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    IPL 5 final, KKR vs CSK: As it happened

    Kolkata Knight Riders innings:The long wait for the lakhs for Kolkata Knight Riders' supporters ended today as they won their maiden IPL title, beating the two-time defending champions by five wickets in the summit clash. That's it with our live updates. Our full match report will be up shortly.20th over: 192 for 5 KKR win. They are the new IPL champions! Dhoni decides to give the final over to Bravo. Manoj Tiwary takes a risky single off the first. Shakib slog sweeps the next one to deep midwicket for another single. Tiwary then finds the gap in the square-leg region for a much-needed boundary and he completes the victory with another pull in the same region for four. 19th over: 182 for 5 Hilfenhaus has been called to bowl the penultimate over. Though KKR lose the wicket of the well-set Kallis in the over, Shakib Al Hasan keeps them in the game by playing a scoop over the short fine-leg fielder for four. Eleven runs have come from this over as KKR need nine runs off the last six balls now.J Kallis c Jadeja b Hilfenhaus 69 (49)18th over: 171 for 4 Dhoni brings Ashwin into the attack and he gets immediate success. Yusuf Pathan top-edges the carrom ball high up in the air that is taken neatly by S Badrinath. Two runs each off the next two balls. A slight delay as Kallis seems to have pulled up his hamstring but gets up on his feet again to take the strike. Three singles to end the over.Y Pathan c Badrinath b Ashwin 1 (2)17th over: 164 for 3 The gamble of sending Laxmi Ratan Shukla doesn't pay off for KKR as the attacking right-hander is holed out at deep midwicket off Bravo. But Kallis looks determined to take KKR over the line. The classy allrounder first finds the gap perfectly in the extra-cover region for four, and then hits a six off the next.L Shukla c Hussey b Bravo 3 (6)16th over: 152 for 2 Bisla goes but Kallis continues to score. The KKR No. 3 steps out and hits Jakati to the straight fence for four. He then pulls the next to the long-on fence for another boundary. Two more singles from the over.15th over: 141 for 2 Bisla departs. The KKR wicketkeeper fell after playing a rollicking innings of 89 off 48 balls. He also shared a 136-run stand with Kallis. But he gave KKR more than a chance to go close to the Chennai's big total.M Bisla c Badrinath b Morkel 89 (48)14th over: 137 for 1 Jakati comes on to bowl his third over. The first ball is a dot, and then Kallis hits one to over extra cover for a boundary. He takes a couple off the next. Two singles off the next three balls end the over which costs eight runs.13th over: 129 for 1 Morkel has been brought back into the attack and the runs have come in singles and doubles in this over. But the KKR batsmen still manage to take eight runs from this over. Bisla is closing on to a memorable hundred. CSK don't seem to have any answer to the clean hitting by the Punjab batsman.12th over: 121 for 1 Bisla has changed the game upside down. He is striking the ball not only cleanly but also without any risk. He lofts another one from Ashwin to well over the extra cover region for a six.11th over: 111 for 1 Jakati bowls his second over. Kallis takes a single off the first ball and gives the strike back to Bisla, who comes down the track and launches one over extra-cover for four. Jakati pushes one fast that takes an outside edge and goes past the keeper for another boundary. Two more singles and a dot to finish the over. 10th over: 100 for 1 KKR reach 100 in their first ten overs as Bisla is taking the game away for CSK. The right-hander has already hit 64 off just 33 balls, while Kallis is playing second fiddle Another nine runs have come from this over of Ashwin.9th over: 91 for 1 Bravo continues. His first delivery is tucked away to fine-leg for four by Bisla. Two more singles are followed by another six, which is flicked over the long-on fence. Bisla and Kallis take a single each to end the over, which has gone for 14 runs.8th over: 77 for 1 Dhoni now brings in left-arm spinner Shadab Jakati. The first ball is edged through to third-man for a boundary by Kallis, and then three singles are followed by a dot ball. Another single to end the over.7th over: 69 for 1 Bravo gets the ball. After being hit for seven runs off the first five balls, he is lofted for a six by Bisla to end his first over. Bisla is playing a blinder here. He is close to his fifty and his strike rate is 200.6th over: 56 for 1 Bisla is well and truly taking the attack to the opposition. He launches R Ashwin, who comes on to bowl his first over, to two sixes. He comes down the track, gets under the ball and goes through his shot over the straight boundary. The second one is even better. It sails over the long-on fence. The over produces 15 runs.5th over: 41 for 1 Hilfenhaus bowls his third over and gives away just five runs. Five singles have come in this over. KKR batsmen will have to keep swinging, otherwise they will be left behind in the scoring rate.4th over: 36 for 1 Bisla, who has replaced McCullum in the KKR XI, hits four boundaries in Morkel's second over, which goes for 20 runs. The first one is a full-toss and is slashed to the left of point fielder, the second is yet again cut away to the point boundary, the third is a lofted cover drive while the last is also cut away over the inner circle.A very expensive over by Morkel. 