IPL 2017, GL vs RCB: As It Happened

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Indian Premier League, 2017 Match 20, Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot 18 April, 2017

Toss won by Gujarat Lions (decided to bowl)

Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Gujarat Lions by 21 runs

Man of the Match: Chris Gayle



RCB win by 21 runs as Gujarat Lions fail to cross the line. Good effort from the GL batsmen and it was good game for the viewers. GL innings ends on 192/7


WICKET! Milne gets the wicket of Kishan. That was back of a length and Kishan goes for the hoick, but manages to top edge it to Chahal at covers. Kishan goes for 39 off 16 balls.


23 needed off 3 balls here and hard luck as Kishan put up a good fight here. Milne to bowl the last 3 balls of the match here


26 off 5 balls needed for Gujarat here. The first one looked a wide, but the umpire does not give that a wide.


MAXIMUM! Kishan hits the full toss into the mid-wicket fence. That is a solid strike here. Kishan doing well for his reputation here. GL's score reads 182/6


DROPPED! 47 needed off 12 and Kishan starts with a boundary. Kohli drops that at the long-on boundary. Kishan gets a life on 19. GL's score reads 171/6


DROPPED! Tye hits that at Kohli in the long boundary but the RCB skipper fails to hold onto that one. He is not too happy as GL's score reads 167/6


RUN OUT! Negi does a good job from long-on Jadeja is run out for 23 as GL's score reads 164/6. 


MAXIMUM! Kishan goes for another one and this one is into the mid-wicket stands. Starts the over well here against Head. GL's score reads 162/5


Kishan finishes with a MAXIMUM as Gujarat Lions now need 58 off 18 balls. Kishan batting on 12 and Jadeja on 21


Gujarat Lions needs 68 off 24 balls with Jadeja and Kishan at the crease. Over 17 runs required per over here and things getting difficult


WICKET! That looks like the match for RCB. Chahal pitches that in the slot and McCullum goes for the slog sweep and fails to clear Milne at deep mid-wicket. GL's score reads 137/5 with McCullum gone for 72


80 off 36 needed here for Gujarat Lions with McCullum still in the middle, batting on 71. Very gettable with McCullum there


MAXIMUM! McCullum goes over the mid-wicket fence with this one. Watson pitched it short and McCullum was waiting on that one. GL's score reads 132/4


Jadeja starts the over with a boundary. Watson needs to keep it tight here. GL's score reads 126/4


MAXIMUM! McCullum hits that straight out of the park. That was long and not very high. Into the long-on stands. McCullum's score moves to 64 as Milne leaks 14 runs from that over as GL's score reads 121/4 after 13 overs


Just one run off the 12th over from Negi. That was a great over there with McCullum batting on 56 and Jadeja on 0. GL's score reads 107/4


WICKET! DK is gone now. Kohli catches that at long-on. Aravind bowls a cross-seamed delivery and the ball hits the top end of Karthik's bat. He goes for 1 with GL's score reading 106/4


Dinesh Karthik dealing in singles with McCullum looking to hit the big boundaries. GL's score reads 105/3


WICKET! That was smart from Negi as he induced the drive from Finch and left the Australian stranded as Kedar completed a brilliant stumping there. GL's score reads 103/3 as Finch goes for 19


MAXIMUM! Flat and into the square-leg fence. That one went like a bullet. Negi bowls that short and McCullum waited for that one. GL's score reads 102/2


Poor bowling from Milne here as he bowls that short and wide and Finch sends that to the backward point boundary. Kohli is not too happy as 17 runs come off that over. GL's score reads 95/2 after 9 overs


MAXIMUM! That was short and outside off and McCullum literally thrashes that over the cover boundary. That was more tennis than cricket there. GL's score reads 89/2


McCullum gets a boundary off a full toss from Milne. This one did not hit the middle of the bat, but was enough to get him four. GL's score reads 83/2


MAXIMUM! Watson bowls that in the slot and McCullum goes high and handsome. GL's score reads 76/2. McCullum needs a big hundred here if Gujarat are to chase this one down.


Shane Watson now into the attack. GL's score reads 67/2 after 7 overs. They need 147 in the remaining 13 overs with 8 wickets in hand.


Finch finds the boundary here. That was short from Milne and Finch was waiting to grab the opportunity. That one rolls into the long-leg boundary. GL's score reads 66/2


Milne into the attack here. And he starts off with two wides with McCullum at the crease. GL's score reads 59/2 after 6 overs


Gujarat Lions' score reads 57/2 at the end of the powerplay as the players head for a strategic break here. McCullum and Finch at the crease for GL.


