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    IPL 5, Match 33: as it happened

    Mumbai Indians innings19.5 overs: Mumbai 171 for 5 Mumbai win. Rayudu and Peterson add an unbeaten 36 off 13 balls to help Mumbai win their fourth match out of seven. Punjab lose their fifth out of eight.19th over: Mumbai 164 for 6 Robin Peterson gets fours off the first two balls. The first boundary was a switch hit. It's not over yet. Here comes a six. The South African is turning it around big time. With a single, he is off-strike. Now Rayadu gets in on the act. Another six, over covers. Piyush Chawla is getting a nice hiding. Another six. 27 runs from the over. Now it's Mumbai Indians' match to lose. 18th over: Mumbai 137 for 6 Awana strikes. Rohit out. Another wicket. Harbhajan out. Mumbai Indians in trouble now.Harbhajan Singh c Marsh b Awana 0 (2)RG Sharma c Azhar Mahmood b Awana 50 (30)17th over: Mumbai 129 for 4 Bhargav Bhatt has been given the responsibility to bowl. Does a good job under pressure, despite bowling a no-ball. 16th over: Mumbai 117 for 4 Kumar returns. He is resorting to low full-tosses. Rohit Picks up a boundary off the third. Good over for Mumbai as 11 runs come off it. 52 more needed to win.15th over: Mumbai 106 for 4 Mumbai's chances now totally ride on how Rohit plays. He spoils what could have been a good over, by scoring a four off the last ball of the Bhargav Bhatt over. 14th over: Mumbai 97 for 4 Awana's over starts on a bad note. A fulltoss on the pads is dispatched to the fine-leg boundary. But hang on. He takes out Pollard. Awana can't believe his luck as Mandeep takes an easy catch at deep square leg. Rohit hits a six off the last ball to lessen the pain to some extent.Pollard c Mandeep Singh b Awana 3 (7)13th over: Mumbai 83 for 3 Rohit launches Chawla into the stands, over covers. 12 runs come off the over. Is this the beginning of some serious power-hitting? 12th over: Mumbai 71 for 3 Mahmood bowls another excellent over. Just five runs off it. He has really turned it on for the hosts. Rohit Sharma and Kieron Pollard are the crease with the asking rate going up by the over.11th over: Mumbai 66 for 3 Piyush Chawla strikes. Karthik tries to hit over the short-fine leg but he fails in his execution as Mahmood takes an easy catch. Mahmood has played a part in every Punjab wicket so far. Karthik c Azhar Mahmood b Chawla 3 (6)10th over: Mumbai 64 for 2 Mahmood now removes Tendulkar. It's an inside edge as keeper Saini takes his second catch of the day. Big, big wicket for Punjab. Dinesh Karthik is the new batsman. Tendulkar c †Saini b Azhar Mahmood 34 (29) 9th over: Mumbai 59 for 1 Tendulkar hits a four off the first ball of the Bhargav Bhatt over. The rest of it without much action.8th over: Mumbai 52 for 1 Azhar Mahmood comes into the attack and Tendulkar greets him with a four. Old foes, I guess. But he comes back superbly and sends back Franklin. The seam and swing undoes him as wicketkeeper Saini catches a travelling ball behind the wicket. Franklin c †Saini b Azhar Mahmood 22 (22)7th over: Mumbai 45 for 0 Five singles come off the Piyush Chawla over.6th over: Mumbai 40 for 0 Awana continues. Both batsmen have found it hard to score till now. Finally comes a boundary. The penultimate ball is hit through the covers and it reaches the boundary fence like a bazooka. 5th over: Mumbai 29 for 0 Praveen Kumar bowls another excellent over. Just three runs off it. From his ball one, he has been on the money. 4th over: Mumbai 26 for 0 Parvinder Awana bowls the over and except Tendulkar's four off the last ball, the rest of it is quite quiet.3rd over: Mumbai 19 for 0 One piece of stat. This is Franklin's 100th T20 mach and he his Praveen Kumar for a four off the first ball, through mid-wicket. A fielder at point denies Tendulkar a boundary off the fifth ball with a top-class fielding.2nd over: Mumbai 12 for 0 Spinner Bhargav Bhatt comes to bowl and Tendulkar slog-sweeps him for a four. The rest of the over is devoid of much action.1st over: Mumbai 4 for 0 Praveen Kumar opens the proceedings for Punjab. Mumbai openers Sachin Tendulkar and James Franklin play the over cautiously. Kings XI Punjab innings20th over: Punjab 168 for 3 What a turnaround for the hosts! This format is really unpredictable. At one point, they did not look like getting 130 and now it looks like it's going to be in excess of 160. This Miller is no less impressive. Hits two back-to-back sixes to finish off the innings. You know what? Hussey (68 off 40) and Miller (34 off 17)have added 89 runs in just 7.1 overs!19th over: Punjab 152 for 3 McKay continues. We have seen some top-class hitting in the last few overs. After first three quiet ball, finally comes the boundary. Hussey just steers past wicketkeeper Karthik. He follows it up with a big six over covers. What a talent he is. 18th over: Punjab 140 for 3 Munaf comes back