IPL 2017, KXIP vs MI: As It Happened

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Indian Premier League, 2017 Match 22, Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore 20 April, 2017

Toss won by Mumbai Indians (decided to bowl)

Mumbai Indians beat Kings XI Punjab by 8 wickets

Man of the Match: Jos Buttler



ALL OVER! Rana finishes the game with a humongous six into the fine-leg stands. That was a brilliant knock from Rana as he remains unbeaten on 62. MI chase down 199 with 27 balls to spare. Carnage of the highest order.


8 needed off 30 balls here. This is complete carnage at the Holkar Stadium in Indore. Mumbai Indians' score reads 191/2 after 15 overs with Rana on 54 and Hardik on 15


MAXIMUM! Hardik is now a part of the six-hitting spree as he sends Ishant into the long-on stands. That was huge and the crowd is loving the carnage here. MI's score reads 183/2


Just 4 runs from the Mohit over after he dismissed Buttler off the first ball of the over. But that was too late in the day. MI now need 29 runs off 36 balls with the score on 170/2


WICKET! Buttler goes finally, much to the delight of the Indore crowd. Slower ball from Mohit and Buttler looks to go big again and the ball goes high into the air as Maxwell takes a good catch. Buttler goes for 77 as MI's score reads 166/2


BACK to BACK SIXESSS! This time Buttler goes into the mid-wicket stands. No half measures here for the Englishman, as he moves into the 70s. MI's score reads 165/1


MAXIMUM! That is one of the flattest you will ever see. Sandeep bowls that one in the slot and Buttler just goes flat into the long-off hoardings. MI's score reads 159/1


16 runs from the Swapnil over as Mumbai Indians' score reads 150/1 after 12 overs. Need 48 runs off 8 overs.


BACK to BACK SIXESSSS! Rana hits Swapnil for two beautiful sixes here. Making up for the slightly quiet over from Swapnil an over back. MI's score reads 146/1


Another good over for Mumbai Indians as they pick 11 runs from the 11th over of the innings off Ishant. MI's score reads 134/1


MAXIMUM! Rana welcomes Ishant back to the bowling crease with a straight six. That is a beautiful drive over the boundary. MI's score reads 129/1


Six runs off the Swapnil over. This is the first over since Axar's first over that no boundary has been hit by the Mumbai batsmen. MI's score reads 123/1 after 10 overs


Another one big and handsome and into the stands. The arm ball from Axar dragged down and that goes 90m. That was a hugeeeee hit as Buttler moves to 56. MI's score reads 116/1


Slog sweep at its best here. Axar pitches that up and Rana goes big and handsome. This guy can pack a punch. MI's score reads 108/1


Another boundary for Buttler as he hits Stoinis over the top into the wide long-off boundary. That was well hit as MI's score reads 100/1 in the 8th over


Rana welcomes Stoinis in the second over with a six into the fine-leg stands. Stoinis bowls that short and Rana is quick to pull that into the stands. MI's score reads 93/1


Brilliant over from Axar here as he gives away just 5 runs. MI's score reads 87/1 after 7 overs


WICKET! Stoinis gets Parthiv here with a slower ball. That gripped on the wicket and took the bottom edge of Parthiv's bat as he goes for 37, caught by Maxwell. MI's score reads 81/1


Now a cut from Parthiv to the point boundary. Flurry of boundaries from the Mumbai Indians here. The pressure is on the KXIP bowlers here. Beautiful batting from them. MI's score reads 78/0


MAXIMUM! This time Parthiv welcomes Stoinis with a flat six over the mid-wicket fence. That was 79m and into the crowd. MI's score reads 74/0


BACK TO BACK boundaries here. This time Buttler creams that on the off-side to the left of mid-off. Perfect timing and that races away as MI's score reads 68/0


Another one from Buttler and this time it was on the legs of Buttler and he just helps that on its way to the fine-leg boundary. MI's score reads 64/0


Bludgeoned this one did Buttler. Deceived by the slower ball, Buttler waits on and then hammers that past mid-on. He is dealing in boundaries. MI's score reads 60/0


Beautiful placement from Parthiv as he hits that over the head of the wicket-keeper and into the third-man boundary. That was classy as he gets four runs. Welcomes Mohit with a boundary as MI's score reads 55/0


A slower on Parthiv's toes and he will not miss these. Places it for a boundary as MI bring up their 50 in the 4th over. Good start for Mumbai Indians.