20 runs have come off his second over.3rd over: 16 for 1 Hilfenhaus continues. A leg bye off the first ball is followed by a four by Bisla, who smashes a slower ball to the midwicket fence. Two more singles to finish the Aussie pacer's second over, which goes for seven runs.2nd over: 9 for 1 Albie Morkel gets the ball. The first ball is a dot. Bisla takes a single off the next and gives Jacques the strike. Another dot ball, and then Kallis cuts the fourth one over the point fielder for a boundary. Another single and a dot to finish the over.1st over: 3 for 1 Hilfenhaus provides the big breakthrough, takes the wicket of KKR skipper and an in-form Gautam Gambhir, who is bowled when he tried to heave a good length delivery. Just three runs and the wicket of Gambhir. What a start by Hilfenhaus and CSK.G Gambhir b Hilfenhaus 2 (4)Chennai Super Kings innings:20th over: CSK finish with 190 for 3. Though Raina got out off the last ball, the left-hander did his job brilliantly. His 38-ball 73 propelled CSK to a massive total. Shakib, although, gave away only eight runs in his last over, he couldn't restrict Raina and Dhoni to take the CSK to 190.S Raina c Lee b Shakib Al Hasan 73 (38)19th over: 182 for 2 Dhoni and Raina are definitely eyeing 200 now as Narine bowls his last over. After three singles off the first four balls, Raina steps out off the next and launches it over the long-off fence for his fifth six. The most successful spinner of the tournament goes for 37 in his four overs, and that too without a wicket.18th over: 171 for 2 So finally KKR make a breakthrough. Hussey, trying to clear the leg-side boundary, is cleaned up by a pitched-up Kallis delivery. But the wicket also brings MS Dhoni at the crease. The CSK skipper gets off the mark immediately, and then hits back-to-back boundaries. The first one is through square leg, while the second one is past the short third-man fielder. Kallis' fourth over produces 11 runs. His spell reads 1 for 34.M Hussey b Kallis 54 (43)17th over: 160 for 1 Narine bowls his third over. Two singles off the first two deliveries, and then a heave by Raina, who is playing a complete carefree cricket, over deep midwicket for his fourth six. The fourth, fifth and sixth balls produce two runs each. Now even the mystery spinner is being punished disdainfully by CSK batsmen. 16th over: 146 for 1 Raina smacks a short of length Brett Lee delivery to his favourite area - deep midwicket - for another six. Two singles and a couple to finish Lee's spell of 0 for 42. Gambhir would have wanted something special from the Aussie speedster, who disappoints his skipper.15th over: 136 for 1 Narine has been brought back into the attack and has been taken for eight runs in his second over. Raina nudges one past the short third-man fielder for a four, while the rest of the runs have come in singles.14th over: 128 for 1 Raina now cuts loose. He swats Yusuf Pathan for two fours and a six as 17 runs have come from the offspinner's over. The first four is placed over the bowler's head. The six is hit in the deep midwicket region, while another four is swept to the short fine-leg fielder.13th over: 111 for 1 Bhatia comes in to bowl his third over. Two runs each off the second, fourth and fifth delivery and a single off the sixth finishes Bhatia's over, which has gone for only seven runs.12th over: 104 for 1 Raina pulls the first to deep square-leg for a single, and then Hussey pushes the next through the diving point fielder for another four. He takes a single off the next, and then a dot ball follows. The little left-hander then smashes a shortish delivery into the deep midwicket stands for a big six. Another single to end the over.11th over: 91 for 1 A scorching catch by Shakib at the square-leg fence sends Vijay back. He couldn't connect the ball as good as he would have liked as Bhatia provides the much-needed breakthrough. So just five runs and the big wicket of Vijay from this over.M Vijay c Shakib Al Hasan b Bhatia 42 (32)10th over: 86 for 0 Kallis continues from the other end and bowls another brilliant over, giving away just four runs. Just two singles and a couple from the second over of the South African allrounder.9th over: 82 for 0 Rajat Bhatia comes in to bowl his first over. He has already started varying his pace, with the first one going to deep midwicket for a single. Hussey pulls the second, the slower delivery, to deep square-leg for another single. Vijay then hoicks one to long-on for two runs, and then opens the face of the bat off the next and the ball races away to the point boundary. He takes a single by pushing one to covers. Hussey completes a good over for CSK by smashing one away to deep square-leg for four. 8th over: 69 for 0 Kallis has been brought into