IPL 2017, DD vs RCB: As It Happened

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Indian Premier League, 2017 Match 56, Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi 14 May, 2017

Toss won by Royal Challengers Bangalore (decided to bat)

Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Delhi Daredevils by 10 runs

Man of the Match: Harshal Patel



WICKET! Negi finishes with another wicket as Nadeem goes for 2. RCB win by 10 runs as the players celebrate. DD all out for 151.


WICKET! Shami is gone as Negi has him stumped by Vishnu behind the stumps. Shami goes for 21 off 9 balls as DD's score reads 150/9


Negi bowling the last over for Bangalore as Nadeem picks a single off the first ball. DD's score reads 150/8


Shami finishes with a boundary as Delhi need 13 off the last over to win this one. DD's score reads 149/8 after 19 overs


MAXIMUM! Shami goes straight and over the head of Kohli and long-on. This was in the slot from Avesh and Shami goes for it. DD's score reads 143/8, need another 19 off 9 balls


WICKET! Mishra tries to hit Negi over the top again, only to miss the line of the ball completely and get cleaned up for 7. DD's score reads 135/8


MAXIMUM! Mishra comes down the track and sends Negi back over the sight-screen. That was a beautiful shot as DD's score reads 135/7


Mishra welcomes Negi with the reverse sweep as he picks up a single and gives Shami the strike. DD's score reads 128/7


BACK to BACK boundaries for Shami off Harshal to bring up 14 runs from the over as DD's score reads 127/7. Need 35 off 18 balls


WICKET! Harshal Patel sends back Pant and that is the end of the chase for Delhi for sure. Pant is early into the shot and goes for 45 off 34 balls. Delhi's score reads 119/7


MAXIMUM! Harshal bowls that into the legs of Pant and he launches that into the square-leg stands. That was a big one as DD's score reads 119/6


WICKET! Head strikes again as Cummins goes back after hitting a six. Goes for a heave, but ends up straight to Kohli at long-off as Cummins goes for 7. DD's score reads 113/6


WICKET! Anderson comes down the track and misses the line of the ball from Head. Vishnu does the rest behind the stumps as DD's score reads 105/5


Just 3 runs conceded by Watson as Delhi now need 58 from the last 5 overs with 6 wickets in the bag. Delhi's score reads 104/4


Good over so far from Watson as he has given away just 1 run from the first 3 deliveries. DD's score reads 102/4


Anderson picks a single as Delhi reach their 100 in the 14th over. DD need 62 runs from 37 balls with six wickets in the bag


Another boundary for Pant as he almost ducks under the bouncer before sending it to the fine-leg boundary. DD's score reads 98/4


Pant starts with a boundary as he guides Harshal for a boundary through the gully region. DD's score reads 94/4


Delhi need 72 off 7 overs with six wickets in the bag. Harshal Patel back in the attack after the strategic break. Anderson and Pant at the crease


Anderson finding it difficult as the Kotla wicket is getting lower and slower. DD's score reads 90/4 with Anderson and Pant at the crease.


BACK to BACK WICKETS! Iyer hits Harshal straight to Watson to get out for 32 after playing 30 balls. Samuels then goes for a duck as DD's score reads 87/4


Iyer mistimes a pull and thankfully for Delhi, that fell in no-man's land. Kohli has a laugh as Iyer picks up a single. DD's score reads 86/2


Boundary for Pant as Watson bowls that short. Pant just swivels in the crease and hits that to the long-leg boundary. DD's score reads 83/2


Half-way through and Delhi's score reads 76/2 with Iyer and Pant at the crease. DD need 86 from the last 10 overs with 8 wickets in the bag


FREE HIT for DD. Chahal overstepped off the previous ball as Pant hit him to the mid-wicket fielder for a single. Iyer takes strike and flicks that for a boundary. DD's score reads 75/2


16 runs from the 9th over for Delhi as the score moves to 67/2. Pant and Iyer looking to attack here


Maximum! Pant has had enough of picking the singles and goes for the uppish drive off Head and that lands over the boundary ropes. DD's score reads 64/2


Boundary for Iyer as he picks that off the legs from Head and sends that to the mid-wicket boundary. DD's score reads 57/2


50 up for Delhi Daredevils as Pant flicks Avesh for a single to Chahal at deep mid-wicket. 


