ICC acts tough on ball tampering

Updated: June 29, 2013, 11:28 PM IST
ICC acts tough on ball tampering

London: The International Cricket Council (ICC) in its bid to crack down on ball tampering is all set to bring in strict rules in the form of run penalty and reporting the captain under Code of Conduct.

The ICC Board during its annual conference, that concluded here Saturday, accepted its Chief Executive Committee's (CEC) recommendations on curbing ball tampering.

The CEC recommended that when the umpire believes the ball has been tampered but there is no eye witness then the umpire must replace the ball and give the captain a first and final warning.

The umpire can also award a five-run penalty to the batting team, replace the ball (with the batsman to choose) and report the captain under the ICC Code of Conduct.

Among other recommendations, the CEC said that TV umpire review of a no ball on the fall of a wicket can now include waist-high full tosses and bouncers above shoulder height.

Zing wickets (with flashing LEDs in the bails and stumps) were approved for use in ODI and T20I matches, subject to an independent assessment of the technology being received by the ICC.

The new ICC Playing Conditions will come into effect from Oct 1.

First Published: June 29, 2013, 11:28 PM IST

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