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    IPL 5, Match 23: As it happened

    Delhi Daredevils:

    No prizes for guessing who the Man of the Match is. Pietersen almost single-handedly led Delhi to victory in this match, with his superb unbeaten ton. At one stage Delhi were 65 for 4, but the England batsman took the hosts over the line with some massive hits that deflated the Deccan attack. Deccan will rue the lives they gave to Pietersen though, especially Chipli, who dropped him in the fourth over when KP was just on 6. Fielding seems to have cost Deccan another match, though their batting has much work to do as well, while Delhi seem to be putting a nightmarish last season behind them with a strong showing this time around so far. Special mention for Shahbaz Nadeem too, who pulled things back for Delhi when Deccan were looking set to go on the charge. That's it from this match, join us for the live updates from the next game which sees Pune Warriors India take on Chennai Super Kings.

    20th over: 162 for 5. What a way to get to a century and win the match for Delhi! Ankit Sharma is given the ball for the final over and Pietersen wastes no time, thumping the first ball into the sightscreen to spark off the celebrations. It's the second hundred of IPL 5, Pietersen's 64-ball 103 including 6 fours and 9 sixes. What a knock! Nagar provided him good support too, with a 15-ball 23. Delhi win by five wickets with five balls to spare, and move up to the top of the table, level on points with Rajasthan Royals having played one game less. They are looking like strong contenders this season, with the fearsome batting line-up Delhi possess.

    19th over: 156 for 5. Steyn into the attack now, but one has to feel it's too late for Deccan. The crowd is encouraging Pietersen to go for his hundred. He needs 3, Delhi need two to win.

    18th over: 150 for 5. Pietersen looks determined to take Delhi home. He gets a six off Christian's first ball, with the fielder at long-off stretching, though had Duminy been a little far back, he might have caught that one. Pietersen then survives yet another chance, Sangakkara unable to hold on to a tough chance at short cover. Nagar, meanwhile, gets a four to make it another yet another productive over for Delhi. 14 off that one, it's really Delhi's game to lose now.

    17th over: 136 for 5. One big over is what Delhi needed, and that is exactly what they get. Pietersen hammers a short and wide delivery from Veer Pratap Singh for a six to start off proceedings, and then Nagar cuts to point for a four. Sangakkara comes to talk to his bowler, but the debutant has not bowled well under pressure here. 15 off that over. Just 22 runs needed now, Deccan need to get Pietersen out.

    16th over: 121 for 5.: A good over from Christian until the last delivery, which Nagar punches towards backward point for a crucial four. 37 off 24 needed.

    15th over: 115 for 5. Steyn back into the attack and he strikes for Deccan. It isn't Pietersen, but Pathan goes, caught behind. Yogesh Nagar is the new man in. He just needs to provide support to Pietersen. Only two off that over, meanwhile.

    I Pathan c Patel b Steyn 5 (11)

    14th over: 113 for 4. This is exactly the period when Deccan found runs hard to get, but Pietersen is letting loose and how! He comes down the track and bludgeons the ball over Mishra's head way into the stands. That one looked like it might clear the stadium! Sehwag is grinning, he is clearly enjoying the fireworks from Pietersen. Delhi now need 45 off 36. The equation looks a lot more favourable now.

    13th over: 104 for 4. Pietersen reaches his half-century and then goes ballistic. Three balls, three sixes - over long-on, then mid-wicket, then over the sightscreen. The last ball is punched back to the bowler but Duminy drops it and umpire Billy Bowden hits the ground too. Another life for Pietersen, who has 69 from 46. 21 runs off the over. Spare a thought for poor Chipli too. That spilled chance is looking really costly now.

    12th over: 83 for 4. A good over for Delhi. 8 runs come off it as Pietersen edges closer to his half-century. He really is key for Delhi's hopes here.

    11th over: 75 for 4. Duminy keeps Pietersen quiet. Delhi need 83 off 54 balls. This is not going to be easy.

    10th over: 71 for 4. Will this prove to be a turning point for Deccan? Pietersen takes off for a quick single after pushing the ball towards the off-side, but a direct hit from Dhawan runs out Ross Taylor. The New Zealander does not even wait for the third umpire's decision. He is miles short. Pietersen is still there, however, and he is key for Delhi as he gets a four off the last ball.

    R Taylor run out 13 (11)

    9th over: 63 for 3. Left-arm spinner Ankit Sharma takes the ball now. A misfield by Veer Pratap Singh lets Taylor score 3, but only 1 run comes off the next five deliveries. Good start by 20-year-old.

