IPL 2017, SRH vs DD: As It Happened

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Indian Premier League, 2017 Match 21, Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad 19 April, 2017

Toss won by Sunrisers Hyderabad (decided to bat)

Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Delhi Daredevils by 15 runs

Man of the Match: Kane Williamson



FOR THE RECORD: SRH have now won 4 consecutive matches at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in IPL 2017.


Sunrisers Hyderabad have done it. Kaul gives away a single off the last ball as DD lose by 15 runs. Iyer stranded on 50. DD's score reads 176/5


WICKET! Mathews (31) goes for the swing and fails to connect that one. Picked up at long-on by Chris Jordan as Kaul celebrates. DD need 17 off 1 ball


TWO dot balls as Delhi now need 17 off 2 balls. No idea why Morris was not sent there and made to watch this from the dug-out. DD's score reads 175/4


Mathews gets a MAXIMUM here . After a single off the first from Kaul. DD need 17 off 4 balls. DD's score reads 175/4


Another boundary from Iyer off the fifth ball and a single off the last as DD get 10 off the 19th over. DD's score reads 168/4, need 24 off the last over


Bhuvi to bowl the 19th over here and Mathews hits a double off the first one and a single off the second ball. Need boundaries here if Delhi have to win this one.


Shreyas Iyer finishes with another boundary off the last ball of the 17th over. 13 runs from this one, but DD need more as the score reads 158/4, needing 34 off 12 overs


Two singles after that boundary of the first ball here. DD need another big one here to keep the required rate down. DD's score reads 151/4


Mathews starts off with a boundary off the first ball from Kaul. That was on the legs and he whipped that into the mid-wicket boundary. DD's score reads 149/4


Good shot from Iyer to end the over with 10 in the bag for DD. Bhuvi pitched that on a length and Iyer bent down and played that over the head of short third. DD's score reads 145/4, needing 47 from 3 overs.


FOR THE RECORDS: First time Rashid Khan has gone wicket less in IPL 2017.


Henriques bowls a good over here with 8 runs coming of that one. That is a great over under the circumstance as Iyer and Mathews have failed to score the big boundaries. DD's score reads 135/4


DD need 65 off 5 overs with Henriques bowling this one. Important for Iyer and Mathews to make the most of this one here. DD's score reads 127/4


MAXIMUM! Another biggie from Iyer here. Picks the googly from Rashid and sends him to the long-on stands. DD's score reads 126/4


MAXIMUM! Iyer jumps down the wicket and hits Rashid into the long-off stands. That is a much-needed sixer with DD needing 81 off 36 balls. DD's score reads 118/4


A boundary to end the over for Mathews as he moves away and hits Siraj over gully. That is 6 runs from the over for DD as Delhi's score reads 111/4


WICKET! Samson goes for 42 as another DD wicket falls after a strategic break. Henriques picks a good catch running back as Siraj celebrates. DD's score reads 105/4


105/3 after 13 overs for Delhi Daredevils. Need another 87 from 42 balls at a required run-rate of 12.42


Brilliant shot over the slip cordon from Iyer. That is a much-needed boundary. Delhi's score reads 99/3 with Samson batting on 41 and Iyer on 10


Iyer and Samson trying to rebuild the innings here, but the Hyderabad bowlers have kept it very tight here. DD's score reads 93/3 after 11.4 overs


WICKET! Rishabh Pant goes for a duck. Hits that straight to David Warner at long-on. That could not have been a luckier break for Hyderabad after the strategic break. DD's score reads 86/3


RUN OUT! Substiture Vijay Shankar sends is a great throw from the mid-wicket fence and Nair is caught short of the ground. Good work by Yuvraj to remove the bails in a flash as Nair goes for 33. DD's score reads 85/2. No need to have challenged the arm there.


Samson welcomes Yuvraj to the bowling crease with a boundary. That was a loosener and Samson made him pay the price as he cut it to the boundary. DD's score reads 84/1


Delhi Daredevils' score reads 80/1 after 9 overs as the players go for a strategic break. Samson batting on 31 and Nair on 33


FOR THE RECORD: 31* is Karun Nair’s highest score in all competitions since scoring a triple century against England. 


MAXIMUM! That is a classy shot from Nair. Walks down the track and hits Henriques over the top and into the long-on fence. That was effortless and classy. DD's score reads 75/1 after 8 overs


Boundary for Samson. Henriques pitches that on the legs and Samson sends it to the fine-leg boundary. DD's score reads 67/1 


5 runs from the Siraj over as he has stemmed the flow of runs. DD's score reads 61/1 after 7 overs with Samson batting on 22 and Nair on 24.


