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    IPL 5, Match 3: As it happened

    Mumbai Indians innings:20th over: 100 for 9 That's a big win for Pune against the more fancied Mumbai Indians. Dinda gets smacked for four by Harbhajan but replies by trapping the Mumbai captain lbw for 16 with a yorker on the base of middle stump. Two dot balls later, the match is over. Mumbai win by 29 runs. Few would have backed them to do so after they put up 129 for 9. Dinda and Kartik had other ideas. Four wickets for Dinda, surely he's the Man of the Match. That's it from us with live updates. Our full match report will be up shortly.Harbhajan Singh lbw Dinda 16 (15b, 2x4)19th over: 96 for 8 Just a formality now as Parnell gets the ball. Two dot balls, a single, then an edged four to third man. Parnell isn't happy, but that won't matter at all to the result of this win. Ganguly rearranges his field. Can we hurry up please? After all that shuffling, Parnell gets the wicket with a full ball outside off stump that Malinga chases and nicks to Uthappa. Mumbai lose their eighth. The Pune franchise owner, Subrato Roy, smiles in the A/C enclosure. Pragyan Ojha is the new man in and he leaves a rising short ball outside off to end the over.Lasith Malinga c Uthappa b Parnell 5 (3b)18th over: 91 for 7 Dinda returns. Harbhajan takes two off the first ball with the fielder allowing an overthrow, which makes Ganguly hopping mad. Harbhajan gets a single off the second, cutting out to deep point, but on the third Franklin miscues a pull shot toward mid-on where Ferguson takes a good leaping catch over his head while falling backward. Harbhajan digs out a yorker for a single next ball, after which Malinga gets off the mark with one. Dinda's last ball is driven to extra cover for one. Good stuff from Dinda.James Franklin c Ferguson b Dinda 32 (42 b, 1x4)17th over: Harbhajan hits Samuels for four, first ball. But just nine runs from the over. Mumbai need a miracle.16th over: 77 for 6 Excellent over from Rahul Sharma, which ends with the massive wicket of Pollard. Franklin pushes a single into the off side first ball. Rahul then drops shorter and Pollard punches a single back past him. The third ball is a dot as Franklin flirts outside off and misses. A single off the pads follows. The fifth ball is right on the stumps with a bit of turn and Pollard chooses to defend. And then on the sixth, Rahul fires it in quicker and the slider beats Pollard's bat as he tries a nothing shot. Decent ball, a nothing shot, and Mumbai lose their sixth. Tough to see Pune lose this one.The asking rate crosses 13.Kieron Pollard b Sharma 8 (11b)15th over: 74 for 5 Kartik proves hard to get away. Two singles, then Pollard works the ball past midwicket and scampers back for the second. A single to the same region follows, before Franklin drives a slower ball off his pads for one more. The final ball is quicker and pitches outside leg stump, then rips past Pollard's bat. Great ball to end a good over.14th over: 68 for 5 As the asking rate crosses ten an over, Rahul sends down a good over. Three dots balls and three singles. Franklin and Pollard are the last of the recognized batsmen - though Harbhajan Singh would take offense to that - and they need to start swinging.13th over: 65 for 5 Unlucky 13th over for Mumbai. Samuels comes back into the attack and cleans up Suryakumar Yadav with a sharp, flat and quick ball that crept under the bat. That brings to the crease the dangerous Kieron Pollard, who is nearly run out first ball. After a chat with Franklin he gets off the mark. There's an appeal for lbw by Uthappa off the final ball. To no avail. Samuels wasn't interested.Suryakumar Yadav b Samuels 0 (4b)12th over: 63 for 4 Bhuvneshwar keeps things tidy but is let down by his fielders. Off the third ball, Franklin drives the ball to long-on, and wants to come back for the second. Form the boundary, a terrible throw comes in and beats everyone to run away for four. Steven Smith was the culprit. Silly. Four free runs given.11th over: 54 for 4 Kartik returns and Karthik welcomes him with a well-placed sweep for four. But the bowler has the final say. Kartik slows his pace and tosses it wider, Karthik charges out and misses and is stumped. It is reviewed, to