    8th over: 59 for 3. Pietersen is really making Deccan pay for that dropped catch. The first delivery from Amit Mishra turns, but just misses the stumps. After that, KP goes on the rampage - a four through the cover, a huge six down the track and another powerful shot, this time a flat six over deep extra cover. Looking ominous for Deccan.

    7th over: 42 for 3. Duminy is brought into the attack and Pietersen smashes him for a four. He is looking in the mood, and Chipli - who dropped him not too long ago - will be watching this with dismay.

    6th over: 34 for 3. Taylor gets off the mark with a four but Veer Pratap Singh keeps it quiet after that. Deccan seem to be saving Steyn for the end overs.

    5th over: 27 for 3. Now Jayawardene goes. Poor shot as he comes down the track and is caught by Sangakkara. Deccan are right back in this game now. Pietersen is going strong at the other end though, and Delhi's new man in is Ross Taylor.

    M Jayawardene c Sangakkara b Christian 6 (5)

    4th over: 20 for 2. The crowd has been silenced now. Sehwag edges Steyn's quick delivery to second slip and Christian makes no mistake. It might improve Steyn's mood, who saw Pietersen dropped off the first delivery of the over. The batsman tried to pull and only found Chipli at short mid-wicket, but the 29-year-old put it down. Their fielding let Deccan down badly in their previous game - prompting a furious coach Darren Lehman to claim the side had fielded like an under-14 team - and he will not have been happy with that effort. Will it prove costly?

    V Sehwag c Christian b Steyn 7 (5)

    3rd over: 14 for 1. It was looking like another quiet over before Sehwag slammed it straight back down for a boundary. Loud cheers for the Delhi skipper.

    2nd over: 7 for 1. Good contest between Pietersen and Steyn, both of who are looking pumped up. Steyn beats the England batsman with a beauty, KP responds by going down the pitch and smacking the next delivery for a four.

    1st over: 2 for 1. What a start for Deccan and young Veer Pratap Singh! The 19-year-old gets his first IPL wicket in his first over as Naman Ojha goes for 1.

    N Ojha c Duminy b Pratap Singh 1 (4)

    Deccan Chargers:

    So Delhi will be quite pleased to have kept Deccan down to this score, especially when at one time Dhawan and Patel were going well for the visitors. But Nadeem engineered a middle-order collapse and it was only the 16-run over when Chipli took Agarkar to task that has given the Deccan score some respectability.

    20th over: 157 for 8. So Deccan finally manage 157. Mishra is nearly run out off the first ball, and four balls later, that is exactly how he goes after a good throw from Pietersen catches him woefully short. Chipli will be frustrated to have not got the strike, but Morkel - who gets the Purple Cap for picking up the most wickets in IPL 5 so far - did very well there to concede just 6 runs off the final over. Taylor deserves a mention too, smart fielding from the New Zealander at the square-leg boundary keeping a shot from Mishra down to two.

    A Mishra run out 6 (6)

    19th over: 151 for 7. This is just what Deccan needed and suddenly that total is looking a lot better. Agarkar has been really expensive today and Chipli punishes him. A six and two fours help him to get 16 off that over. Agarkar has conceded 42 from 3.

    18th over: 135 for 7. Morkel gets into the act now and Deccan have really lost their way here. Jhunjhunwala goes for a big heave but only finds the wicketkeeper. Steyn is the next man to be dismissed by his fellow South African. This is a good pitch and this score might not be enough, given Delhi's strong batting line-up

    A Jhunjhunwala c Ojha b Morkel 4 (5)

    D Steyn c Sehwag b Morkel 2 (3)

    17th over: 130 for 5. Another one goes and it's Nadeem again, this time taking a fine catch at deep square-leg off Yadav to dismiss Christian. Abhishek Jhunjhunwala gets a boundary off the last delivery, yet only 29 runs have come off the last six overs and Deccan have lost three wickets too. Poor.

    D Christian c Nadeem b Yadav 19 (21)

    16th over: 125 for 4. No wicket this time but Nadeem concedes just five and his excellent spell comes to an end. His three wickets have really halted Deccan in their tracks and the big score that was in the offing when Dhawan and Patel were at the crease is now looking unlikely. Deccan need a quickfire cameo from someone right now.

    15th over: 120 for 4. Bharat Chipli gets a much-needed boundary for Deccan as Pathan ends his wicket-less spell, having conceded 27.

