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    IPL 5, Match 24: as it happened

    Pune Warriors India innings:

    20th over: 151 for 7. A great win for Chennai Super Kings. Bravo picks up Mathews off the first ball of the over and then restricts PWI to just eight from the last over. CSK beat PWI by 13 runs.

    Mathews b Dwayne Bravo 27(22)

    19th over: 144 for 6. CSK pick up a big one. Smith finally goes for the maximum but only manages to find du Plessis at the long-on boundary. Brilliant over by Doug Bollinger in the death.

    Steven Smith c du Plessis b Bollinger 23(21)

    18th over: 140 for 5. Dwayne Barvo comes back into the attack and gives away ten from the over thanks to some fine piece of running by the duo in the middle. Pune now needs 25 from 12 balls.

    17th over: 130 for 5. Ravindra Jadeja continues after the strategy break and bowls a very good over to pile more pressure on Pune Warriors. He gives away just six from the over.

    16th over: 124 for 5. Good over for Pune. A free hit is hit for a four by Mathews and Ashwin follows it up by giving five wides. Seventeen runs comes from the over. This is good stuff by Pune as they are still in with a shout.

    15th over: 107 for 5. Sensational bit of cricket. Mathews works it with soft hands towards deep mid wicket, du Plessis has a shy at the stumps and gets a direct hit, Steven Smith is quick between the wickets and is safe. Another good over from CSK point of view, just seven of it.

    14th over: 100 for 5. Ashwin gets a big one at a crucial time. Samuels the man to go as he is caught by Nuwan Kulasekara at extra cover. Angelo Mathews joins Smith in the middle.

    Marlon Samuels c Nuwan Kulasekara b Ashwin 26(24)

    13th over: 96 for 4. Samuels is looking dangerous here as he hits Bravo for a huge six over the fine-leg fence. Meanwhile, Smith also picks up quick singles and twos to make it eleven from the over. Duo in the middle are the key for PWI.

    12th over: 85 for 4. Finally a big over for Pune Warriors as Marlon Samuels takes the charge to Jakati, hitting him for two boundaries one through backward point and second straight back the bowlers head.

    11th over: 72 for 4. Steven Smith, right handed bat, comes to the crease and Ravindra Jadeja bowls another decent over and keeps the batsmen down to just ones and twos. Pressure is building on PWI batsmen.

    10th over: 65 for 4. And Jakati picks up Ganguly this time. This is a big wicket. Ganguly goes down the track, but lobs it straight up and Kulasekara at mid-off takes a good catch. This is excellent stuff by CSK.

    Ganguly c Nuwan Kulasekara b Jakati 24(26)

    9th over: 61 for 3. Ravindra Jadeja, left-arm orthodox, comes into the attack and he also keeps it nice and tight and gives just two from the over. CSK are well on top at the moment.

    8th over: 59 for 3. Shadab Jakati, comes into the attack and bowls a pretty neat and tidy over first up. Restricts the batsmen to just four from the over.

    7th over: 55 for 3. This is stunning cricket by Badrinath. He pulls out a magnificent catch to get rid off Manish Pandey. Pandey goes over the off side but the bat turns in his hands and Badrinath picks up a blinder at sweeper cover. Dwayne Barvo gets his first wicket.

    Manish Pandey c Badrinath b Dwayne Bravo 13(6)

    6th over: 53 for 2. Doug Bollinger is back into the attack and he bowls an expensive over. Ganguly hits him for three boundaries one a sloppy fielding also gives them five from one ball. Three boundaries and a five makes it 18 from the over. Ganguly is looking in fantastic form at the moment.

    5th over: 35 for 2. Otherwise a good over apart from a huge six off the last ball of Ashwin's over. With run-rate getting higher after every dot ball, Manish Pandey comes to front foot and whacks it over long on. Nine runs comes from the over.

    4th over: 26 for 2. Nuwan Kulasekara picks up another one, this time it's Ryder who makes a long walk back to the pavilion. After hitting him for a four, Ryder goes for another one through midwicket but finds Barvo in the deep.