see whether Uthappa collected the ball in front of the stumps, and replays show that he did not. That makes it two wickets in two overs for Kartik. Mumbai need 76 from 54. Dinesh Karthik st Uthappa b Kartik 32 (32 b, 4x4, 1x6))10th over: 48 for 3 Bhuvneshwar Kumar, the medium-pacer, gets the ball and sends down a good opening over. Karthik and Franklin rotating the strike. Franklin should try to collect a boundary soon though, before he really gets bogged down. He's capable of launching some sixes. The asking rate isn't out of Mumbai's reach yet.9th over: 44 for 3 Just three runs off the over, but Karthik is looking good. Franklin seems content_cn just nudging the ball around.6th over: 34 for 3 Rahul Sharma gets the ball and Karthik starts the over by going back and pulling four superbly between two fielders in the deep. The rest of the over is tidier, as Rahul straightens his line. Karthik's timing is getting better.5th over: 27 for 3 Wayne Parnell comes into the attack and bowls a tidy over bar one loose delivery. Two dot balls, a sharp single into the cover region, another risky run stolen from in front of mid-on, a slash over point for four, and a dot ball give Pune six runs from the over.4th over: 21 for 3 A wide down the leg side from Samuels, followed by some shaky running. Franklin wants a single and sets off but Karthik waved him back. Samuels also gets on to bite and strike Kathik on the glove. There's plenty of turn out there. Responds by chipping out and lofting Samuels for six over long-on. Good use of the feet and proper execution of the shot.4th over: 11 for 3 Dinda concedes a boundary, but otherwise a top over. Karthik even left a delivery in there, aside from being beaten once. The sixth ball was short and wide and Karthik cut it nicely behind backward point for four.3rd over: 7 for 3 Just two runs conceded by Marlon Samuels. A singe each to Karthik and Franklin. Mumbai look confused as to how to approach this chase.2nd over: 5 for 3 This is stunning. Mumbai lose their second wicket. Ashok Dinda strikes first ball, getting Ambati Rayudu to chop a regular delivery straight to Kartik at point. Rayudu couldn't believe it. Pune celebrate the wicket. Dinda follows up with two consecutive wides. A single to James Franklin follows, then two dot balls. On the final ball, Rohit Sharma throws his bat at a wide ball and nicks to Uthappa. Double-wicket over for Dinda. Amazing scenes.Ambati Rayudu c Kartik b Dinda 1 (2b)Rohit Sharma c Uthappa b Dinda 1 (6b)1st over: 2 for 1 Well, well. Murali Kartik opens the bowling and has the dangerous Richard Levi stumped for a second-ball duck. Drifts the ball past the bat, Levi's back foot goes up fractionally and Robin Uthappa behind the stumps does the rest. Big strike for Pune as they defend a low total. Kartik concedes just two runs from the over.Richard Levi st Uthappa b Kartik 0 (2bPune Warriors innings: 20th over: 129 for 9 So, Pune end up with a rather flat 129. Munaf bowls the final over and picks up the wicket of the innings' top-scorer Steven Smith. Smith produces the scoop shot over the wicketkeeper for four first ball, but ends up swinging the third straight to Pollard just inside the ropes at deep midwicket. A good innings from the Australian, 39 off 32 balls, considering that Pune were 47 for 4 in the ninth over when he walked out. Full credit to Munaf, who slipped in three dot balls in the over, which ended with the run-out of Rahul Sharma. Mumbai will be pleased with their efforts. Considering they have Richard Levi and Suryakumar Yadav opening the innings, the chase could be over soon.19th over: 124 for 7 Malinga concedes five from his final over to finish with 2 for 16. Smith manages a boundary through midwicket, but Pune don't seem to have enough on the board.18th over: 116 for 7 Mumbai will have mixed reactions to that over. Ojha returns and bowls out his quota by conceding 11 and picking a wicket. Second ball, Bhuvneshwar Kumar is beaten all ends by a lovely ball that grips and turns from leg stump and takes out off stump. Then Murali Kartik gets a first-ball four with a well-placed sweep and then lofts Ojha over long-on for six. 17th over: 105 for 6 Harbhajan goes back to his strike bowler, Malinga, who concedes just five runs from