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    Work is God for me: Director Thiru

    Who is god to you? Goddess Karumariamman is someone who I truly believe in. I usually go to Thiruverkadu when I feel low. Even in my films, you will see Goddess Karumariamman in some form. I use a temple shot or a photograph of the Goddess at least in one of the scenes in each of my films.Spiritual belief? I wouldn’t say I don’t have any spiritual belief.In fact, I truly believe in God. But sometimes, when I’m in trouble, I feel God doesn’t exist.However, when things become alright and when I experience his presence around me, I regain my faith and believe God is with me. You know, I’m just another human being! Understanding of god: If I had understood God, I would be with him. No one can understand God and his powers. However, I believe God is work.In fact, I would say that if we concentrated on our work, everything would go right. Sometimes, going to a temple can make you feel strong, but at the end of the day, you need to prove yourself through your work. Work should be your God.Miracles: To be honest, nothing miraculous has happened in my life till now.I’m actually waiting for one to happen. Most of the things that have happened in my life have been planned by me.Pilgrimage sites: When I’m upset about something or am not feeling good, I visit the Thiruverkadu Temple. Otherwise, I go to Tirupati, just for the experience. I love to drive down to Tirupati with my family.(Director Thiru is the director of Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai. He is currently shooting for his upcoming flick, Samaran)