the attack. The first one is a dot and then five singles, with the last one comes off a no-ball, follow. Another dot, and then Vijay takes a single off the last delivery. A good over under the circumstances by the experienced Kallis, who varied his pace throughout the over.7th over: 63 for 0 Iqbal Abdulla gets the ball. Hussey attempts a reverse sweep yet again, which goes as far as to short third-man.The second is driven to long-on for a single. Vijay then pushes one to the right of sweeper cover for a couple. He then steps down the track and hits it in the gap between long-on and deep midwicket for a four. Another couple through the covers and then a dot to end the over.6th over: 54 for 0 Brett Lee has been brought back. Vijay smashes the first over mid-on for a long six. The second is a dot ball. Lee oversteps and the no-ball brings another boundary to Vijay and CSK. A single off the fourth, and then a little shimmy by Hussey as he lofts Lee handsomely over the long-off fence for a massive six. A single to end the over.5th over: 35 for 0 Gambhir brings the mystery spinner, Sunil Narine, into the attack and as expected, the West Indian is on the mark from ball one, giving away just four runs in his first over. Only two singles and a couple have come in this over. A good beginning by Narine. 4th over: 31 for 0 Shakib continues from the other end and Hussey welcomes him with a six over the fine-leg fence. A reverse sweep finally works for Hussey as he gets a boundary off the third ball. Two more runs off the fourth, and then two singles to finish the over. It's been a good start for CSK.3rd over: 17 for 0 Lee continues. Hussey doesn't get his timing right off the first and plays out a dot ball. But he comes down the track off the second and lofts it over the bowler's head for a boundary. A quick single to mid-off and then Vijay scampers for one. A leg-bye off the fifth and then Vijay launches one off the front foot to the long-on fence for his first boundary.2nd over: 6 for 0 Shakib Al Hasan starts from the other end. Hussey tries a reverse sweep for no run off the first, and then nudges one to deep midwicket for a single. Vijay pushes the third to long-off to get off the mark. Two dot balls follow and a single by Hussey to finish the second over.1st over: 3 for 0 Brett Lee starts for KKR. Hussey and Vijay open CSK innings. The first ball is driven to covers for no run by Hussey, while the second, another well-pitched up delivery, is left-alone. Hussey cuts the third past the backward point fielder for a couple, and then scampers for a single off the next. Vijay plays out two dot balls and is still on naught.7:50 p.m. Teams:Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Manvinder Bisla (wk), Jacques Kallis, Shakib Al Hasan, Yusuf Pathan, Debabrata Das, Laxmi Shukla, Brett Lee, Rajat Bhatia, Sunil Narine, Iqbal AbdullaChennai Super Kings: Murali Vijay, Michael Hussey, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni (wk/c), Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, Albie Morkel, S Badrinath, Ravichandran Ashwin, Shadab Jakati, Ben Hilfenhaus7:35 p.m. Toss Update: Chennai Super Kings skipper MS Dhoni wins the toss and elects to bat first in the IPL 5 final against KKR on Sunday.While the defending champions have kept an unchanged side, KKR have made two changes to their final XI. Manvinder Bisla is in for Brendon McCullum, while injured L Balaji makes way for Brett Lee.7:20 p.m. As players from both the teams will be out to play their best games, there will definitely be some key battles to watch out for. And if we go by Gambhir’s statement that they won’t just go out there and compete then KKR are looking pumped up to clinch their maiden title. Dhoni and his men, meanwhile, are wary of Sunil Narine, the mystery spinner, who has confounded one and all with his variations.7:10 p.m. The two former Indian skippers Sourav Ganguly and Anil Kumble have picked different champions for IPL 5. While Sourav Ganguly has rated Gautam Gambhir ahead of MS Dhoni as captain and has backed KKR to lift their maiden title, Anil Kumble thinks it’s the experience of CSK, who are playing their third final in a row, that gives them an edge over their opponents.7:00 p.m. After 54 days of exhilarating action we have come to the climax of the fifth edition of the Indian Premier League season five. And here we are bringing to you the live updates of the final encounter between the two-time defending champions Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders as the MA Chidambaram Stadium is ready to host yet another IPL final.It’s been a topsy-turvy ride for CSK, who made it to the playoffs only when Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals were knocked out at the latter stage of the tournament. KKR, on the other hand, has been the most consistent team of the tournament, winning 11 of their 17matches, including the Qualifier 1 against Delhi Daredevils. And whether the teams keep their winning XIs for one final time or there is still a scope of chopping and changing can be read in our extensive preview.