IPL 2017, MI vs RPS: As It Happened

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Indian Premier League, 2017 Qualifier 1, Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai 16 May, 2017

Toss won by Mumbai Indians (decided to bowl)

Rising Pune Supergiant beat Mumbai Indians by 20 runs

Man of the Match: Washington Sundar



MALINGA finishes with a six, but Pune win by 20 runs. Steve Smith is super excited and comes to hug Dhoni. MI finish on 142/9


WICKET! Shardul picks his third wicket as he sends back McClenaghan for 12. Unadkat picks up a smart catch as MI's score reads 134/9


SIXX! McClenaghan hits that out of the middle and Rahane takes that on the line and throws it to Smith for Pune to pick another wicket. But Rahane has touched the rope. MI's score reads 133/8


MAXIMUM! Bumrah goes big and hits Christian for a six. Mumbai Indians have no option but to attack. MI's score reads 123/8 in the 18th over


DROPPED! Christian could have got another one as McClenaghan hit that straight to Tripathi. But he drops that one. Mumbai's score reads 113/8


WICKET! Unadkat bowls a slower one and Karn hits that straight up in the air for Dhoni to complete an easy running catch. MI's score reads 111/8 as Karn goes for 4


Just 4 runs from the 16th over. Christian bowls a brilliant over as he mixes up the pace beautifully. Karn and McClenaghan have no clue on how to go about it. MI's score reads 107/7


WICKET! Shardul now gets Parthiv with a slower one. That was an off-cutter and Parthiv hit that straight to Christian who came in from long-off. Parthiv goes for 52 as MI's score reads 103/7


WICKET! Shardul sends back Krunal this time. This one was mistimed by Krunal and Christian takes an easy catch at long-off. Krunal goes for 15 as MI's score reads 101/6


BACK to BACK boundaries for Krunal as he pulls Christian this time into the mid-wicket fence. Shardul could have caught that one, but he came in way too much and misjudged the flight. MI's score reads 98/5


Boundary for Krunal as that was short outside off from Christian and Krunal just placed that past Unadkat at short third-man. MI's score reads 94/5


Time for another strategic break as Mumbai's score reads 85/5 with Krunal and Parthiv at the crease. Sundar gives away just 4 runs from his last over to finish with 3/16 off his 4 overs


Sundar back to bowl his last over. Brilliant spell here from the off-spinner. This has been a top-class spell from the youngster


WICKET! Another one goes and this time it is Hardik Pandya. Hardik goes for 14 as he hits that straight to Dan Christian at long-on off Ferguson. MI's score reads 75/5


MAXIMUM! Hardik welcomes Zampa to the crease with a huge hit. Hardik looking to take the attack to the Pune bowlers. MI's score reads 69/4


Another boundary for Mumbai as this time Shardul bowls down the leg and Hardik helps it to the fine-leg boundary. MI's score reads 62/4


Boundary for Parthiv as Shardul pitches that up and Parthiv goes for the drive. Much-needed boundary for Mumbai as MI's score reads 58/4


WICKET! Sundar gets another one. Now Pollard flicks that one straight to Smith at short mid-wicket. Pollard goes for 7 as Mumbai Indians' score reads 51/4 as the players head for a strategic break.


Ferguson undoes the good work he did right through the over as he bowls a juicy full toss to Pollard and the batsman happily drives that past Unadkat at mid-off. MI's score reads 48/3


WICKET! Rayudu is gone as Sundar picks another one. Pulls that to Steve Smith who completes a low diving catch at short mid-wicket. Rayudu goes for 0 as Mumbai Indians' score reads 41/3


WICKET! Sundar has done it. Catches Rohit plumb in front for 1. Rohit went for the sweep and missed the line of the ball. Umpire had no hesitation raising the finger. MI's score reads 41/2


WICKET! That is unlucky. Parthiv hits that straight back at Shardul and the ball touches his finger before hitting the wicket at the non-striker's end. Simmons is short of the crease and has to go for 5. MI's score reads 35/1


MAXIMUM! This one was again in the slot and the bounce perfect for Parthiv to pull that into the square-leg stand. Ferguson not having it easy here as MI's score reads 27/0


Ferguson into the attack and he starts with a wide. The pressure is on the youngster as he has replaced Ben Stokes in the playing XI.


