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    India will accept DRS when it's foolproof, says Dalmiya

    New Delhi: India will accept the Decision Review System (DRS) only when it becomes "foolproof," the Board of Control for Cricket in India's (BCCI) interim president said in an interview published on Wednesday.

    India was part of the first-ever Test series featuring the DRS in Sri Lanka five years ago but has opposed the system of referrals to the television umpire, maintaining that it's not convinced about its accuracy. "We will accept DRS when technology is foolproof," Jagmohan Dalmiya told The Indian Express newspaper. "There's nothing in between."

    Dalmiya said he was not sure when the system would become perfect. "Let them come up with a system which is 100 per cent correct. They couldn't fix the Duckworth-Lewis problem in 15 years, what guarantee do we have about an error-free DRS? The Duckworth-Lewis method is beyond most of the players and administrators, let alone the common fans," he said about the prevalent system of revising targets in case of rain interruptions during limited-overs games.

    "I'm still trying to figure out how a team total is increased on the basis of projection. The whole process is very complicated and confusing. And rather than solving the riddle, DRS creates more confusion in its present form," said Dalmiya, a former chairman of the International Cricket Council.

    Dalmiya said India was not isolated on DRS at the ICC annual conference this year. "Before going to the ICC meeting, I was a bit 'iffy' as I was told by some quarters that India would be completely isolated on the DRS issue. But after I was done with my presentation on that day, there was not a single voice of protest," he added.

    The DRS has been under scrutiny with some contentious decisions during the past few seasons, including in the ongoing Ashes Test series in England.