    Ryder c Dwayne Bravo b Nuwan Kulasekara 9(10)

    3rd over: 22 for 1. R Ashwin, right-arm offspinner, comes into the attack and Pune picks up seven from the over thanks to clever boundary off the last ball by Ganguly. He paddles it from outside off past the man at short fine leg for four.

    2nd over: 15 for 1. Nuwan Kulasekara, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack and after bring hit for a four over the mid on off the first ball, he comes back in a fine fashion and gets rid off Uthappa. Uthappa tries it to go over mid-on but gives away a simple catch to R Ashwin.

    Uthappa c Ashwin b Nuwan Kulasekara 8(5)

    1st over: 9 for 0. Uthappa and Ryder are at the crease for PWI and Doug Bollinger starts the proceedings for the CSK. Uthappa gets off the mark with a four thanks to an edge that goes to the third man boundary. On the other hand Ryder is also underway with a fantastic pull shot for a four over the midwicket boundary.

    Chennai Super Kings innings:

    20th over: 164 for 5. Marlon Samuels bowls the last over and Ravindra Jadeja smashes the first ball for a huge six straight over the bowlers head and then MS Dhoni follows it up with another maximum over the long on fence off the third ball and the ball goes out of the stadium this time and he follows that up with a boundary through the square leg region. Meanwhile, Jadeja is caught off the last ball trying to go for another maximum.

    Ravindra Jadeja c Rahul Sharma b Marlon Samuels 7(3)

    19th over: 146 for 4. Another nine runs from the over thanks to a cracking shot by MS Dhoni off the last ball. Meanhwile, Nehra picks up Bravo as the West Indian tries to go for the maximum but only manages to find Mathews at the deep cover.

    Dwayne Bravo c Mathews b Nehra 12(8)

    18th over: 137 for 3. Otherwise a good over apart from the last ball that is smashed for a huge six over the midwicket boundary by Darren Barvo. Twelve runs comes from the over thanks to last-ball six.

    17th over: 125 for 3. Another one goes as Nehra picks up Raina this time. Raina tries to pull it across the line and gets a top edge that goes to fine leg and Kartik picks up a nice catch. Meanwhile, Dhoni hits the last all for a boundary to make it nine from the over.

    Raina c Kartik b Nehra 0(2)

    16th over: 116 for 2. Marlon Samuels is back into the attack and he picks up both the openers in the quick succession. First one to go, du Plessis' who tries to go for maximum over deep midwicket boundary but only manages to find Mathews and carbon copy dismissal of Badrinath as well who also finds Mathews truing to go for the maximum.

    du Plessis c Mathews b Marlon Samuels 58(48)

    Badrinath c Mathews b Marlon Samuels 57(48)

    15th over: 115 for 0. Ganguly puts down another one. Ganguly runs back and tries to take it over his head but ends up sticking one hand out and drops it and adding insult to injury Badrinath smashes the bowler for three consecutive boundaries to bring up his fifty in the process. Two boundaries over square leg and one through the third man makes it fifteen from the over.

    14th over: 100 for 0. Badrinath comes down the track off first ball off Kartik's over but misses the ball all ends up but somehow Uthappa misses the ball as well and chance of stumping goes begging. Meanwhile, du Plessis smashes his fourth ball for a huge six over the long-on.

    13th over: 89 for 0. du Plessis survived a run out scare after scoring his second fifty of the tournament. Drama in this over as there's an appeal for a run out and it goes to the third umpire. du Plessis's bat looks to be on line but third umpire makes a shocker of a decision and gives a benefit of a doubt to the batsman.

    12th over: 83 for 0. Marlon Samuels is back into the attack and after giving three singles from the first three, he bowls a quicker one that misses everything and goes for four byes and du Plessis hits the fifth ball for a two and picks a single off the last ball.

