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    IPL 5, Match 40: as it happened

    Mumbai Indians innings:A good victory for Mumbai Indians. They needed it badly to resurrect their IPL campaign. It is only their second win in five home matches this season. Mumbai are now on third in the points table, while Deccan are still at the bottom. This is it with our live updates. Our full match report will be up shortly.19th over: 101 for 5 It's all over. Rayudu drives Ashish Reddy through the covers for the required three runs as Mumbai wins the contest by five wickets with 11 balls to spare.18th over: 97 for 5 Mishra releases the pressure once again. Rayudu takes a couple off the first, a four through the midwicket region off the second, a single and a dot off the next two deliveries, two wides down the leg side, and another four and a single to end the over. Mishra leaked 14 runs in this over.17th over: 83 for 5 Ashish Reddy returns and gives Deccan a breakthrough straight away. A quick, short delivery by the bowler kisses Franklin's gloves before settling into the hands of keeper Parthiv Patel.J Franklin c Patel b Ashish Reddy 13 (20)16th over: 81 for 4 Mishra returns for his third over and Mumbai are doing it in singles. Five singles have come from this over. The home side doesn't want risk anything.15th over: 77 for 4 Christian bowls his third over. Franklin gives Rayudu, who has replaced Sharma, the strike and he defends the first three deliveries he faced before getting off the mark off the final ball of the over.14th over: 75 for 4 Duminy gets the ball. After four singles off the first four balls, the offspinner strikes with the wicket of Rohit Sharma, who comes down the track for a big hit, but mistimes it and gives a simple catch to Jaggi at mid-on.R Sharma c Jaggi b Duminy 42 (4)13th over: 67 for 3 What a spell by Steyn! He ends with 2 for 10 in his four overs. It could have been three wickets if Amit Mishra hadn't dropped a sitter at third-man. The champion bowler from South Africa has given his best to his side.12th over: 63 for 3 Mishra's legspin is not troubling either of the batsmen. They are nudging him for singles and doubles to keep the scoreboard moving.11th over: 57 for 3 Ashish Reddy replaces Steyn and after three dost balls, Sharma opens the face of his bat and the ball races to the third-man boundary for a four. Another pitched-up delivery is driven to long-off for a single. A dot ball to end the over.10th over: 52 for 3 Legspinner Mishra has been brought into the attack by White and Sharma immediately pulls a shortish delivery to midwicket for a couple. Three more singles to finish Mishra's first over.9th over: 47 for 3 Dale Steyn returns and strikes immediately. Another away-going delivery by Steyn finds the outside edge of Dinesh Karthik's bat, and is caught by keeper Parthiv Patel. Two wides and a single by Rohit Sharma end Steyn's third over.D Karthik c Patel b Steyn 2 (6)8th over: 44 for 2 Pratap Singh into his last over. Rohit Sharma says enough is enough and dispatches a short ball from the bowler well over the deep square-leg fence for a maximum. Sharma and Karthik are doing it sensibly. They need a big hit once in every few overs. 7th over: 35 for 2 Christian continues. The Australian medium-pacer starts off with a wide down the leg side, three singles and three dots off the next six balls. Deccan are not allowing Mumbai to take the game away from them so easily.6th over: 31 for 2 Pratap Singh gets the big wicket of Sachin Tendulkar, whose slash outside off goes into the hands of Christian at first slip. Just four runs and the wicket of Tendulkar. Good stuff from the youngster.S Tendulkar c Christian b Pratap Singh 14 (14)5th over: 27 for 1 Christian replaces Steyn. The first ball is defended well by Tendulkar, a wide down the leg side follows, a flick off his pads for a couple off the third, and then a cracking four through mid-off, a dot ball and a single to finish the over, which goes for eight runs. The early pressure created by Steyn is released now.4th over: 19 for 1 Deccan are keeping