MAXIMUM! Chahal bowls that on the legs and Finch goes over mid-wicket. That is a 75m hit and just clears the fielder. GL's score reads 55/2


11 runs from that Negi over as Gujarat Lions are looking to keep up with the scoring rate. GL's score reads 48/2


Now a boundary for McCullum. That one was bowled short and McCullum pulled that one out of sight. That was a poor ball as GL's score reads 47/2


MAXIMUM! Flick of the wrist from McCullum and the ball lands into the fine-leg boundary. Negi starts the over with a six. GL's score reads 43/2


WICKET! Raina is gone here. Chahal gets his man. Sees Raina coming down and bowls that wide as Raina goes for the shot and manages to hit that straight to Watson and short fine-leg. Raina goes for 23 with GL's score reading 37/2 


FOR THE RECORD: RCB innings progression:

•             PP: 45/0 (RR: 7.50)

•             Middle (7-15): 108/1 (RR: 12.00)

•             Death (16-20): 60/1 (RR: 12.00)


Now Raina goes for a boundary. Sweeps Chahal from the off-stump. Great start for Gujarat Lions here as the score reads 35/1 in the fourth over


MAXIMUM! McCullum launches into Chahal and slog sweeps him into the mid-wicket stands. That is a huge hit as GL's score reads 30/1


Raina ends the over with another boundary. Aravind gives away 19 runs off that over as GL's score reads 23/1 after three overs


BACK TO BACK SIXESSSS! This time Raina walks down the wicket and hits this one straight over the head of Aravind and into the stands. GL's score reads 17/1


MAXIMUM! Raina hits that into the fine-leg boundary. That was bowled on the legs and Raina just turns that over and helps that over the boundary rope. GL's score reads 11/1


4 runs after the first two overs as RCB are on the attack. Aravind comes in to replace Negi after he bowled just one over. GL's score reads 5/1 after 2.1 overs


WICKET! Chahal gets the wicket of Smith for 1. Hits that straight into Mandeep Singh's hand. Great start for RCB here as GL's score reads 1/1


Negi starts proceedings for RCB here. Smith and McCullum out in the middle with Gujarat chasing 214 to win


A dot off the last ball as Jadeja gives 17 off the last over. Kedar ends on 38 and Head on 30 as RCB's score reads 213/2


MAXIMUM! Kedar goes high and straight as he deposits Jadeja into the stands at long-on. This is carnage here as RCB's score reads 207/2


18 runs off that over from Tye as Kedar launched into him. One more over to go with RCB's score reading 196/2. Kedar batting on 24 and Head on 27.


Another boundary here for Kedar. A typical cameo at the end as Kedar goes leg-side here. Tye at the receiving end as RCB's score reads 194/2


10 off the first two balls here as Kedar hits Tye for a six and then hits him for a boundary. Perfect start to the 19th over. RCB's score reads 188/2


12 runs off that Thampi over as RCB's score reads 178/2 after 18 overs with Head and Kedar at the crease. 2 overs to go for RCB


BACK to BACK boundaries. Head gets a boundary as Thampi bowls that short and Head sends it to the square-leg boundary and then hits the next one over covers. RCB's score reads 174/2.


Good over from Tye here apart from the boundary. Just six runs of the over as RCB's score reads 166/2 after 17 overs. Kedar and Head at the crease.


Kedar opens the face of the bat to guide the ball between the short third-man and backward point fielder. Tye the bowler and brilliant wrist work from Kedar. RCB's score reads 164/2


FOR THE RECORD: 159/2 is RCB’s highest score batting first in this IPL.


WICKET! Kohli goes as he tries to hoick Kulkarni into the mid-wicket fence. Smith takes a simple catch at the boundary rope as Kohli goes for 64 off 50 balls. RCB's score reads 159/2


MAXIMUM! Head now finishes the over with a biggies over mid-wicket. That was in the slot and he swung the wrong'un into the stands. RCB's score reads 153/1


MAXIMUM! Kohli goes over the long-on fielder off Kaushik and that is a beautiful shot. Kohli looks good for a big one here. RCB's score reads 143/1


50 up for Kohli. Hits Kaushik down wide long-on to pick up a couple of runs to reach his second 50 of this season. Has looked good today and must carry on and score big from here. RCB's score reads 137/1


Boundary for Kohli here as he uses the wrists to hit Jadeja to the extra cover boundary. That is sheer class as RCB's score moves to 131/1


Head joins Kohli in the middle and immediately the singles and doubles are coming. RCB's score reads 128/1


WICKET! Thampi gets his man. Another beautiful yorker and this time hits Gayle on the legs plumb in front. RCB's score reads 122/1 as Gayle goes for 77 off 38 balls.


