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    Scams are a fallout of coalition govt: Birla

    New Delhi: Chairman of Aditya Birla group Kumar Mangalam Birla has admitted that the recent scams have dented India's image in the world.

    In an exclusive interview to CNN, he diverted the Prime Minister blame-game to the coalition system of governance, in essence, blaming the coalition government for the criticism that the country is facing over scams and corruption.

    "My own view is that it is unfortunate and as an Indian I feel somewhat disenchanted," he said.

    Birla also said, "You have a spotlight now on decisions that the government is making and people in public life are making, much more than in the past, which is why the scams. But I think that this is all a fallout of a coalition government and I think a coalition government, having experienced it quite closely, has its own pushes and pulls and compulsions."