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    India vs South Africa: As it happened

    South Africa innings:

    Over No. 20: South Africa 151 all out Albie Morkel begins the over with a flat six over his favourite midwicket fence, but plays the next one back onto the stumps. Balaji foxes Morne Morkel with a slow delivery, which the batsman misses. But a long hop from the bowler has been sent for a big six over the square leg fence. But Balaji had the last laugh as he bowled the big Morne with a well-pitched delivery. India have won the contest by one run but have failed to qualify for the semi-finals.

    Over No. 19: South Africa 139 for 8 Ashwin has come on to bowl his last over. Albie Morkel takes a single by placing one to point. Botha too takes a single by chipping one down the ground. Morkel then pushes one down to long off for another one. Botha comes down on the next and dispatches it perfectly over the long-off fence for a maximum. But Ashwin gets his revenge as he gets the batsman caught at long off. A single to finish the over. South Africa need 14 off the last over.

    Over No. 18: South Africa 129 for 7 An excellent over by Zaheer. The Indian speedster first gets Behardien caught at long on off a slower delivery, and then castles Peterson with a yorker. Just two more runs in the remaining three deliveries as Zaheer finishes his spell with 3 for 22.

    Over No. 17: South Africa 126 for 5 Balaji bowls his third over. Peterson pulls the first past midwicket for a boundary. A couple of runs off the next few balls before Behardien lifts a well-pitched delivery over the mid-off fielder for another four.

    Over No. 16: South Africa 113 for 5 Ashwin bowls his third over. Peterson works the first through square leg for a single. Ashwin bowls a flat next ball which skids off the surface and misses the off stump only slightly. Behardien flicks the next to long-on for another single. Ashwin, although manages to get Peterson out, it was off a no ball. Peterson fails to connect again and gets bowled trying a switch hit off a free-hit delivery. A couple of runs to finish the over.

    Over No. 15: South Africa 107 for 5 Balaji has been brought back into the attack by Dhoni. Behardien takes a single by placing the first ball to covers. Duminy pulls the next one for another single. Two more runs off the next two before Duminy slog sweeps the fifth to the deep square leg fielder, who takes a simple catch.

    Over No. 14: South Africa 104 for 4 Ashwin bowls his second over. The South African batsmen have decided not to take any risk against Ashwin. They are on the verge of knocking India out of the tournament.

    Over No. 13: South Africa 98 for 4 Yuvraj bowls his last over. Duminy takes a single off the first ball, and then a dot ball follows. Du Plessis plays a beautiful inside-out shot to bring up his seventh four, but he couldn't keep the next one down and gave a straight forward catch to long-off fielder. Duminy takes a single off the fifth, while Behardien gets off the mark with a couple on the last ball. A good effort from Yuvraj nevertheless, picking up 2 for 23 in his four overs.

    Over No. 12: South Africa 90 for 3 L Balaji replaces Ashwin from the other end. Three singles off the first four balls, and then du Plessis clobbers the fifth towards the midwicket for his fifth four. Another boundary in the same region follows as South Africa are well on their way to chase down the target of 153.

    Over No. 11: South Africa 79 for 3 Yuvraj bowls his third over. Du Plessis pushes the first down the ground for a single. Another single as Duminy sends the second ball to deep square leg. A thin inside edge gives du Plessis another boundary and two dot balls finish the over. Six runs have come off it.

    Over No. 10: South Africa 73 for 3 R Ashwin has been brought into the attack. Du Plessis starts off with a single off the first ball. No run scored on the next, while another single is taken by Duminy off the third. A couple of runs and another single to end the over. South Africa are not doing anything silly.

    Over No. 9: South Africa 68 for 3 Yuvraj continues from the other end and gives away five runs in his second over. South Africa don't need to do anything extravagant at this stage. They just need to milk the Indian bowlers as they have been doing in the last few overs. Three singles and a couple from this over.

    Over No. 8: South Africa 63 for 3 Strangely, Dhoni now brings Rohit Sharma before R Ashwin. And as expected, the South African batsmen milk him for singles and doubles off the first few balls before du Plessis launches him for a six over deep midwicket. Another single to finish the over. The game seems to be drifting away from India's grasp.

    Over No. 7: South Africa 50 for 3 Dhoni now brings Yuvraj Singh into the attack and the left-arm spinner strike on his very first ball, cramping de Villiers for room and bowling him out through the gate. JP Duminy replaces his captain and gets off the mark with a couple towards midwicket. Two more singles to finish the over.

    Over No. 6: South Africa 46 for 2 Dhoni has given one over too many to his faster men. After Zaheer's previous over, which went for 11 runs, Irfan has gone for 14 in this over. Du Plessis clubbed him for two boundaries and a couple. Just the sort of overs South Africa were looking for at this stage of their innings.