    11th over: 74 for 0. Murali Kartik is back into the attack and gives away single from every delivery. Pune is doing a right thing to keep the run rate in check but they need wickets.

    10th over: 68 for 0. Ashish Nehra is back into the attack and du Plessis is bit lucky once again as an uppish shot to mid wicket just falls short of the skipper Sourav Ganguly. Meanwhile, an excellent over by Nehra.

    9th over: 64 for 0. du Plessis is getting back to his groove. After two singles from three balls, Plessis dances down the track and hits Rahul Sharma for a brilliant four through extra cover and follows it up with a two and a single.

    8th over: 55 for 0. Angelo Mathews, right-arm medium, comes into the attack and Badrinath welcomes him with a cheeky paddle sweep that goes for a four and another brilliant shot over the midwicket boundary off the last ball also goes for a four. Twelve runs comes from Mathews' first over.

    7th over: 43 for 0. Rahul Sharma, right-arm legspinner, comes into the attack and bowls a lovely first over. He is not allowing batsmen to cut loose and varies his line and length throughout the over. Gives away just one single from the over.

    6th over: 42 for 0. du Plessis cuts loose as he break the shackles and hits Bhuvneshwar Kumar for a huge six over the long-on boundary off the third ball and then dances down the track and hits fantastic shot between extra cover and long-off boundary. An expensive over for Pune as 14 runs comes of it.

    5th over: 28 for 0. Marlon Samuels, right-arm offspinner, comes into the attack and Badrinath welcomes him with two back-to-back boundaries. First one through over the mid-off fielder and second one a brilliant cut shot through backward point for four. Then duo manages to pick three singles from the rest of the over.

    4th over: 17 for 0. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, comes into the attack and bowls a decent first over although eight runs comes of it. The bowlers is bit unlucky as he should have got du Plessis, Kartik drops a tough chance in the first slip off the fifth ball and then edge of the last ball goes for a four.

    3rd over: 9 for 0. Badrinath is getting restless in the middle as Kartik bowls anther fantastic over. He troubles Badrinath throughout the over with his gentle spin. Just one from the over. Good start by Pune bowlers.

    2nd over: 8 for 0. Ashish Nehra, left-arm fast medium, shares the new ball and bowls a superb over. He keeps it tight as he starts with four dot balls and two singles to follow it in the fifth and sixth.

    1st over: 6 for 0. du Plessis and Badrinath are at the crease for Chennai Super Kings. Murali Kartik opens the bowling for Pune Warriors India. Six runs comes from the over that includes one boundary by Badrinath between the cover and point region.

    7.30 p.m. Pune Warriors India skipper Sourav Ganguly wins the toss and elects to field in the 24th match of the Indian Premier League against Chennai Super Kings on Thursday at the Chepauk in Chennai.

    Pune Warriors have made once change to their team as Ashok Dinda is out and Murali Kartik comes in. On the other hand Chennai Super Kings have made three changes to the playing XI with Doug Bollinger, Wriddhiman Saha, and Shadab Jakati comes in for Albie Morkel, Yo Mahesh and Murali Vijay.


    Chennai Super Kings: Faf du Plessis, Wriddhiman Saha, Suresh Raina, S Badrinath, Ravindra Jadeja, MS Dhoni(w/c), Dwayne Bravo, Nuwan Kulasekara, Ravichandran Ashwin, Shadab Jakati, Doug Bollinger

    Pune Warriors: Jesse Ryder, Robin Uthappa(w), Sourav Ganguly(c), Marlon Samuels, Angelo Mathews, Steven Smith, Manish Pandey, Murali Kartik, Rahul Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ashish Nehra

    7.15 p.m. Welcome to the 24th match of the IPL, and this one's between defending champions Chennai Super Kings and Pune Warriors Indian here at the Chepauk Stadium in Chennai.

    The previous match between these two teams went down to the wire, with Pune eventually coming out on top in a last-over finish. Pune lie third in the table with three wins and two losses, while Chennai are on sixth with two wins and three defeats.