the pressure up on Mumbai, not offering them easy runs. But Rohit Sharma still gets two boundaries in Pratap Singh's second over, which goes for 10 runs.3rd over: 9 for 1 Steyn continues. A thick edge from Tendulkar's bat goes to third-man, Rohit Sharma plays and misses again before Tendulkar advises him to leave the balls leaving him outside off stump. Another good over from Steyn, just two runs off it. But Deccan need more wickets.2nd over: 7 for 1 V Pratap Singh gets the ball and bowls a good first over. A single off the first two deliveries is followed by three runs, two more dot balls and a couple of runs to finish the over.1st over: 1 for 1 Levi goes for a first-ball duck. What a delivery first up by Dale Steyn! It swings away before coming back in after pitching, uprooting Levi's stumps. A wide down the leg side starts Mumbai's scoring. The ball beats Rohit Sharma's bat next five deliveries.R Levi b Steyn 0 (1)Deccan Chargers innings:Malinga, with his four wickets, was once again instrumental in dismissing Deccan for a paltry 100. Harbhajan Singh and other Mumbai bowlers too contributed well. But an inexplicable batting display by the visitors.19th over: 100 all out Malinga is mixing his deliveries well, After bowling a bouncer, he follows it up with a slower ball and takes an easy catch of Steyn in his follow through. Another pitched-up delivery and another dismissal. This time V Pratap Singh goes for a first-ball duck.V Pratap Singh c Sharma b Malinga 0 (1)D Steyn c & b Malinga 3 (5)18th over: 99 for 8 Munaf appeals for a caught behind against Dale Steyn but the third umpires gives it not out. A single and a four off the next two deliveries, the fourth is a dot ball and two more singles to end Munaf's last over. His spell reads 1 for 23.17th over: 90 for 8 Malinga returns. After giving away just three singles off the first five balls, Malinga strikes with the wicket of Amit Mishra, who spoons a slower delivery straight to mid-off. What a performance by the home team.A Mishra c Franklin b Malinga 1 (6)16th over: 87 for 7 Deccan are losing wickets like a pack of cards. Now Ashish Reddy departs. Munaf Patel gets his first wicket as Reddy mistimes a big heave only, skies it and Rohit Sharma takes a good catch running back from point. Five runs and a wicket from this over.Ashish Reddy c Sharma b Patel 10 (10)15th over: 82 for 6 Franklin comes back well after being hit for a boundary on the first ball. Two more singles and a couple from this over. Good stuff by Mumbai Indians. They have put a lid on Deccan's scoring. 14th over: 74 for 6 After three dot balls, Ashish Reddy and Duminy take singles off the successive deliveries. Reddy tonks Peterson for a straight six to finish the over.13th over: 66 for 6 Deccan are in doldrums. They lose two more wickets in this over bowled by Franklin. First Christian's full-blooded cut was brilliantly taken by Rohit Sharma at point, then Bharat Chipli mistimed a pull and was holed out by Harbhajan.B Chipli c Harbhajan Singh b Franklin 1 (3)D Christian c Sharma b Franklin 5 (5)12th over: 64 for 4 Harbhajan gets his second wicket of the match. Dhawan charges down the track, misses a well-tossed up delivery and is stumped by Dinesh Karthik. Christian starts his innings with a four to the left of short third-man. But it's a terrific spell by the Mumbai skipper, who picks up 2 for 13 in his four overs. S Dhawan st Karthik b Harbhajan Singh 29 (32)11th over: 59 for 3 Deccan have lost three wickets for 16 in the last five overs. And they finally hit a boundary after 40 balls. Four singles and a boundary off a slower delivery by Dhawan finishes Franklin's first over.10th over: 51 for 3 Harbhajan Singh is definitely bowling a lot slower than what he has been throughout the tournament, which is affecting the batsmen's timing. Just three singles off this over. A real task in hand for the Deccan batsmen.9th over: 48 for 3 Cameron White, who is leading Deccan in the absence of Sangakkara, makes a first-ball duck. He slashes a Malinga bouncer straight to third-man. It seems like Deccan have lost their