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    'India scared of losing to South Africa'

    Former South Africa pacer Fanie de Villiers has added fuel to fire in India's controversy-ridden tour of South Africa, saying that India are scared of playing a longer Test series due to fear of losing.

    "Indian cricket is scared of playing four Tests against us," De Villiers told Mumbai Mirror in an exclusive interview. "You would probably lose all the four matches in a row. You've used politics to shorten the tour," the former pacer said in a no-holds-barred talk.

    He went on to add that the BCCI has used Haroon Lorgat as an excuse to shorten the tour. "We're the world No. 1 team and the BCCI is aware of our prowess at home. It is using the Haroon Lorgat issue as an excuse. The truth is India are afraid that South Africa are going to beat them hands down," he said.

    De Villiers - who is now working as an expert commentator - also blamed India for hampering his country's development programme by curtailing there tour to two Tests and three ODIs.

    "South Africa is not benefiting from the truncated tour because we've embarked upon a development programme among the majority community of our country. We don't have much money for it. Our government is not funding the programme. India are not aware that a lot of people will be losing their jobs. You guys have taken cricket away from thousands and thousands of black children, who would have been encouraged to play cricket. That is the ripple effect of the shortened tour," he explained.

    The 49-year-old former cricketer thinks the BCCI has no right to tell CSA who to select and who not in its administrative set-up. "It is our country. And you are telling us not to pick the best man for the job. It does not matter that Haroon had problems with India when he was in the ICC. But he was the best man for us. How can you tell us who to select and who not to? It is ridiculous! In principle, India should not have interfered in the matter. Can anyone tell you who your daughter must marry to?" he said.

    De Villiers also feels that CSA could have avoided the tussle by not appointing Lorgat, who BCCI has had problems with in the past. "You are a fool if you are appointing somebody who can jeopardise your biggest account [India]. South Africa is wrong in appointing that person, but then South African cricket management has been poor in the last 15 years anyway."