DROPPED! Buttler creams that one and hits that on the head of Miller. Looks like he could not see the ball. Buttler gets a life off Ishant on 22 and a boundary to boost. MI's score reads 45/0


MAXIMUM! This time it is Parthiv. On the legs from Ishant and Parthiv just helps it on his way into the fine-leg stands. MI's score reads 40/0 in the 4th over


Flat and over the top into the extra cover boundary off Sandeep. Great start from Buttler here, but he has to carry on this way and not throw his wicket away. MI's score reads 34/0


Buttler looks in good flow here as he drives Sandeep for a boundary here. No place for any width here with Buttler at the crease. MI's score reads 26/0


Now it is the turn of Parthiv to play that on the up past the covers fielder. Ishant is leaking runs here as MI's score reads 20/0


Buttler guides Ishant to the cover-point boundary for four runs. That was not a bad ball at all, but Buttler was too good there. MI's score reads 15/0


Buttler ends the first over with a huge six off Sandeep into the mid-wicket stand. Spoils Sandeep's good show off the first five balls as MI's score reads 10/0


Amla ends the innings with a single as Kings XI Punjab end their 20 overs on 198/4. Amla plays a blinder here as he ends unbeaten on 104 with Axar on 4. Mumbai have their task cut-out.


MAXIMUM! And that is a century, his first in T20 cricket. Hits Malinga for a huge six into the fine-leg stands. KXIP's score reads 193/4


MAXIMUM! Malinga pitches that short and Amla gives it the kitchen-sink treatment. That is a top-edge and into the third-man boundary. KXIP's score reads 187/4


Malinga starts the 20th over with a wide. Amla rues missing that one down the leg side as he is batting on 90. KXIP's score reads 181/4


Another boundary here as Amla goes for the scoop-cum-sweep and the ball runs into the fine-leg boundary. That was smart from Amla as KXIP's score reads 178/4


FREE HIT! NO RUN. Bumrah bowls a bouncer and Amla cannot connect that and good show from Bumrah. KXIP's score reads 174/4


Good yorker from Amla, but the batsman up to it and flicks that to long leg and picks two. Also a no-ball so free hit coming up. KXIP's score reads 174/4


Amla hits McClenaghan over the gully region and ball enters the boundary after one bounce. Third-man cannot stop that one. Great over from McClenaghan, just 5 runs from this one. 2 overs to go as KXIP's score reads 170/4


WICKET! Stoinis is gone. McClenaghan gets him with a slower one. The batsman looks to go big, but there is only height, no distance on that one as Pollard completes an easy catch. Stoinis goes for 1 as KXIP's score reads 166/4


3 overs to go as KXIP's score reads 164/3 with Amla and Stoinis in the middle. Need a flurry of boundaries to end on a high.


WICKET! Maxwell is gone. The cameo ends here as 4 overs are left in the innings. Bumrah bowls the slower one and Maxwell goes for 40 off 18. KXIP's score reads 163/3


Amla finishes the over with a boundary. That was full on the legs from Malinga and Amla is now seeing the ball like a football and would not miss that one. Just places that one without much sweat. KXIP's score reads 161/2, 22 runs from the Malinga over


Now a boundary. 77* off 31 balls between Amla and Maxwell. This time it goes straight into the boundary like a bullet off Amla's bat. KXIP's score reads 157/2


BACK TO BACK SIXESSSS! Now it is Amla who is on a roll. Hits the next ball straight over the point boundary. This was more about timing than brutal power. KXIP's score reads 153/2 as Malinga can only smile


Amla joins in the party with Maxwell. That was a slower ball from Malinga and Amla sends that out of the ground. That was 97m long and the ball went sailing over the long-off stand. KXIP's score reads 146/2 in 15.2 overs


The 15th over costs MI 28 runs. It was one of the best of the season for Kings XI Punjab here. Maxwell on a roll and McClenaghan had no idea where to bowl.


FREE HIT! And Maxwell happily just places that into the square-leg stand. That was pure timing and effortless. What an over for Maxwell and Punjab as the score reads 138/2


BACK to BACK boundaries. McClenaghan has a bad evening. Now a pull to the mid-wicket boundary and a drive. Maxwell is on a roll here and McClenaghan does not know what to do. This is an unbelievable over here for KXIP. 132/2 reads the score.