Good over from Head, only 5 runs from it as Delhi's score reads 47/2 after 7 overs with Pant and Iyer at the crease


Pant uses the slog sweep off Head to pick up two runs. That was a dangerous shot as DD's score reads 44/2


Time for the strategic break as Delhi's score reads 42/2 after 6 overs with Pant and Iyer at the crease. Delhi need 120 from 14 overs


WICKET! Karun pulls Watson straight to Kedar Jadhav at short mid-wicket as he goes for 26 off 22 balls. DD's score reads 41/2


DROPPED! Vishnu Vinod drops Iyer on 8. That was a genuine outside edge as Iyer looked to slash hard, but Vinod cannot hold onto that one. DD's score reads 40/1 as Iyer picks a single.


BACK to BACK boundaries for Karun. That was short outside off and Karun cuts that beautifully past point. DD's score reads 37/1


Karun moves across the crease and hits Harshal into the fine-leg boundary. That was pre-meditated and gets him four runs. DD's score reads 33/1


Karun welcomes Harshal Patel to the bowling crease with a drive past point. That was in the slot and Karun placed it beautifully. DD's score reads 29/1


MAXIMUM! Iyer goes down the track and hits Chahal straight into the long-on advertising boards. That was well calculated as DD's score reads 25/1


Good cover drive from Karun off the last ball of the over. That was pitched up and Karun went through covers. DD's score reads 17/1 after 3 overs


Avesh Khan bowling really well here. Beating the batsmen with his pace here as DD's score reads 13/1


11 runs from the Chahal over as Delhi Daredevils' score reads 13/1 after two overs. Iyer and Karun in the middle


Karun sweeps that to the long-leg boundary off Chahal as DD's score reads 6/1. Good shot from Karun here


Just 2 runs from the first over from Avesh Khan. Good start for RCB as DD's score reads 2/1 after the first over


WICKET! Avesh Khan sends back Samson for a duck. That one bounced again and Samson goes for a pull and that one goes straight into Kohli's hands.


Avesh Khan starts proceedings for RCB. Samson surprised by the bounce as it jams the gloves. That looked fast


A single to end the over as RCB ends on 161/6 in their 20 overs. 95 runs coming in the last 10 overs


This time Negi cracks this from the middle of the bat as the ball races into the extra cover boundary with the score reading 160/6


It is a repeat almost from Negi as he flashes hard and the ball sails into the third-man boundary after a couple of bounces. RCB's score reads 156/6


Flashy for Negi and the outside edge flies to the third-man boundary as RCB's score crosses the 150-run mark


WICKET! Baby goes for 12 as he tried to hit Cummins out of the ground. Anderson takes a good catch at long-on as RCB's score reads 144/6


A couple of wides from Cummins adds to Royal Challengers Bangalore's tally. The score reads 144/5


Good shot from Baby as he goes over Cummins' head. Although it wasn't from the middle, Baby gets four runs for it. RCB's score reads 142/5


Baby finishes the over from Shami with a boundary. That was a low full-toss and Baby hit it wide of the long-off fielder to get four runs. RCB's score reads 135/5


RUN OUT! Kedar caught napping as he was easing into the crease at the non-striker's end. Shami let the throw from Cummins go on and hit the stumps. Kedar goes for 12 as RCB's score reads 131/5


Good over here from Shami as RCB have managed to score just 5 runs from the first 3 deliveries. RCB's score reads 131/4


MAXIMUM! This one sails into the crowd as Kedar hits that straight over the head of Zaheer into the sight-screen. That was straight as an arrow as RCB's score reads 125/4


WICKET! Zaheer has the last laugh as Kohli tries to clear the long-off fielder, but is caught by Nadeem for 58. RCB's score reads 118/4


MAXIMUM! Kohli entertains the crowd with a big one. Dropped off the previous ball, he hits the full toss into the mid-wicket stands. RCB's score reads 118/3


DROPPED! Zaheer drops Kohli on 52. Kohli goes back at the bowler and Zaheer cannot hold onto that as RCB's score reads 112/3. Could prove to be costly


5 runs from the 16th over for RCB. Cummins bowled it really well as Kohli and Kedar had to be content with just the singles. RCB's score reads 112/3


50 up for Kohli as he hits Zaheer to the extra cover boundary for a single. RCB's score reads 107/3 in the 15th over


RUN OUT! Kohli hits it down to wide of long-on and calls for a double. Head answers his skipper's call, but falls short as Zaheer runs him out for 2. RCB's score reads 102/3


100 up for RCB as Head picks a single. 100/2 in the 14th over. Need Kohli to take the attack to the Daredevils bowlers here on.


