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    53 pc youth okay with paying bribes: MTV survey

    New Delhi: With the UPA government in the dock over several scandals, and the Lokpal Committee meeting for the second time on Monday, MTV asked the youth, their views on corruption.

    The recent fight against corruption had India's youth passionately protesting in the streets, but not all of them practice what they preach. Out of the 2400 youth between the ages of 18-25 across 13 cities that were interviewed for a survey, 53 per cent said it's okay to give a bribe and 39 per cent said that it's okay to accept one.

    What is even more surprising is that 47 per cent of today's youth feel that it's okay to offer sexual favours to move up in life.

    Since that has not always been the case, the question is that what exactly has changed.

    MTV Channel Head Aditya Swamy said, "Everybody nowadays is in the game to win, and if they aren't going to win then what's the use. So where's all the greed and corruption coming from."

    It's not surprising when you consider that 90 per cent claim that they want to earn more than their parents did, and with needs like that, they need to resort to more creative means.

    But the question is why is money so important. 85 per cent feel that money gives them power, 64 per cent men feel that money increases their sex appeal, and 90 per cent of the youth agree that money is a facilitator to happiness.

    But what would the Indian youth put at risk to have this money? 60 per cent say they would look for shortcuts to success.