BACK to BACK MAXIMUMSSSSS! Maxwell goes straight and the first one is into the long-on stands and the second one goes even straighter into the sightscreen. Vintage Maxwell here as McClenaghan faces the brunt. KXIP's score reads 123/2


BACK to BACK boundaries and this time it is short on the off-stump and Maxwell moves away, makes room and thrashes Bumrah to the point boundary. KXIP's score reads 110/2


Boundary for Maxwell here. That was short again and Maxwell goes for the pull, but Bumrah is faster than Maxwell's anticipation and that takes the top edge and goes into the boundary. KXIP's score reads 106/2


Quality bouncer from Bumrah and that hits the splice of the bat and almost hits Maxwell on the head. That was a quality bouncer here from India's death specialist. KXIP's score reads 100/2


100 up for Kings XI Punjab for the loss of two wickets with Amla and skipper Maxwell at the crease. 13 overs gone here and 7 to go with 8 wickets in the bag for Punjab.


Amla now welcomes Krunal with another boundary. That is short and Amla cuts it past point into the cover boundary. KXIP's score reads 95/2


50 up for Amla. Hits that from Malinga wide of covers to pick up a single and raise his bat as the crowd cheers on. KXIP's score reads 91/2 after 12 overs.


Creamed this one Amla. Just short of goodlength and Amla stands still and hits that over the head of the bowler to move to 49. KXIP's score reads 90/2


Maxwell at the crease and for a change he looks to bat straight and sends it rolling down to long-on to pick a single off the first ball. KXIP's score reads 86/2


Beautiful shot from Amla here. Opens the face off Malinga's delivery and sends that into the wide third-man boundary. That was pure timing. KXIP's score reads 85/2


WICKET! Saha tries to attack Krunal again and he is cleaned up. Would have been stumped anyway. Krunal celebrates with a flying kiss as Saha goes for 11. KXIP's score reads 80/2


Saha gets away with this one. Dances down the track and mishits Krunal, but luckily the ball falls in no-man's land. KXIP's score reads 79/1


MAXIMUM! Enough singles for Amla, steps down the track and launches that into the long-on stand off Krunal. KXIP's score moves to 76/1


Bumrah gives away 6 runs off his first over. Saha and Amla clearly looking to rotate the strike at the moment and save wickets for a late innings charge. KXIP's score reads 69/1 after 10 overs


Bumrah bowling his first over here in the 10th over of the KXIP innings. Rohit has decided to spring a few surprises here. He has given away just 3 runs after the first three balls. KXIP's score reads 66/1


Brilliant over from Krunal here as he gives away just 5 runs. Saha and Amla looking to steady the ship here. KXIP's score reads 63/1


A good over here from Harbhajan as well as he proves to be economical again, giving away just 6 runs as Kings XI Punjab's score reads 58/1


Krunal gives away just 6 in his first over. Another tidy start from the left-arm spinner. KXIP's score reads 52/1 with Saha and Amla at the crease


Krunal into the bowling attack at the end of the powerplay with Saha and Amla at the crease. KXIP need to keep on attacking here


WICKET! McClenaghan strikes again as Marsh hits that straight to Pollard at mid-wicket. Marsh goes for 26 off 21 as KXIP's score reads 46/1


Amla cuts McClenaghan to the point boundary and Krunal does the cleaning up as the South African picks up two runs here. KXIP's score reads 41/0


Malinga into the attack now and this time it is Amla who goes high and handsome. That is the first six and Amla pulls it with the weight on the front foot. KXIP's score reads 38/0


Marsh on a roll here. Now he takes Harbhajan on and hits him to the point boundary. That races off. KXIP's score reads 30/0 after 3.3 overs


BACK to BACK boundaries. The first one was up and over, this one is hit into the ground and races off the square. Good attacking batting from KXIP as score reads 25/0


Marsh goes over the top now and sends that into the point fence. Up and over that goes off Hardik's ball. KXIP's score reads 21/0


DROPPED! Lucky boundary for Amla off McClenaghan as Nitish Rana cannot hold onto that one at point. Amla gets a life on 3 as the ball goes into the boundry. KXIP's score reads 13/0


8 runs off the first over from Hardik here as Marsh picks a boundary and Amla gets a double off the last ball. KXIP's score reads 8/0


Amla and Marsh open the bating for KXIP and Hardik opens the bowling for Mumbai. No Vohra here. Marsha gets a boundary of the third ball of the over.


A look at the pitch and Ravi Shastri feels that whoever wins the toss should bat first


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On a roll with four consecutive victories, two-time champions Mumbai Indians would look to continue the winning streak when they take on Kings XI Punjab.

Having won four out of the five matches they played so far, Mumbai Indians are placed second with eight points and would certainly start as favourites against Kings XI Punjab, who have managed to win just two of their five games.

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