too many games- at some point, context seeps out and it becomes a daily grind..while there is an audience, I feel a shorter tournament will be better.

Q. Is IPL not hampering the cricket..many cricketers are taking retirement just to play in cash rich leagues like IPL..like Hussey..he still has 1-2 yrs of cricket left for Australia..but he has taken retirement. Asked by: Rman

A. Think each individual makes his own decision...there was nothing stopping Hussey from playing the whole IPL season even if he was still an active Australian cricketer- there are guys like Watson doing that...so the connect isn't always right.

Q. Do You think Subrat Rai Should buy a team from Lucknow as his main business centre is in Lucknow and Maharashta already has MI has other team. Will this step be good for future IPL? Asked by: Harsha

A. Not sure I am qualified to handle this! he has the Pune team to take care of for a few years yet!

Q. Rather than having few games in neutral venues like Raipur or Ranchi or DY Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai..Why can we have PLAYOFFS in such Venue this is change I want What you think Gaurav? Asked by: Amit Bhilwade

A. Yes, I like the idea of smaller venues hosting the games- you tend to get bigger crowds, clearly there is a hunger for cricket- some of the bigger venues aren't attracting full houses- Mohali yesterday was barely a third full.

Q. There is so many t20 leagues around the world..SRPL..PPL..BPl..CCl..but IPL has its own charm and importance..it has not got affected by the other leagues. I don't think it will have any danger in future. Asked by: Ranjit

A. I guess there is an undeniable attraction to the IPL...my view though is that a sense of fatigue is creeping in..especially weekday 4pm games are going to struggle going forward to retain audiences...think the broadcasters are going on the 'quantity' theory while selling space, but there is a tipping point I am sure.

Q. Next Year IPL will have Auction..But you can retain 2-3 players in your team then why go for Auction..what you think Gaurav? Asked by: Amit Bhilwade

A. I can see why teams want retention...it helps them keep a core group of players together and build around them...has helped CSK for instance that they have had pretty much the same squad for 6 years...I don't mind every team being given the option to retain a certain number of players.

Q. Why not add one more team and make it 10..then divide the teams in 2 groups and play home and away..matches will be less..top 2 teams form each group will qualify for playoffs.. Asked by: rmana

A. You know I wrote a blog suggesting exactly that 3 years ago!

Q. What can be the format if the tournament happen to be sorter..not home and away then? Asked by: ravi

A. Either teams get distributed into groups...or just play each other once.

Q. IPL should invite small teams like Afghanistan or Nepal ICC members team to participate as the 10th team..it will enhance the flavour of IPL.. Asked by: Zeba

A. Maybe, but this is a franchise based model...that is essential to protect...so if a 10th team is added, it will have to be a privately held franchise...can not have a system where 9 teams are owned and the 10th is an invitee.

Q. At this point I don't think there is any need to reinvent IPL..its going good..if in future its craze go down then some ideas can be brought..at this point its going good, what's your take? Asked by: Raman

A. I believe there is some tinkering needed...a shorter tournament should be considered- at the moment its too many games played to get to the final four- i would consider that especially if there is evidence to point to a level of fatigue.

Q. With 2 groups after adding 10th team only 40 group matches and 4 playoffs will be required..is it not good for IPL. Asked by: Manka

A. I am all for two groups- regionally divided- they play home and away...top two in play offs or semis.

Q. Reducing the length of the IPL will directly affect the packet of the frachise..they will not agree to it. Asked by: wahab

A. Yes, I realise that- especially as TV earnings are determined by the number of games played- however that model will need to be looked at if the ratings drop.

Q. Clearly, IPL has given us some of the fantastic ODI and T-20 players.but regrettably we don't get enough of good test players. As the youngsters are keen to play in IPL and make money,test cricket is being neglected.your take on this. Asked by: ashwini

A. There is a concern being expressed about that by cricketers who are on the domestic circuit...and I think some of it is inevitable..players will be attracted to what the IPL has to offer...but I think there is such a large following that talent will simply keep coming through.

Q. Will it not be better to cut short the tournament, guess it's to long and at times to boring? Asked by: satyendra

A. I think so and firmly believe that- have replied to some earlier questions on the same lines.

Q. Do you think the limitation on foreign players playing in a match should be increased from 4 to 5. Asked by: Rohit

A. Yes...I think its criminal to have the number of foreign players who have to sit on the bench...initially the IPL was said to 'promote' Indian talent- but after 6 years, that hasn't really happened...5 foreign players might offer a new dynamic, I am all for it

Q. Don't you think with IPL contemporary cricket has lost its charm? Asked by: Ramesh

A. Don't think there is a 'loss of charm'..it remains one of the most watched properties on TV.

Q. With IPL success we can look for APL..Asian Preimer league..with asian countries participating in it..BCCI can take this idea ahead..IPL in summer and APL in winter. Asked by: Gaurav

A. There has to be an upper limit on the amount of T20 cricket played- there is already the champions league which is a mini IPL anyway- think adding another event is of little novelty.

Q. Last years IPL was tantered by the match fixing allegation..but instead of that in this season people is showing full enthusiasm...why should it change then. Asked by: Krian

A. I do think that the IPL has an inherent attraction..its on at prime time, fits in easily with most evening schedules..don't think there were any 'match fixing' allegations, but players were found guilty of spot fixing.

Q. Interest of people in IPL 6 is much better than IPL 5. How is in the peoples attendance in stadiums..they are really coming in full numbers. Then is this discussion to reinvent IPL. Asked by: rakka

A. Not all stadiums are always full- Mohali yesterday was a third full, some Chennai games have been half full...don't think every game gets full houses..but yes, largely stadiums fill up.

Q. Football leagues have survived over a long period..and IPL has not done badly in the 6 season. I don't think why it will not survive? Asked by: Jamun

A. No one thinks it won't survive- but all leagues do look at reinvention...and I see nothing wrong if the IPL considers some changes going forward, even if all seems well right now.

Q. IPL should be taken to the small cities..like this time they are playing in Raipur..Ranchi..like wise instead of having just one stadium there should be 2-4 cites for each team..this will take the IPL to the roots. Asked by: ronit

A. That is already happening...with venues such as Dharamsala, Raipur, Ranchi this year..maybe some teams like Mumbai and Bangalore will agree to moving their home games to smaller venues in their area too.

First Published: May 10, 2013, 4:38 PM IST

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