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    Team Anna meet today; revamp on the cards?

    New Delhi: Anna Hazare's core group will meet on Saturday without him and the big question is will Team Anna be revamped after allegations of financial misconduct against some of its key members. Anna has also hinted at an expansion of his Core Committee.

    While Anna refuses to break his silence, the man, who helps him blog, Raju Parulkar, broke the news on Friday morning that Anna Hazare wants the core group to be expanded. Earlier Anna wanted the core group to be more representative, but Parulkar's damaging claim was that members must not have perceived self interests.

    Even while dust settled on this, another core committee member, Dr Kumar Viswas wrote an open letter to Anna going a step further, arguing that the committee be disbanded.

    "There are repeated attacks on each of the members and this distracts attention," Viswas said.

    Apart from attacks, serious differences between the team members could also be one of the reasons. Anna is known to have repeatedly disagreed with Prashant Bhushan's views on Kashmir. Allegations against Kiran Bedi have also proven to be an embarrassment for the team. The question, therefore, is whether genuine differences are proving to be irreconcilable.

    Saturday's meet will be very crucial for the core team. For the first time, it will debate not just about how to strategise its presentation in the standing committee, or to put pressure on Parliament, it will turn the search light inwards to discuss if the teams should continue in its present form.

    Team Anna member Kiran Bedi said, "I am not aware of the agenda of the meeting, we are just meeting to speak to each other and express views. We are all activists, there is no crack in the movement, and we just express our own views."

    "We have to get the Jan Lokpal Bill by this winter session, comes what may," she said.

    "If the Jan Lokpal Bill does not come by the winter session we will go back to the people the way we went in Hisar," she added.

    On the inflated bills issue, she said, "I am doing everything for a very good cause, the money that I save goes to people. I have been a giver all my life; I am an NGO for the last 25 years. I earn speaking fees which goes to the India vision foundation. Every cheque from the corporates goes to the foundation."