I feel cheated and disappointed over IPL spot-fixing: Vishal Malhotra

Updated: May 29, 2013, 6:03 PM IST
I feel cheated and disappointed over IPL spot-fixing: Vishal Malhotra

Vishal Malhotra, the TV show host of the inaugural edition of IPL in 2008, shared his perspective with IBNLive readers for an interaction on a tournament which started as the biggest cricket show on earth six years back and is now in the news for every wrong reason imaginable.

Q. As a fan, what was your feeling when fixing saga broke. You have seen the IPL much loser than us. How it felt to you? Asked by: Ramkhilwan

A. Cheated and disappointed.

Q. Now all the heros of cricket like Kapil, sunny and all are speaking like patriots of BCCI. When time came to show their courage they shows to the country that they are only heros on the field. Indian don't want on the filed hero, for me they have died as hero. They can't speak against the board, they are mere commentators now for me. What your take? Asked by: Mangal

A. I think there is platform for everything. I don't blame them. Let's not jump to conclusion. As commentators they have a contract & they have to be neutral.

Q. Real fixers like Azharuddin who are the king of fixing. They were given clean chit. He is now a MP from ruling party. What kind of message BCCI sent to the players. It's the result of this only that fixing is still there. If it would have dealt with Azharuddin severally then the message would have gone to the players. Asked by: manak

A. How sure are you? At the end of the day its players decide.

Q. Do you support the chorus to ask Srinivasan to resign as BCCI president. Asked by: Dillu

A. Yes.

Q. Do you think that BCCI will come out with truth after investigation, when Azharuddin and company was caught it did everything to cover up the mess. Now how can we believe that the investigation will yield correct judgement. Asked by: Kishna

A. I don't know.

Q. Do you think IPL as a brand had got hit by the controversies or it will remain a brand with the kind of money it is there. Asked by: Jiva

A. It got hit slightly but cricket will prevail in the end.

Q. Do you think that IPL has lost its charm post fixing scandal or it has maintained its charm. Asked by: Rohit

A. About 10 percent but negligible.

Q. Will you see the league dying in the next couple of years..with so much corruption and lack of will to clean up the mess. Asked by: Jagjivan

A. No.

Q. How did they not expect these betting and fixings with the IPL set up when it happened years back with Cronje and Azharuddin, with only test matches and one-day matches? Asked by: sakuntala

A. Well if you could predict future....you cant emotion like greed.

Q. do you think the IPL got too big for its own shoes? Asked by: Varun Chitnis

A. It proved what India can do at international level but certain greedy people's eyes got bigger.

Q. While anchoring for IPL did you ever felt that any kind of fixing might be going on Asked by: Rakka

A. Hehe...no not at all.

Q. IPL is hardly about cricket. Its totally money making crap. Should not all cricket lovers boycott this event? Asked by: akash

A. No, they should boycott individuals who are creating this problem.

Q. If asked to return as IPL anchor will you do that seeing the league is in a mess and going through fixing saga. Asked by: Manoj

A. It depends on the time it is offered, depending on how clean the IPL is at that time, how my schedule it.

Q. Do you think that CSK should be scrapped owing to the controversies it has. Asked by: Lallu

A. Not till entire inquiry is completed but definitely it should be in scrutiny.

Q. Do you still support and have faith in IPL matches. Asked by: Guddu

A. Not all.

First Published: May 29, 2013, 6:03 PM IST

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