on. And Guess what, Miller smashes him for a six over long-on, off the second ball. What a shot. It has travelled some distance. Here comes another six. He hits a full toss straight back over the bowler's head. With this, he completes his fifty.17th over: Punjab 124 for 3 Hussey has a reputation for serious big-hitting. If he can hang in there till the end, 150 is very much achievable. In the meantime, Clint McKay has bowled a superb over. Actually not. The boundary by Hussey off the last ball has changed it all. A scorching cover-drive. He is Punjab's man right now. 16th over: Punjab 116 for 3 David Hussey treats Pollard with utter disdain as he hits a six over square leg. Pollard doesn't seem to mind it. Here comes another big shot, a boundary this time. The ball is short and wide outside the offs-stump, Hussey rocks back and guides it towards third-man. Just what the doctor ordered for Punjab. 16 runs off the over. 15th over: Punjab 100 for 3 David Miller smashes RP Singh for a four with a pull shot. The left-hander has a streak of elegance about him.14th over: Punjab 91 for 3 Harbhajan Singh is terribly upset with himself after conceding five bye runs. The ball is way off the target. And he is letting the whole world know it.13th over: Punjab 80 for 3 Franklin removes Marsh in his first over. Tries to go for a big shot, finds a top-edge. Captain Bhajji takes an easy catch at cover. Big wicket for Mumbai. Meanwhile, David Miller is the next man in.Marsh c Harbhajan Singh b Franklin 17 (26)12th over: Punjab 74 for 2 This time it's Marsh's turn to hit it hard but James Franklin fields superbly at deep mid-wicket to deny him a certain boundary. Bowler Pollard acknowledges his effort. Hussey gets a four with a leg-glance. Another good over for the hosts.11th over: Punjab 66 for 2 Hussey finally opens his arms. Hits a big six over deep mid-wicket. Harbhajan Singh does not look impressed. Good over for the hosts. 10th over: Punjab 56 for 2 West Indies allrounner Kieron Pollard bowls a tight over. Just three runs off it. The hosts need some runs to pose any kind of threat to the mighty batting line-up of Mumbai. This partnership is key for them. 9th over: Punjab 53 for 2 Captain Harbhajan Singh brings himself on. Does a good job. Concedes seven runs against Punjab captain David Hussey and Shaun Marsh.8th over: Punjab 46 for 2 Clint McKay returns and guess what, Saini goes back. Tries to pull it out of the ground but the ball gets big on him and he gets a top-edge. Munaf takes an easy catch.Saini c Patel b McKay 17 (22)7th over: Punjab 44 for 1 Munaf Patel bowls and both batsmen take three singles on the bounce. Excellent comeback from the bowler who looked listless in his previous over. 6th over: Punjab 41 for 1 Mandeep out. Tries to make room to go over covers but finds a faint edge as Karthik takes an easy catch behind the wicket. The next man is Aussie Shaun Marsh and he gets in his stride straight away with a four. Saini gets another four. An eventful over by all means. Mandeep Singh c †Karthik b Singh 22 (16)5th over: Punjab 35 for 0 Munaf Patel comes into the attack and Mandeep gets another four, off the fourth ball. Here is a no-ball but Saini fails to make the most of the Free Hit. With that the over comes to completion. 4th over: Punjab 26 for 0 A tidy over from RP Singh. Just three runs off the over.3rd over: Punjab 23 for 0 Mandeep greets Clint McKay with a four. A fierce pull shot, reaches the boundary in a flash. Another comes off the third ball. A top-edge over the slips. Another four off the last ball. Mandeep rocks. Great stuff. 2nd over: Punjab 9 for 0 RP Singh comes on. Saini takes a four off the over. It's been pretty quiet so far.1st over: Punjab 3 for 0 Robin Peterson opens the bowling for Mumbai. Nitin Saini and Mandeep Singh are the openers. Both open their account. A quiet start for the hosts. Teams:Mumbai Indians: James Franklin, Sachin Tendulkar, Rohit Sharma, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Kieron Pollard, Ambati Rayudu, Robin Peterson, Harbhajan Singh (capt), Clint McKay, RP Singh, Munaf PatelKings XI Punjab: Nitin Saini (wk), Mandeep Singh, Shaun Marsh, David Hussey (capt), Azhar Mahmood, David Miller, Siddharth Chitnis, Piyush Chawla, Praveen Kumar, Bhargav Bhatt, Parvinder Awana3:30 pm: Kings XI Punjab's skipper David Hussey has won the toss and elected to bat. Punjab go in with an unchanged side from the last match, while Mumbai have made two changes in the form of Clint McKay and Robin Peterson.3:15 pm: Hello and welcome to the 33rd match of IPL 5 between Kings XI Punjab and Mumbai Indians at the PCA Stadium in Mohali. The last meeting between the two teams ended with Punjab prevailing in a last-over finish by chasing down a target of 164. The biggest boost Mumbai have received recently is the return of Sachin Tendulkar, who celebrated his 39th birthday on Tuesday.