Nair ends the Rashid over with another boundary. Sweeps the SRH spinner to the boundary. 9 runs off it as DD's score reads 56/1


Samson starts with a boundary off Rashid. That was on the legs and Samson just flicked it to the boundary. DD's score crosses the 50-run mark in the 6th over


Nair ends with a boundary. That is a good over for DD. The last one was a pull and the top-edge goes over short fine and into the boundary. 471 after 5 overs for DD


FOR THE RECORD: Last time Karun Nair scored a Fifty in IPL was against SRH in 2016. That’s also his highest score (83*) in IPL.


Nair joins in the party. That was pitched up and a copybook cover drive from Nair's bat. Warner cannot stop that one. DD's score reads 43/1


MAXIMUM! Another effortless hit from Samson as Siraj is at the receiving end this time round. Full and Samson goes over long-on into the stands. DD's score reads 38/1


MAXIMUM! Samson gets one full from Kaul and sends that high and handsome over long-on. That is a quality shot from a quality batsman. DD's score reads 31/1


BACK to BACK boundaries for Karun Nair here. Bhuvi gives away 8 runs here. DD's score reads 23/1


WICKET! Siraj gets a wicket after three boundaries. On his pads again and Billings hits that straight to Hooda at mid-wicket. Billings cannot believe his luck as he goes for 13, DD's score reads 14/1


Another boundary for Billings. This time he flicks that off the pads to the mid-wciket fence. DD's score moves to 14/0


BACK to BACK boundaries for Billings. This was short and Billings jumps onto that and pulls it into the mid-wicket fence. DD's score reads 10/0


Siraj starts with a good first ball. Takes the edge of Billings' bat and goes to the third-man boundary. DD's score reads 6/0


Just 2 from the first over for Delhi. Great start here for Hyderabad as Bhuvneshwar is on the money from the word go. Samson and Billings need to get going fast.


17 of the over as SRH finish with 191/4. Hooda and Henriques provide the closing shots here. This is a good total. DD need to bat out of their guts. 56 runs off the last 5 overs.


A boundary for Henriques now. This one goes to the mid-wicket boundary as Henriques steps down and pulls ZAK. SRH's score reads 186/4


MAXIMUM! Hooda sends Zak into the mid-wicket stands. Full toss on the pads and Indian batsmen rarely miss those. SRH's score reads 181/4


Zaheer starts the last over with a single as Henriques hits that to Mishra at short third-man. SRH's score reads 175/4


Just 4 runs off the 19th over from Morris, brilliant bowling here. SRH's score reads 173/4 going into the last over with Henriques and Hooda at the crease


WICKET! Morris sends back Yuvraj with the perfect yorker. That is the best delivery at the death. Morris gets his third and second on the trot to be on a hat-trick. SRH's score reads 170/4


WICKET! Dhawan goes for 70 as Mathews picks the catch off Morris' bowling. Dhawan was looking to go over the top, but helped the ball straight to the Sri Lankan. SRH's score reads 170/3


MAXIMUM! Dhawan launches into Mathews here and sends that into the mid-wicket boundary. That was flat and into the stands. No stopping that one as SRH's score reads 170/2 after 18 overs


Lucky boundary for Dhawan. 10 off Morris' over as Dhawan gives it the kitchen-sink and the ball flies into the third-man boundary. SRH's score reads 158/2 after 17 overs


WICKET! What a catch from Shreyas Iyer here as Williamson is dismissed for 89 off 51 balls with 5 sixes. Morris finally ends a brilliant knock here and SRH's score reads 148/2


Another boundary for Williamson. He moves to 88 with a pull to the mid-wicket fence. Mathews bowled that short and Williamson was up to the challenge. SRH's score reads 147/1


FOR THE RECORD: This is Dhawan’s first 50 after 8 matches in IPL.


50 up for Dhawan. That is again a slow knock from the opener, but Williamson at the other end has been in fine flow to ensure a steady run-rate. SRH's score reads 134/1


Williamson welcomes Zak to the bowling crease with a beautiful boundary. That was on the legs and Williamson moves inside and takes the ball on the bounce to hit that past the square-leg fielder. SRH's score reads 132/1


MAXIMUM AGAIN! This time Williamson hits Mishra into the mid-wicket stand. That was a slog sweep off the middle of the bat and Mishra can only stand and watch. SRH's score reads 127/1


MAXIMUM! Williamson on a roll here. Looks like he has eaten something special for lunch here. Hits Mishra straight down the ground for a biggie. That was not very long, but had good elevation. SRH's score reads 119/1


50 up for Williamson. Two runs for Williamson off Mishra. And that is a good knock for the Kiwi batsman. With Warner out early, impetus was on Williamson and he does well. SRH's score reads 98/1


Good shot from Williamson, cuts the full-pitched delivery from Cummins past the point fielder, but brilliant fielding in the boundary by Mathews. Two runs for Williamson as SRH's score reads 91/1 after 11 overs


MAXIMUM! Cummins pitches that short and Williamson once again goes for the pull. That was not too long, but had the perfect elevation to cross the ropes. SRH's score reads 89/1


7 runs off Mishra's first over here. SRH have played it smart here, picking the singles and hitting the timely boundaries. They have score 80/1 in 10 overs.