10 runs from the Unadkat over here as Mumbai are looking to keep the runs going in the powerplay. Mumbai Indians' score reads 19/0 after 3 overs


SIXXX! Parthiv hits another big one as the ball hits the square-leg advertising board. That was not too long, but just enough as Unadkat looks on. MI's score reads 15/0


MAXIMUM! Parthiv sends Sundar into the square-leg stands. That was on the legs and Parthiv was quick to pounce on that one. MI's score reads 8/0


Washington Sundar takes the new ball with Unadkat. Will be interesting to see if he gets the same purchase as the Mumbai Indians spinners


Good first over from Unadkat here. Just 1 run from the opening over as Mumbai's score reads 1/0


Unadkat starts proceedings for Pune with the ball. Simmons takes strike with Parthiv at the non-striker's end.


WICKET! Bumrah runs out Tiwary off the last ball of the over, but Pune have scored 162 in their 20 overs. Could be a fighting total for Pune.


MAXIMUM! Dhoni dealing in sixes here as this one goes straight and hits the sightscreen. Bumrah is clueless here and cannot do much. Pune's score reads 162/3


SIXXXXX! MSD magic written all over that shot as the ball sails into the cover stands. Bumrah had no answer to the master finisher. Pune's score reads 154/3


MAXIMUM! Dhoni goes big again and this one just crosses the rope at long-on. Not a huge hit, but good enough. Pune's score reads 147/3 as 26 came off the 19th over.


MAXIMUM! This time Dhoni joins the party. That was in the slot and Dhoni needed no second invitation as he sends it to the deep mid-wicket boundary. Pune's score reads 139/3


FREE HIT! Tiwary goes straight and that is just over the ropes at long-on for a MAXIMUM. 10 runs off the first 2 deliveries. Good start to the over. Pune's score reads 132/3


Boundary off the first ball of the 19th over as McClenaghan also bowls a no-ball. That will mean a FREE HIT for the next ball and that augurs well for Pune. Pune's score reads 126/3. 50 up for Tiwary


7 runs from the 18th over as Bumrah bowls a good one in the death. Tiwary and Dhoni struggling to take the attack to the Mumbai bowlers. Pune's score reads 121/3


Bumrah into the attack and Tiwary starts with a boundary. That is a slog to the mid-wicket boundary but does not matter as every run counts at the back end of the innings. Pune's score reads 118/3


Just 5 runs from the 17th over as the batsmen are finding it really tough to hit the ball. The pitch is slow and could get even worse in the second innings. Pune's score reads 114/3 after 17 overs


McClenaghan is back to the bowling crease with just 4 overs left in the innings. Mumbai would want to go for the kill here and Pune will look to accelerate. Pune's score reads 109/3 after 16 overs


Dhoni and Tiwary finding it difficult to score off the spinners and they are happy to rotate the strike and pick the singles. Pune's score reads 109/3 after 16 overs. Just 5 runs came from the Krunal over.


MAXIMUM! Dhoni looks ready to hit top gear here. Dances down the track to send Karn deep into the long on stands. That is a big one. Pune's score reads 103/3


Bumrah back into the attack as Dhoni and Tiwary look to keep rotating the strike. Pune's score reads 93/3 after 13.4 overs


The ball is turning almost square on the wicket as the googly misses Dhoni's bat and hits him on the thigh pad. Batting second could be difficult on this one. Pune's score reads 89/3 after 13 overs


WICKET! Karn has trapped Rahane right in front of the wicket for 56. A good knock from Rahane comes to an end as Pune's score reads 89/3


50 up for Rahane here with a single. This has been one of his best knocks this season in the IPL. He rose to the occasion beautifully. Pune's score reads 83/2 after 12 overs


Boundary for Rahane now as he slog sweeps Krunal and McClenaghan messes that up in the square-leg boundary. Pune's score reads 82/2


Boundary for Tiwary as he looks to take the attack to Krunal Pandya. That was in the slot and Tiwary needed no second invitation. Pune's score reads 77/2


9 off the Malinga over as Pune's score reads 72/2 after 11 overs. The batsmen are finding it easier to score off the pacers as compared to the spinners.


