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    IPL 5, Match 32, KKR vs DC: As it happened

    10.30 p.m.: It's official. The match has been called off. Umpire Billy Bowden says, "it's unfortunate the weather beat us." Well, that means Deccan get their first points. Both teams have been awarded one point each. KKR are now solely second in the table with nine points from eight matches.

    10.20 p.m.: The covers are off but there is still a lot of water on the field. The groundstaff is doing its best, however. One thing is sure, if it is going to happen, it's going to be a reduced one. It can't be more than 5-overs-a side. That's what it looks right now.

    9.20 p.m.: The Supersopper is working tirelessly. But there is too much water there to rid of. Again, don't see the match happening. By the way, news is coming in that the storm has damaged many sections of the stadium. Some people have got injured as well.

    8.50 p.m.: The entire outfield is covered. Ankle deep water near the dug-outs. It's highly unlikely that the match will happen. The good news is that the rain has stopped. But it's going to take a lot of time to make the field playable. Now if it rains again, it will certainly be over. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

    8.25 p.m.: Pommie Mbangwa, the cricketer-turned-commentator, has tweeted that a small part of the stadium has collapsed. However, there are no reports of injuries as of now. Well that tells how ravaging the storm is. The chances of a match take a big dip with that news.

    7.45 p.m.: Bad news guys. The rain is teeming down now, to the accompaniment of thunder and lightning. Right now things don't look encouraging. If the match doesn't start by 11.10 pm, it will be called off with both teams getting one point each. It always rains in Kolkata at this time of the year and don't be surprised if the trend continues in the coming matches as well.

    7.30 p.m.: It's drizzling at the Eden Gardens at present. The organisers are expecting it to clear up in a while. The toss has been delayed consequently. But it does not look threatening, just light drizzles.

    7.15 p.m.: Welcome to the match number 32 of the Indian Premier League season five between Kolkata Knight Riders and struggling Deccan Chargers at the famous Eden Gardens. Under Gautam Gambhir, KKR have won four out of their seven matches to take the second spot in the table on net run-rate. As for Deccan, their campaign has been miserable with no win coming in five matches. Here is the preview for you guys to know more. To have a realistic chance of making it to the last-4, Deccan now have to win eight of 11 matches. So it's high time that they registered a win - to keep their distant hopes alive.