    14th over: 113 for 4. A third success for Nadeem and what a player he is turning out to be for Delhi this season! Duminy seems to miss his shot and gives a simple catch to Sehwag to mid-wicket.

    JP Duminy c Sehwag b Nadeem 4 (5)

    13th over: 110 for 3. Runs are suddenly hard to find for Christian and JP Duminy. Irfan Pathan will not mind another quiet over though.

    12th over: 106 for 3. This time Parthiv goes and Nadeem is the man again. His sweep is caught well by Jayawardene at square leg and Delhi are pulling things back here a little. Only four runs off that over too, a good one for Delhi.

    P Patel c Jayawardene b Nadeem 45 (27)

    11th over: 101 for 2. Wickets seem to be having little effect on the scoring, though. Yadav is at the receiving end again, as Patel smacks his short delivery over mid-wicket for a six. The left-hander has a lucky escape off the sixth ball, though. He is caught at third-man but the umpires rule the delivery to be above waist height. Suddenly his short height is not a problem for Parthiv!

    10th over: 84 for 2. Nadeem into the attack and he comes up with the goods once again. The spinner who tore apart the Mumbai Indians line-up in Delhi's previous match provides his captain with a crucial breakthrough this time as well. Dhawan misses a reverse sweep and is plumb. His dangerous-looking 71-run partnership with Patel comes to an end as Daniel Christian comes in.

    S Dhawan lbw b Nadeem 44 (29)

    9th over: 81 for 1. Another good over as 11 runs come off it. Only one boundary though, Yadav gave too much width to Dhawan, who easily cut to third man for four.

    8th over: 70 for 1. One four each for Dhawan and Patel - the time-out seems to have helped. These two are moving Deccan along nicely, and Delhi have had little joy since that early wicket.

    7th over: 59 for 1. After his seamers go for runs, Sehwag turns to Pietersen again for spin. Still, Dhawan gets a boundary as 9 runs come off that over.

    6th over: 50 for 1. Has Sehwag made a folly by playing too many seamers? Ajit Agarkar goes for 15 runs and on his first ball, Dhawan dances down the track to hit it for a six.

    5th over: 35 for 1. Dhawan looks comfortable out there in the middle and has decided to cut loose. Morkel pitches one short and Dhawan quickly pulls it for a boundary in the fine-leg region.

    4th over: 26 for 1. Pathan bowls an expensive over and gives away 14 runs. Parhiv Patel takes the attack to him and hits three successive fours. Pathan is finding it difficult to get the right length and is bowling on the shorter side.

    3rd over: 12 for 1. Morne Morkel comes in and strikes immediately. Sangakkara, while going for a big one, gets a leading edge and Yogesh Nagar completes a good catch.

    K Sangakkara c Nagar b Morkel 1 (7)

    2nd over: 9 for 0. Sehwag introduces spin and it's too early for Kevin Pietertsen to come on with his offspinners.

    1st over: 2 for 0. Irfan Pathan opens the attack for Delhi and manages to keep things quiet. For Deccan, Kumar Sangakkara and Shikhar Dhawan are out there at the crease.

    3:30 p.m. Deccan Chargers have won the toss and their skipper Kumar Sangakkara has elected to bat first.

    Virender Sehwag wanted to bowl and Sangakkara wanted to bat when they were asked before the toss. So both have had their wish granted. Delhi have gone in with the same side while Deccan have made one change. They have brought in fast bowler Veer Pratap Singh.

    Playing XIs:

    Delhi Daredevils: Naman Ojha (wk), Virender Sehwag (capt), Kevin Pietersen, Mahela Jayawardene, Ross Taylor, Irfan Pathan, Yogesh Nagar, Ajit Agarkar, Morne Morkel, Umesh Yadav, Shahbaz Nadeem

    Deccan Chargers: Bharat Chipli, Shikhar Dhawan, Parthiv Patel, Daniel Christian, Kumar Sangakkara (capt/wk), JP Duminy, Abhishek Jhunjhunwala, Ankit Sharma, Amit Mishra, Dale Steyn, Veer Pratap Singh

    3:15 p.m. Hello! From Mohali yesterday, we've hopped into the Indian capital of New Delhi today for what will be match number 23 of the 2012 Indian Premier League. And one change that we all seek from yesterday's game is to witness a close match, unlike the dud affair between KKR and KXIP in Mohali.

    While we wait for the toss, which incidentally is just 15 minutes away, here's the game's preview as an appetizer before the game kicks off at 4 p.m.