Thampi has bowled well here. Bowls the perfect yorker here. Misses the stumps as Gayle plays all over it. RCB's score reads 122/0


FOR THE RECORD: This is Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle’s 10th century stand in T20s


Another boundary and this time Gayle just places the cutter past point. The boundary fielder does put in a drive, but that is not enough. RCB's score reads 118/0


Edge and that is a boundary off Kulkarni. That is a cutter and Gayle edges that past the third-man fielder. RCB's score reads 114/0


MAXIMUM! Gayle is dealing in sixes. This time it is in the slot again and Gayle goes straight again. It is almost a highlight of the previous one. RCB's score reads 107/0


MAXIMUM! Smith bowls that again in the slot and Gayle goes straight and over long-on's head. RCB's score reads 100/0


FOR THE RECORD: 38*- Kohli has now overtaken Raina to become the highest run scorer in the IPL.


9 runs of the over from Kaushik for RCB as the score reads 92/0 after 10 overs with Gayle batting on 53 and Kohli batting on 38


50 for Gayle. Hits Kaushik out of the stadium. The ground is big, but that was in the slot and Gayle gave it a thump. RCB's score reads 91/0 as Gayle gets 52 off 23 deliveries. Brilliant stuff here.


FOR THE RECORD: 83* is RCB’s highest partnership in IPL 2017. 


Good finish to the over for RCB as Kohli hits a boundary down to fine-leg. A good over from Tye spoilt in the end. RCB's score reads 83/0 after 9 overs


FOR THE RECORD: This is the highest opening wicket partnership for RCB in IPL 2017. 38*-This is also Gayle’s highest score in this IPL.



UNLUCKY! McCullum picks a brilliant catch at long-off but his hat touches the rope. The full toss from Jadeja gets the treatment from Gayle as the ball heads to the rope. McCullum takes a brilliant catch, but the hat touches the rope and Gayle survives on 38. RCB's score reads 69/0 before it moves to 75/0


THREE IN A ROW! 4,4 and a HUGEEEEE SIX. Jadeja at the receiving end. The last one was perfect for the sweep and Gayle went straight out of the ground. RCB's score reads 69/0


MAXIMUM! Enough of running the singles for Gayle. Kaushik drops it in the arc and Gayle goes straight over long-off for his second six of the game. RCB's score reads 54/0 after 7 overs


Shivil Kaushik at the bowling crease and it will be interesting to see how Kohli and Gayle treat him. RCB's score reads 45/0 after 6 overs


Jadeja into the attack and Gayle punches him off the backfoot past the mid-off fielder for a boundary. Not the best of starts for the local hero here. RCB's score reads 41/0





























































Good start from Tye, just 3 runs from that over. RCB's score reads 36/0 after 5 overs. Kohli batting on 26 and gayle on 10


Andrew Tye into the attack here. RCB's score reads 33/0 after 4 overs. Starts with a slower one and Kohli flicks that away for a single.


Gayle goes huge and that is the first MAXIMUM of the game. Thampi pitches that up and Gayle picks the full toss and goes straight up and over. RCB's score reads 33/0


Gayle gets a single to third-man and that is 10,000 T20 runs for Universal Boss Gayle. RCB's score reads 26/0


Another one. Make that three in a row. This one is straight and Kohli drives it past the diving mid-off fielder. RCB's score reads 25/0


BACK TO BACK boundaries. Kulkarni pitches it on the legs and Kohli flicks it for another boundary to fine-leg. Kohli getting back in flow. RCB's score reads 21/0


Kohli walks down the track and flicks it past the mid-wicket fielder to the boundary. Kulkarni pitched that on the legs and paid the price. RCB's score reads 17/0


Boundary for Kohli. Thampi pitches that short and Kohli goes for the pull. That is uncontrolled but falls in the safe area and goes for a one bounce boundary. RCB's score reads 12/0


Thampi sharing the new ball with Kulkarni. Has bowled four dot balls to start with. That will boost his confidence as RCB's score reads 8/0


Boundary for Kohli. Late cuts that past a diving Karthik. That would have landed straight into first slip's lap. That is four runs to take RCB's score to 7/0 after 5 balls.


Another single for Gayle as he moves to 9,999 runs. Just one short of the magic figure of 10,000 runs in T20 cricket. He will be the first. RCB's score reads 3/0


Gayle takes strike with Dhawal Kulkarni taking the new ball. And Gayle runs a quick single off the first ball. RCB's score reads 1/0


TOSS NEWS: Suresh Raina wins the toss, will bowl fast. Kohli says AB de Villiers and Badree miss out due to niggles. Kohli has great memories of this ground.


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Struggling to find form after three losses in four matches, Gujarat Lions would look to make the home advantage count when they take on Royal Challengers Bangalore.

The Lions had a dream debut last season by finishing third. But, they are struggling this year, losing back to back games, against Kolkata Knight Riders at home and Sunrisers Hyderabad away, before registering their first win of IPL-10 by beating Rising Pune Supergiant at home.

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3 Australia 5302 108
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