    Over No. 5: South Africa 32 for 2 Zaheer bowls his third over. Du Plessis takes a couple by guiding a wide delivery to the right of third man. The second ball is a dot, while he takes another couple off a mistimed stroke. Zaheer bowls full length and du Plessis dispatches it over the long-off fence for a maximum. A single to finish the over. South Africa have started to take control over the innings.

    Over No. 4: South Africa 21 for 2 Irfan continues from the other end and gets the wicket of Kallis. After playing out two dot balls, the right-hander puts a full delivery from the bowler straight to midwicket fielder. Du Plessis replaces Kallis and gets off the mark on his second ball. De Villiers thumps the last ball through the cover region for another boundary.

    Over No. 3: South Africa 16 for 1 Zaheer continues. The first ball is a dot. De Villiers uses his feet and comes down the track on the next to punch Zaheer over extra cover for a boundary. Two more dots, and then a couple of runs to finish the over.

    Over No. 2: South Africa 10 for 1 Irfan Pathan has come on to bowl from the other end. After two dot balls, Kallis manages to get enough wood to flick the third ball for a four. Another couple of runs follow and two singles to finish the over.

    Over No. 1: South Africa 2 for 1 Zaheer Khan starts off for India. Hashim Amla departs for a duck. After chasing a wide delivery from Zaheer, Amla repeats his shot, this time the ball took the outside edge from the bat and went to Sehwag in first slip. De Villiers defends the next two before taking a couple off the fifth. A dot to finish the over. Just the sort of start India needed defending a modest total of 152.

    India innings:

    Over No. 20: India 152 for 6 Kallis bowls the last over of the innings. Raina hits a low full toss towards midwicket for a single. Two more singles, and then Dhoni plays a sweep off the front foot for a boundary. He tries a helicopter shot off the fifth but could only get a single. Raina gets run out while attempting a second run off the last ball. The left-hander played well though, scoring 45 off 34 balls, including five boundaries.

    Over No. 19: India 143 for 5 Steyn continues. Dhoni walks across the stumps and whips a length ball from the middle stumps towards the midwicket fence for a cracking boundary. He follows it up with a well-stolen couple towards the square in the off side. The Indian captain thumps the next ball past the bowler for another boundary. A couple of runs and a dot to end the over.

    Over No. 18: India 129 for 5 Kallis has come on to bowl his second over. Raina squeezes the first ball from the blockhole for a single towards cover. Dhoni takes another single off the next. A single to long-off by Raina follows. Dhoni drives through cover for yet another single, and then Raina takes a couple on the next. The left-hander ends the over by clubbing a full-length ball towards the vacant deep midwicket fence for a boundary.

    Over 17: 119 for 5 Steyn has been brought back by de Villiers. Raina starts off the over with a lofted shot over mid-off. He makes room for himself and place it perfectly over the fielder for a four. A dot ball, and then a dab towards third man for a single. Dhoni gets off the mark by placing the fourth ball towards midwicket. Another single and a dot follow.

    Over No. 16: India 112 for 5 Peterson completes his spell by taking the wicket of Rohit Sharma. The right hander tries to pull a ball which was very full to play such a stroke. The ball strikes right in front as Rohit makes his way back to the pavilion. He scored 25 off 27 balls. Peterson finishes his spell with 2 for 25. India are struggling big time.

    Over No. 15: 109 for 4 Now Duminy comes on to bowl and gives away just six runs, all singles, at this stage of the game. After a good last over, both Rohit and Raina were once looking for boundaries, but the diminutive offspinner kept them in check, not allowing them to take any advantage.

    Over No. 14: India 103 for 4 Botha bowls his third over. Rohit plays the first ball to the wide of short third man for a four. He drives to long on for another single. Raina takes a couple with a back foot punch towards deep midwicket. The fourth one is a dot. Raina comes dancing down the track, placing the fifth ball in the gap over extra cover for a boundary. Another couple to finish the over.

    Over No. 13: India 90 for 4 Peterson has come on to bowl his third over. Raina lofts the second over extra cover for a couple after Rohit gave him the strike with a single off the first. Raina flicks the the third behind square leg for another boundary. Two more singles and a dot to finish the over. Good over for India. Nine runs have come off it.

    Over No. 12: India 81 for 4 Morkel bowls his last over. He oversteps on the first ball, but was not punished as Raina played out a dot. Two singles and a couple of runs follow. Raina finishes the over with a lofted shot over the covers fielder for a much-needed boundary. Morkel finishes with 2 for 28 in his four overs.

    Over No. 11: India 71 for 4 Du Plessis has been brought into the attack and he starts off really well, giving away just three runs. India are in a tangle now. They have to score quickly and will also have to keep their wickets intact at the same time. It's a tough ask, especially the way the South African bowlers have bowled so far, not giving any leeway to the Indian batsmen.

