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    I would like to see Dhawan play for Sehwag and Ojha for Harbhajan: Gaurav Kalra

    Can this win kickstart India's climb back to the top of Test rankings? CNN-IBN's Sports Editor Gaurav Kalra shared his perspective in an interaction with IBNLive readers.

    Q. Has these 2 test matches proven that England is much better team than Aussies? Asked by: Ajay Sudame

    A. If England & Australia were to play in India, england will win easily! that should answer your question!!

    Q. with this team minus Virendra Sehwag and Harbajan singh will make it on the top of test ranking shortly. Asked by: prathap

    A. Yes, those two are under scrutiny for the next test...team to be named day after I'm told...let's see if they keep their places.

    Q. Hi Gaurav, the question is premature at this moment. This is what is hurting Indian cricket now... couple of wins and we are talking about "climb back to the top of Test rankings", we lost home test series to England very recently, are we forgetting that? This current team needs to perform in England, Australia and SA to claim to be the best team in the world, your take? Asked by: Adarsh

    A. I am convinced that even as players doing well overseas is something they really aspire to...and the next year and a half are the overseas tours you mention..success at home isn't to be discounted but players want to step out of their comfort zone and do well.

    Q. Why this fixation for top of test rankings? Are you convinced that India is an all conquering team which can win on any surface and any place in the world? Can we honestly match South Africa or England by beating everybody in their home? Let us enjoy this tailor made moment for how ever short time this can last.:) Asked by: Karthik

    A. Don't be so cynical! India should aim for success overseas...find a strong base of 5-6 fast bowlers...a couple of attacking spinners...develop a fit, solid team...winning overseas is something cricketers really cherish.

    Q. Do you think R.Ashwin has improved or just he was lucky to get those wickets? Asked by: Prashanth

    A. He has definitely bowled much better in this series...he has bowled traditional old fashioned off spin....flight, deception...used conditions well...hasn't experimented too much with all the variety he used against England.

    Q. India needs to go miles to achieve Top test rankings. Bowling would be suspect in tests abroad. Our batting too, barring 1 partnership collapsed in this test. It is after a longtime that one of our opener is firing. The need of the hour is a settled team, not sure if we are having one. Asked by: Narayan

    A. I agree that if India were to name an XI for the first test in south Africa today, they will struggle...can Sehwag and Gambhir open? Can Ishant lead the attack? What about the middle order? So, these concerns are genuine.

    Q. Hi Gaurav, India winning warranted dust bowls have its own effect when they tour countries like South Africa. These wins meant for records and nothing to the betterment of the team in the future. We are still repeating calling old players to play home series whereas the other countries are bringing lot of new talents inspite of expected hard work may be end up in some defeats. Do you agree with me fully? Asked by: V.Nandakumar, Chennai

    A. Winning at home doesn't come simply by showing up..yes its important to win overseas, especially for the players who rate that highly...but it does take effort and skill to win at home too.

    Q. What is Sachin's contribution in this Test series so far? Asked by: Monu

    A. He made 81 in Chennai...looked very good in that innings.

    Q. Can this win kickstart India's climb back to the top of Test rankings? Asked by: Sunil

    A. Having lost a home series to England, it was important to re-establish credentials as a strong test playing nation...these two tests have been good as India have dominated the Aussies.

    Q. Patting of their Captain by individual players for these performances are more of a chamchagiri than to play for their future. The coterie is being in place in the Indian Team still that's where the selectors are to be make deep rooted thinking. By winning in deliberately called for under prepared pitches will spoil the team further when they play in different conditions. I prey our past experts should indulge in criticising this team more than praising for one odd wins like this. Asked by: V.Nirmal, Chennai

    A. I am not among those who believes that all that matters is overseas wins...India has a home record to be proud of...this doesn't come simply by showing up...they have played well this series...these are challenging conditions, but not unplayable ones.

    Q. Will Sehwag Finally Be Chopped? Also an under performing Harbhajan needs to be dropped? Will We have the gumption to do this? Asked by: Anoop

    A. The decision on Sehwag is the biggest question the selectors face...he can't be out of the playing XI if he is in the squad...personally, I won't mind seeing Dhawan open with Vijay and Sehwag sitting out...also Ojha playing ahead of Harbhajan.

    Q. Sachin seems to be shaping well. I look forward to him playing the SA series as well. What are your views? Asked by: SIVAKUMAR BS

    A. It really has come down to his call now...he played well in Chennai...but between the end of this series and South Africa there is a long time...so he will surely be figuring things out in the gap.

    Q. Do you believe that when the selectors select the teams for the remaining 2 tests will take upcoming youngsters form Under 19 or domestic performances specially players like Unmukt Chand is performing regularly in all forms and revamp the team to prepare for future series. Will the selectors have guts to do this exercise? I don't believe in that. It will be the same team with some cosmetic changes but nothing great? Asked by: Ambathi Roy, Chennai

    A. The series still isn't won...so this is not a dead rubber...I doubt any major changes...but would like to see Dhawan play for Sehwag and Ojha for Harbhajan maybe.

    Q. On this Specific Q, I think India can climb and importantly be on top only when we ensure that we prepare all kinds of wickets in India for our players to perform at home and abroad. Ex: North of India, where the soil is conducive can have fast pitches, South can have spinning tracks etc. Ranjhi has to be played on all these tracks for overall dev of players. Asked by: Anoop

    A. Pitches is one of the enduring discussion themes in India...and what you say is correct...but somehow this has never been implemented...think quality of players makes a big difference...in the period India did well overseas, the quality of players carried the team...they were all products of the same system, same pitches..but worked hard, refined their game and produced the results.

    Q. Can India show the same performance in SA, England and Australia....As i feel only draw back is pace bowling? Asked by: Samuel

    A. If the likes of umesh yadav can be fully fit then surely...a pool of sturdy fast bowlers has to be one of the priority areas for Indian cricket.