WICKET! Nadeem bowls a chinaman and Gayle sweeps that straight to Zaheer at mid-wicket. Gayle goes for 48 as RCB's score reads 96/2


Six singles for RCB as Anderson bowls a good over. RCB's score reads 96/1 after 13 overs as Gayle and Kohli are warming up for a swashbuckling finish here. The players head for a strategic break.


Now a boundary as Kohli follows that up with a flick on the ground. Mishra bowls that on the legs and Kohli happily whips that away into the boundary. RCB's score reads 89/1


MAXIMUM! This time Kohli joins Gayle in the fun. It was a half tracker from Mishra and Kohli swings that away into the mid-wicket stands. RCB's score reads 85/1


MAXIMUM! That was short from Mishra and Gayle happily rocked back on the backfoot and hit that way into the mid-wicket stands. RCB's score reads 78/1


Delhi bowlers using the slower balls to cut down the big shots from the RCB batsmen. The score reads 70/1 after 10.5 overs


RCB's score reads 66/1 after 10 overs. This is a somewhat slow start for RCB, but looks like they are saving up for the blast in the death overs


Nadeem strays on the leg stump and Kohli just happily flicks that to the fine-leg boundary as RCB's score reads 65/1


11 runs from Corey Anderson's over as RCB's score reads 59/1 after 8 overs with Kohli and Gayle at the crease


Corey Anderson into the attack and Kohli just places the bat and the ball goes into the long-off advertising boards. That was clean timing as RCB's score reads 54/1


Boundary for Kohli as he jabs that from Mishra between the long-on and deep mid-wicket fielders. That was a quality shot as RCB's score reads 47/1


The ball not coming onto the bat as the RCB duo of Kohli and Gayle are looking to pick the singles and keep the scoreboard moving. RCB's score reads 41/1 after 7 overs


Gayle takes a single to end the over as RCB's score reads 37/1 after 6 overs as the players head for a strategic break.


That is a beautiful drive from Gayle as Shami bowls that one full and up. Zaheer cannot get there from mid-on and the ball rolls into the boundary. RCB's score reads 34/1


WICKET! Cummins gets the first one as he cleans up Vishnu Vinod for 3. There was a bottom-edge, but Vinod was beaten for pace. RCB's score reads 30/1


Vishnu Vinod happy to pick the singles and rotate the strike as much as possible. RCB's score reads 29/0


Pat Cummins into the attack after the first 4 overs and Gayle looks to immediately take the attack to the Australian pacer. RCB's score reads 28/0


SIXXXXXX! That is a huge one from Gayle's bat. That was short from Shami and Gayle was waiting for that one and sent that miles back into the mid-wicket stands. RCB's score reads 26/0


Gayle drives hard, but straight to Pat Cummins at long-off. Just a single for the West Indian as RCB's score reads 18/0


7 runs from Shami's first over as RCB's score reads 17/0 after 2 overs.


MAXIMUM! Shami goes wide and Gayle flashes hard as the ball flies over the head of third-man for the first six of the innings. RCB's score reads 16/0


Shami opens the bowling with Zaheer. Gayle on strike again and Delhi need to send him back early.


Another boundary for Gayle as he picks the second of the over. On the legs and Gayle flicks that with ease. RCB's score reads 9/0


First boundary for Gayle as he flicks Zaheer to the fine-leg boundary. The knuckle ball was on the legs and Gayle needs no second invitation. RCB's score reads 4/0


Zaheer Khan starts proceedings with Chris Gayle on strike. Vishnu Vinod at the non-striker's end.


TOSS NEWS: Virat Kohli wins the toss and Bangalore will have a bat first. Zaheer says he would have also batted first. Chris Gayle to play for RCB.


Hello and welcome to the LIVE coverage of the game between Delhi Daredevils and Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Ferozeshah Kotla Stadium.

IPL 2017, DD vs RCB: As It Happened

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Catch all the live action of the Indian Premier League match between Delhi Daredevils and Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Ferozeshah Kotla in the Capital.

Preview: Only pride will be at stake when Delhi Daredevils host embattled Royal Challengers Bangalore in an inconsequential IPL game on Sunday, with both teams seeking an end to their misfiring campaign on a positive note.

Both franchises are already out of reckoning for play-offs berths following a forgettable season.

While inconsistency has been the Delhi Daredevils' bane, Royal Challengers Bangalore endured a horror run in the landmark 10th edition of the cash-rich T20 extravaganza.

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