track. After a good beginning by their openers, three wickets in quick succession have pegged them back.C White c Singh b Malinga 0 (1)8th over: 43 for 2 Harbhajan Singh has finally taken his second wicket of the season. Jaggi miscued a sweep which goes towards Munaf Patel at mid-off. Deccan's batsmen are struggling to gauge the pace of the pitch.I Jaggi c Patel b Harbhajan Singh 2 (7)7th over: 40 for 1 Ishank Jaggi joins Dhawan in the middle. He gets off the mark with a single off the second ball. Dhawan plays the third to third-man for another run. Robin Peterson drops a tough chance of Jaggi at short covers off the fourth. Two more dots to end the over. So just two runs from the over.6th over: 38 for 1 A breakthrough for Mumbai. Patel, after scoring 19 off 18, is caught at mid-on by Munaf Patel. RP Singh gets his first wicket. A very good over for the home side, only two runs and a wicket from it. P Patel c Patel b Singh 19 (18)5th over: 36 for 0 Malinga comes on to bowl. A four through the slip region by Dhawan, which is followed by two singles and two dots. A single to finish the Sri Lankan's first over. It's been a steady start by Deccan. But the two left-handers need to start swinging now as anything less than 160 can be chaseable on this wicket.4th over: 29 for 0 Nine runs have come off RP Singh's second over. A straight four on the up by Dhawan off the first ball, another couple of runs off the second and fourth deliveries, a single and a dot to finish things. 3rd over: 20 for 0 Munaf has been brought into the attack. A leading edge off the first is followed by a four between the midwicket and square leg. Patel takes another single off the fourth and a bye off the last ball to end the over.2nd over: 12 for 0 RP Singh gets the ball. The left-arm pacer is getting the swing away from left-hander Parthiv. The first ball is a dot, which is followed by two runs, a six off the third as Parthiv tries to pull, gets the thick outside edge and the ball flies over the third-man boundary. Two more dots and a single to finish the over.1st over: 3 for 0 Harbhajan Singh opens the bowling for Mumbai. This is after he said at the toss that the pitch is carrying some grass. An interesting move indeed. Parthiv Patel gets off the mark with a punch off the back foot through the covers. Two dot balls follow, a leg bye off the fourth and two more dot balls to end the over.7:45 p.m Harbhajan Singh of Mumbai Indians wins the toss and decides to bowl on what seems like a green wicket at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.There are changes aplenty in both the teams, more so in Deccan than in Mumbai. Kumar Sangakkara, the skipper of Deccan, has been left out of this game and his place is taken by speedster Dale Steyn. So including Cameron White, who will be leading the side in the absence of Sanga, Steyn, Daniel Christian and JP Duminy are the other foreign players for Deccan.Mumbai have included the big-hitting batsman Richard Levi and medium-pacer Munaf Patel in their side.Teams:Mumbai Indians: Richard Levi, Sachin Tendulkar, Rohit Sharma, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Ambati Rayudu, James Franklin, Robin Peterson, Harbhajan Singh (capt), Lasith Malinga, Munaf Patel, RP SinghDeccan Chargers: Parthiv Patel (wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Cameron White (capt), Daniel Christian, Jean-Paul Duminy, Ishank Jaggi, Bharat Chipli, Ashish Reddy, Amit Mishra, Dale Steyn, Veer Pratap Singh7:30 p.m. Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the IPL 5 game between Mumbai Indians and Deccan Chargers. It's an important match for both the teams. While Mumbai are coming back home after suffering a big defeat against Delhi, Deccan’s win against Pune Warriors India in the last game have given them a much-needed confidence.All the permutations and combinations that the teams can bring into this game can be read in our preview. But the Kumar Sangakkara-led will be fancying their chances against the struggling Mumbai. While Deccan are bottom-placed in the points table, Mumbai are lying third from bottom.