    Over No. 10: 68 for 4 Morne Morkel has been brought back. Rohit defends the first for a dot, while he lofts the second over mid-off over a four. Three singles on the trot before Yuvraj is castled with a full-length delivery. The left-hander tried to flick it but missed it altogether.

    Over No. 9: India 61 for 3: Botha bowls from the other end. Two singles to start the over before Yuvraj pulls the next one, a short delivery, towards the midwicket fence for another boundary. Two more singles off the last three balls. Yuvraj is going strong here, but he needs to continue from here on.

    Over No. 8: India 53 for 3 Peterson continues from the other end. After just one run off the first three balls, Yuvraj slog sweeps one to over deep midwicket fence for a big six. He follows it up with a single to short fine leg, and then a dot to end the over.

    Over No. 7: India 45 for 3 Johan Botha has been brought into the attack. Rohit Sharma takes a single off the first ball, and then a dot ball follows. Two back-to-back singles are followed by a maximum by Yuvraj, who hammered a flighted delivery over covers. A dot ball to finish the over. Nine runs have come off it. India need overs such as this more often now.

    Over No. 6: India 36 for 3 De Villiers brings Robin Peterson into the attack. Sehwag begins the over with a big six over deep midwicket, but is bowled off the next ball when he tried to repeat the stroke by coming down the track. Yuvraj Singh plays out three dot balls. South Africa are well and truly on top here. They have strangled the flow of runs and have taken wickets at regular intervals.

    Over No. 5: India 30 for 2 Great over by Jacques Kallis. Only five runs have come off it and the big wicket of Virat Kohli. Sehwag starts the over with a boundary to the square in the off side. He gets off the strike with a single to third man on the next one. Two dot balls follow, and then Kohli is caught down the leg side off a short delivery. A dot to finish the over.

    Over No. 4: India 25 for 1: Morne Morkel continues. Sehwag plays the first ball dot and takes a single off the next. Morkel cleans up Gambhir on the third. The left-hander tried to make a little room for himself, but the ball took a good part of his bat before cannoning into the stumps. Kohli gets off the mark with a well-driven shot for a couple. Two dots to end the over.

    Over No. 3: India 22 for 0 Steyn continues. Sehwag is once again beaten by Steyn's outswinger. The right-hander defends the next one towards cover. A leg bye follows as Sehwag gets off the strike. Two back-to-back dot balls follow, while Gambhir's top edges the sixth ball as it goes over the keepers' head for a four.

    Over No. 2: India 17 for 0: Morne Morkel starts from the other end. Gambhir scampers for a single off the first ball. The second one is clipped to midwicket for a couple by Sehwag. Another couple, this time towards the square in the leg side as Sehwag uses his wrists to good effect. A single, a dot and a couple of runs to finish the second over.

    Over No. 1: India 9 for 0 Dale Steyn starts the proceedings for South Africa. Gautam Gambhir punches the first ball off the front foot to the extra cover region for a four. The second one is hit equally well but Gambhir couldn't find the gap as the ball goes straight to mid off. He defends the third for another dot, while the fourth, an inswinging delivery, touches Gambhir's pads on its way to the fine leg boundary for another four. The batsman takes a single off the fifth, while Sehwag is beaten outside the off stump on the last ball.

    Toss and Team News: South Africa have won the toss and decided to field first in their Super Eight game against India on Tuesday.

    Having sent in to bat first, if India score 160 runs, then they need to beat South Africa by at least 31 runs to qualify for the semi-finals. They also have a chance to top the group if they beat South Africa by 42 runs. In that case, their net run rate will rise to +0.475.

    India have fielded an unchanged side that had beaten Pakistan on Sunday. South Africa have made two changes. Faf du Plessis replaces Richard Levi, while Albie Morkel comes in for Wayne Parnell.

    South Africa: Faf du Plessis, Hashim Amla, Jacques Kallis, Jean-Paul Duminy, AB de Villiers(w/c), Farhaan Behardien, Albie Morkel, Robin Peterson, Johan Botha, Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel

    India: Gautam Gambhir, Virender Sehwag, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni(w/c), Suresh Raina, Irfan Pathan, Ravichandran Ashwin, Lakshmipathy Balaji, Zaheer Khan

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the big game between India and South Africa. India's hopes to qualify for the semi-finals hang on the result of this match. After Pakistan's victory over Australia in the day's first match and Australia having already qualified for the last four, it's India who need to win with a better net run than Pakistan what have in order to qualify.

    After their 32-run victory over the Aussies, Pakistan are now second in the points tally with a run rate of +0.273. India's net run rate at the start of tonight's game is -0.452. South Africa, without a single win so far in the Super Eight, are already out of the competition and will play for pride.