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    ICC permits two bouncers per over in ODIs

    Kuala Lumpur: Bowlers in one-day international cricket will be allowed to bowl two bouncers an over, the ICC has declared after the conclusion of its Executive Board meeting, chaired by outgoing ICC president Sharad Pawar, on Wednesday.

    The other significant changes to the 50-over game that will come into effect later this year are that the bowling Powerplay in ODIs has been done away with it and that the number of fielders permitted outside the 30-yard circle has been reduced from five to four. There will now be a mandatory Powerplay of ten overs at the start of each innings followed by only one period of five overs as a Powerplay to be taken by the batting side and completed by the 40th over.

    The ICC decided to ratify the recommendations made by its cricket committee earlier this month for changes to the 50-over format, keeping in mind the future of the game. The committee decided there had been little impact from two five-over Powerplays being taken between the 16th and 40th overs, but did think using two new balls from each end had proven successful - both measures had been recommended at last year's meeting but failed to be ratified.

    A statement from the ICC read: "When considering the appeal of the 50-over format, the Board approved the recommended regulation changes including that Powerplays be restricted to the first block of 10 overs and a batting Powerplay of five overs to be completed before the start of the 41st over; a maximum of four fielders to be allowed outside the 30-yard circle in the non-Powerplay overs and the number of permitted short pitched balls should increase from one per over to two. There was also no objection to the introduction of Day/Night Test cricket dependent on the agreement of both participating teams."