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    India have got to move on, says Dravid

    Rahul Dravid, who recently retired from international cricket, feels that it is time Team India goes through a transition and said the direction and culture of the team over the next 10 years would have to be decided by the younger lot.

    "The Indian team has got to move on from being the team that was led by my generation," Dravid told a cricket website. Dravid said India's challenge would be to understand how T20 cricket has put an impact on younger players. "It's not something we need to be fearful of but something we need to recognise that T20 has an impact. We have to decide how we deal with it, what are the steps we need to put in place to ensure that the transition is smooth on and off the field."

    Meanwhile, India opener Gautam Gambhir said that it is hard to find a replacement for Dravid. "Rahul Dravid's retirement has left a void in the team which nobody can fill and the responsibility needs to be shared by each one of us. I think we need to give players a lot of exposure in diverse conditions. By doing that, we will help create a talent pool which will help fill any void created when senior cricketers retire," Gambhir said.