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    'India's role crucial in fighting corruption'

    Former ICC (International Cricket Council) president, Ehsan Mani said that governments and law enforcement agencies of the various cricket boards should work together to fight corruption in the sport, adding that India's role could be significant in the matter.

    Mani said a lot depended on India finding a way to monitor and regulate the illegal betting industry in the country, and that ICC had a limited role to play in the issue.

    "Every time it is the players who are under the radar. The ones who corrupt the cricketers are somehow never punished."

    One was hoping that the conviction of three Pakistanis and one English cricketer would send out a strong message and frighten players, but this I think is not going to work. In the long run, it is the root-cause that has to be dealt with," Mani told a website.

    Mani defended ICC's actions in the current environment, saying its role was limited as the influence of the illegal betting industry was hard to control.

    "They don't have the authority to set up the sting operations in any country so the responsibility should be laid on the individual boards to follow up. The problem is the illegal bookies in the subcontinent - most of them are from India and some are in Pakistan. They work in a grey area where there is no control and monitoring." he said.

    Earlier, an undercover operation by the Sunday Times stated that two Indian bookmakers had claimed they remained undeterred by the recent prosecutions of professional cricketers, the game continued to offer plenty of opportunities for spot-fixing and that professional cricketers could be easily be lured in all forms of the game.