the over while dismissing Samuels. The first ball is clipped for two, but the second is a superb yorker which uproots Samuels' middle stump. Not sure why he was rooted to the crease and going back to expose the stumps. That ball was destined to hit timber anyway. Top yorker. Malinga keeps it full all over and Smith struggles to time his shots. Great comeback over from Malinga.16th over: 100 for 5 Pollard comes back for his final over and gets Uthappa first ball, but also concedes nine runs. Uthappa miscues an attempted hit and ends up chipping a catch back to the bowler, who takes the simple offering and pumps his fist. Big blow for Pune just as they were looking primed for a late surge. Marlon Samuels comes out for his first innings in the IPL and nearly drives a catch to mid-off first ball. Smith keeps working the ball into the leg side and steals a couple off Pollard, and then smacks the last ball past square leg for a four that raises the team's 100.15th over: 91 for 4 Munaf comes back into the attack and gives away ten runs. Smith tries to open his shoulders but cannot time the shots well. Munaf varies his pace well. Crafty bowler in Twenty20 cricket. There's also an appeal for a run out as Smith drives out to sweeper cover and harries back for the second. The throw comes in from the fielder and Karthik breaks the stumps, but replays show Smith had hit back in just in time. Smith charges Munaf on the last ball and slashes four to third man. Five overs to go. Pune need boundaries.14th over:82 for 4 Harbhajan pulls things back after Pollard's last over. Two dot balls followed by a two and three singles. Twice Uthappa hit hard across the line, but didn't manage more than a run. One loft even dropped a few feet in front of long-on. A good over for Mumbai.13th over: 77 for 4 Seven runs from the over. Steven Smith and Robin Uthappa are making efforts to get across their stumps and turn the ball into the open spaces on the leg side. Pollard was a bit too straight in that over. Varied his length from full and just short of a length. Smith using his wrists well to shovel the ball toward midwicket. Pollard also slips in a wide outside off stump. 12th over: Pune 70 for 4 Much needed boundaries in the over bowled by Franklin, the most expensive of the innings so far. Uthappa gets one on the pads and works it down to deep fine leg for four, and also smacks one past midwicket. Pune need more such shots to get to near a challenging total.11th over: Pune Warriors 58 for 5 Still Pune struggle to collect quick runs. Pollard gives seven runs. No boundaries though.10th over: Pune Warriors 51 for 4 Mumbai continue to apply the chokehold. Harbhajan concedes just two runs from the over. Pune need some boundaries, and fast. Very sharp fielding from Mumbai. The crowd is cheering their every move. 9th over: Pune Warriors 48 for 4 Pune slip further. They lose their fourth wicket. One ball after Callum Ferguson is dropped at square leg, he ends up being run out for 12. It was a direct his from Rohit Sharma at point. Super throw.8th over: Just six runs from the over bowled by Pragyan Ojha. Four dot balls, a two and a boundary. 1st over: After being at sixes and sevens throughout the over, Manish Pandey is bowled by Lasith Malinga for a duck. The over also ends in a maiden. A dream start for Mumbai.Mumbai: Mumbai Indians captain Harbhajan Singh won the toss and elected to bowl first against Pune Warriors in match three of IPL 5 at the Wankhede stadium on Friday.Sachin Tendulkar has been left out of the playing XI by Mumbai Indians.Pune – the costliest team in the IPL – had a disappointing first season, losing nine of their 14 games to finish second-from-bottom in 2011. Off-field controversies then dogged the team's preparations at the start of this year as owners Sahara Group were drawn into a lengthy dispute with the BCCI.Mumbai on the other hand got off to a great start beating the Chennai Super Kings by eight wickets on Wednesday.Pune Warriors:RV Uthappa (wk), SC Ganguly (capt), CJ Ferguson, MN Samuels, MK Pandey, SPD Smith, B Kumar, R Sharma, WD Parnell, M Kartik, AB DindaMumbai Indians:SA Yadav, RE Levi, AT Rayudu, RG Sharma, KD Karthik (wk), KA Pollard, JEC Franklin, Harbhajan Singh (capt), SL Malinga, PP Ojha, MM Patel