A couple here for Tiwary now as he pulls Malinga to the mid-wicket boundary. Rayudu half stops that and there is enough time for the batsmen to return for another run. Pune's score reads 70/2


Boundary for Rahane as Malinga bowls that short outside the off-stump. Rahane cuts that past the point fielder as Pune's score reads 67/2


5 runs from Krunal's over here. That is another good over from the left-arm spinner there. Rahane and Tiwary now need to start taking the attack to the bowlers as the score reads 63/2 after 10 overs


Inside edge to the fine-leg boundary for Tiwary. That was lucky, but every run counts here as the wicket is not ideal for batting. Pune's score reads 56/2


MAXIMUM! Pure timing here from Rahane. Walks down the track and hits Hardik into the long-on stands. Welcomes him in style. Pune's score reads 49/2


Just 1 runs from the 8th over for Pune. A good over from Krunal here as the Pune batsmen found the going tough against the left-arm spinner. Pune's score reads 43/2 after 8 overs


Krunal Pandya into the attack now. With the wicket at Wankhede holding up, Rohit looking to use the spinners to tighten the screws on the Pune batsmen


Time for the first strategic break as Pune's score reads 42/2 after 7 overs. Rahane batting on 26 and Tiwary unbeaten on 13.


MAXIMUM! Tiwary has had enough of picking singles. Jumps down the track and hits Karn into the long-on stands. 77 metres that one from Tiwary. Pune's score reads 40/2


Just 2 runs from the Malinga over as Pune's score reads 33/2 after 6 overs. Rahane and Tiwary at the crease for Pune.


Malinga back into the attack again. The first ball stops on Tiwary. Looks like the ball is gripping on the wicket. Pune's score reads 31/2 after 5.1 overs


Beautiful boundary here for Rahane. Goes inside out past the short extra cover fielder for another boundary. Rahane looking in good form tonight as Pune's score reads 29/2


Karn Sharma into the attack now. Rohit looking to rotate the bowlers regularly so that the Pune batsmen do not get used to any bowler.


Tiwary and Rahane running well here between the wickets. They are looking to rotate the strike if not get the bad deliveries to hit the boundaries. Pune's score reads 23/2


Jasprit Bumrah into the attack now. He will most likely bowl an over here and be kept away by Rohit Sharma for the death overs


Another couple off the legs for Rahane as this has turned to be an expensive over for Mumbai. Pune's score reads 19/2


BACK to BACK boundary for Rahane. This time it is a copybook cover drive off McClenaghan as the ball speeds away to the cover boundary. Pune's score reads 17/2


Boundary for Rahane. McClenaghan bowled that in the slot and Rahane used the old fashioned hoick to send it into the mid-wicket boundary. Pune's score reads 13/2


WICKET! Malinga sends back Smith for 1. That was on the legs and Smith closed the bat too early and the ball goes high up in the air for Hardik to complete the catch at point. Pune's score reads 9/2


Malinga bowling the second over and Pune looking to play slow and steady after losing Tripathi in the first over. Pune's score reads 9/1 after 1.4 overs


WICKET! McClenaghan has done it. Sends back Tripathi for a duck. That one swung in after pitching and the gap between bad and pad was enough to shatter the stumps. Pune's score reads 6/1


Mitchell McClenaghan opens the bowling for Mumbai and Rahane takes strike for Pune in Qualifier 1.


TOSS NEWS: Mumbai Indians win the toss and Rohit Sharma says he will have a bowl first. Steve Smith wants to make the most of the opportunity and seal the final spot here. 1 change for Pune and 4 changes for Mumbai


Hello and welcome to the LIVE coverage of the Qualifier 1 between Mumbai Indians and Rising Pune Supergiants from the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

IPL 2017, MI vs RPS: As It Happened

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Catch all the live action of the Indian Premier League match between Mumbai Indians and Rising Pune Supergiant at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

Preview: Table-toppers Mumbai Indians will be itching to avenge their double defeat against Rising Pune Supergiant in the league stage when the two teams face-off in Qualifier 1 of the Indian Premier League on Tuesday.

Mumbai Indians outplayed the Kolkata Night Riders in their last league match to secure the top spot. There is a lot at stake as the winning team goes straight into the final to be played in Hyderabad on May 21, while the loser gets another chance in the Qualifier 2, to be played on May 19 in Bengaluru.

Supergiant is the only team to have defeated Mumbai Indians twice in the league stage, both home and away and this fact would be playing on the minds of Mumbai players.

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