Mishra into the attack here. The leg-spinner has 27 wickets at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, the highest among spinners


Williamson looking really good here. Bends down to scoop Zaheer to the fine-leg boundary to pick four more runs. SRH's score reads 73/1 after 9 overs


Zaheer back into the attack here with SRH's score reading 64/1 after 8 overs. Delhi Daredevils need a wicket here to stem the flow of runs.


Boundary for Shikhar. Cummins bowls short and Dhawan goes for the pull to send the ball into the fine-leg boundary. SRH's score reads 63/1


BACK to BACK SIXESSS! Williamson ends with another six. A beauty on the off-side this time as the KIWI collects 12 runs off the last 2 balls. Walks down the track to launch him into the long-off fence. SRH's score reads 55/1 after 7 overs as the players head to a strategic break.


MAXIMUM! That is the first six of the game here. Mathews pitches that short and on the leg-side and Williamson goes straight into the mid-wicket stands. SRH's score reads 49/1


Mathews in the attack and he has failed to create much of an impact here in his first over. SRH batsmen have been happily picking the singles off him. SRH's score reads 43/1 after 6.3 overs


Boundary for Dhawan. Good short here as he leans into the drive off Cummins. That races past the mid-off fielder. SRH's score reads 36/1


Pat Cummins into the attack. And straightaway hits Williamson on the pad. A half-appeal here as the ball is going down the leg. SRH's score reads 31/1


FOR THE RECORD: Zaheer Khan vs Shikhar Dhawan; Balls: 42, Runs: 43, Dismissals: 4 


Zaheer Khan into the attack and he has bowled tight here, giving away just 1 off the first 4 balls.


Dhawan gets a boundary here. That was short and Dhawan went up and over the point fielder. Good start for Dhawan here as SRH's score reads 28/1. Expensive over from Morris here.


Beautiful cut from Williamson here. Is this what the SRH was missing in the middle-order? Looks classy. SRH's score reads 23/1


Good second over from Jayant. Just six off it as Dhawan and Williamson look to steady the ship after the early dismissal of Warner. SRH's score reads 18/1 after 3 overs


WICKET! Morris gets the wicket of Warner. Ball rears up from goodlength and Warner hits that in the air for Mishra to complete any easy catch at square-leg. Warner goes for 4. SRH's score reads 12/1


Morris bowling the second over here. He has been economical so far in the IPL. Needs to get some early wickets for Delhi Daredevils


10/0 after the first over. Hyderabad have started well with Dhawan on 6 and Warner on 3. Jayant will not be too happy here.


FREE HIT! One bounce four of the freebie. Dhawan swings the bat and Jayant starts this IPL with a no-ball. SRH's score reads 6/0


Jayant starts with a no-ball so Dhawan gets a FREE HIT to start his innings. SRH's score reads 2/0


Jayant Yadav to start proceedings against Warner. Dhawan at the other end giving his skipper company. Jayant will surely be under pressure to start well. 


TOSS NEWS: David Warner wins the toss and decides to bat first. Zaheer says the wicket looks good and should not be a worry. Says the team's morale is high. Jayant comes in for DD. 

Kane Williamson in for Nabi and Mohammed Siraj in for Sran in the SRH outfit


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IPL 2017, SRH vs DD: As It Happened

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Catch all the live action of the blockbuster clash between Sunrisers Hyderabad between Delhi Daredevils at the Rajiv Gandhi Cricket International Stadium in Hyderabad.


Delhi Daredevils will be aiming to display more impact in their batting department as they face a formidable challenge from defending champions Sunrisers Hyderabad.

It will be an arduous task for the Daredevils as they face a team that has both current 'Orange Cap' holder David Warner (235 runs) and 'Purple Cap' owner Bhuvneshwar Kumar (15 wickets).

For Delhi, it will be important to have consistent impact in their batting. They have had forceful performances at the start of the innings and at the end but the two games — vs RCB and KKR — that they have lost has been primarily due to their inability to force the pace during middle overs.

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3 Australia 3087 100
4 England 3362 99
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