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    Relief for flyers as Delhi, Mumbai ADF quashed

    New Delhi: Providing some relief to air travellers, the Supreme Court on Tuesday quashed Airport Development Fees (ADF) charged by private airports like Delhi and Mumbai.

    Your next flight ticket could get cheaper by Rs 100 to Rs 1,300 as the Supreme Court has termed airport development fees as illegal after an NGO, Consumer Online Foundation, filed a petition.

    "According to the court, the levy was illegal and now the Supreme Court has been pleased to uphold our petition...so they have struck down the levy of airport development charges," said lawyer Anurag Sharma.

    Passengers flying out of Delhi airport had to pay Rs 200 for domestic flights and Rs 1300 for international flights. Passengers departing from Mumbai were charged Rs 100 for domestic flights and Rs 600 for international flights.

    But this ruling is only for Delhi and Mumbai, so other airports will continue to charge the development fees.

    Companies like GMR and GVK, which built and now operate the Delhi and Mumbai airports, used to charge the ADF to recover a part of their investment.

    The court maintained that only a government body like the Airports Authority of India can levy fees.