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    IPL 5, Match 43: As it happened

    Delhi Daredevils:Delhi cruised to another victory. It's their eighth in ten matches. Rajasthan will have to pull up their socks now. Losing six out of ten matches are not going to help their cause. That's it with out live coverage. Our full match report will be up shortly.16th over: 144 for 4 It's all over. A four and a six from Naman Ojha finish the proceedings for Delhi. Another commanding performance by the table-toppers. Ojha remains not out on 11 while Nagar too remains unbeaten on 9.15th over: 134 for 4 After playing another entertaining knock, Sehwag holes out to backward point off Hogg, who gets his second wicket. But his blazing innings put Rajasthan out of the game.V Sehwag c Dravid b Hogg 73 (38)14th over: 128 for 3 After being hit for a four by Sehwag on the first delivery, Watson came back strongly in the remaining over, giving away just two more runs.13th over: 122 for 3 Chavan bowls his last over. Nagar gets going with a four off a misfield by Amit Singh at the point fence. Sehwag dances down the track and hits the ball past the bowler for another boundary. Another big over for Delhi. Twelve runs from this over.12th over: 110 for 3 Another flop show from Taylor, who top-edges a pull, which goes straight up in the air and is taken nicely by keeper Goswami. He made just 6 off 5. But Sehwag continues his attack and brutally cuts Hogg past the backward point fielder for four more. Eight runs and a wicket of Taylor from this over.R Taylor c Goswami b Hogg 6 (5)11th over: 102 for 2 A much-needed breakthrough for Rajasthan. Watson gets Pietersen caught by Shah at long-off. But has the wicket come too late for Rajasthan? I guess so, as the 96-run stand between KP and Sehwag has put the hosts almost out of the game. Ross Taylor gets off the mark with a glance for four off a rising delivery. Six runs and a wicket from this over.K Pietersen c Shah b Watson 36 (34)10th over: 96 for 1 Hogg replaces Pankaj. A single off the first ball by Sehwag, a dot ball follows, and a couple of runs and a single to finish Hogg's second over, which goes for eight runs.9th over: 88 for 1 A good over by Chavan, only four runs from it. But Delhi are still cruising. They want to finish the game early.8th over: 84 for 1 Pankaj Singh returns and Pietersen treats him with a full-blooded four through extra cover. And Sehwag brings up his fifth consecutive fifty with an upper cut for a six over the third-man fence. This is a new record in T20 cricket. No one has hit so many fifties in a row before. 7th over: 73 for 1 Now Dravid brings Brad Hogg into the attack. After a single and a couple off the first two balls, Pietersen smacks one over the midwicket fence for a six. A couple more and a single to finish Hogg's first over.6th over: 61 for 1 Watson bowls his second over and is flicked for a four by Sehwag off the second ball, and then Pietersen takes full toll of a short ball, pulling it to the midwicket fence for four more. Ten runs more from this over.5th over: 51 for 1 Dravid is running out of ideas now. He tried to attack Sehwag and Pietersen with two slips and a short-leg but he had to change his plans after the two batsmen up the ante. Twelve runs have come off from this over by Amit Singh. Two fours have been hit by Sehwag.4th over: 35 for 1 Watson has come on to bowl. After two singles off the first three balls, Sehwag pulls the fourth to the deep midwicket region for a four. Another single and a dot to finish Watson's first over.3rd over: 28 for 1 Sehwag is in the groove now. Fourteen runs have come off from Chavan's second over. Sehwag slams one to deep midwicket for a four and a thick inside edge races to the square leg fence for another boundary. And he completes the hat-trick of fours when he swats one off the back foot over the mid-on fielder.2nd over: 14 for 1 Pankaj Singh comes in to bowl. Pietersen gets on the front foot and pulls the bowler with utter disdain for a four. Two dot balls and a single follow before Sehwag square cuts a short outside off delivery, which goes past the diving backward point fielder in a flash. Sehwag finishes the over with a flick off his legs to square leg for another boundary.1st over: 1 for 1 Left-arm spinner Ankeet Chavan to start the proceedings for Rajasthan. Mahela Jayawardene couldn't get the touch he was looking for off the first delivery. The second is a dot ball and then Jayawardene is trapped right in front of the wickets off the third. Excellent start for Rajasthan who are defending a low total. M Jayawardene lbw b Chavan 0 (3) Rajasthan Royals innings:20th over: 141 for 6 Just seven runs from the last over of Umesh Yadav, who finishes with the figures of 1 for 28. Wicketkeeper batsman Shreevats Goswami tried his best but could only manage 18 off 21. Ankeet Chavan did strike one four but he too couldn't connect much in the end. A sad end to a very good beginning by Rajasthan.19th over: 134 for 6 Another top over from Morne Morkel. His 19th over in the previous game changed Rajasthan's fortunes and this time too, the South African struck early in the over, uprooting the stumps of Rahul Dravid, who made room to clear the boundary but missed a full length delivery completely. Just six runs and the wicket of Dravid from this over. Superb stuff once again.R Dravid b Morkel 57 (43)18th over: 128 for 5 Umesh Yadav returns. Rajasthan's batsmen are not getting their timings right. Losing too many wickets in the middle proved costly for the home team. No boundary in this over.17th over: 123 for 5 Morkel returns for his third over. Goswami takes a single off the first ball, and then Dravid brings up his fifty with a cracking drive which goes past the diving Pietersen at mid-off in a flash for a boundary. A dot ball and three more single to finish the over.16th over: 115 for 5 Goswami starts Sehwag's second over by chipping down the track and driving through midwicket for a four. A single off the next ball and then Dravid swats a short one to the midwicket fence where Irfan Pathan does a sloppy job. Two more singles off the next three balls.15th over: 104 for 5 Delhi are completing their overs very quickly. After four runs from the previous overs, only five runs have been scored in Nadeem's last over. The left-arm spinner finishes with 0 for 33. 14th over: 99 for 5 Sehwag tries his offspin now. Four singles from the Delhi skipper's first over. Rajasthan have lost their way. They were cruising at one stage when Rahane and Dravid were at the crease, but five wickets in quick succession have derailed their innings completely. 13th over: 95 for 5 What an over from the young Negi. Two mistimed strokes provided two more wickets for the left-arm spinner. First Brad Hodge cuts a short outside off delivery to Virender Sehwag, who takes his second catch of the match at backward point, and then Ashok Menaria miscues one and finds Kevin Pietersen at long-on.A Menaria c Pietersen b Negi 2 (4)B Hodge c Sehwag b Negi 1 (2)12th over: 92 for 3 Back-to-back wickets for Delhi. Owais Shah couldn't connect to a short ball from Umesh Yadav and lobbed it back to the keeper who took a simple catch. Rajasthan are three down now. Are they losing their way? It seems so. Meanwhile, Dravid is stranded at the other end.O Shah c Ojha b Yadav 1 (3)11th over: 87 for 2 After a cut shot for a four off the first ball, Negi makes a strong comeback later in the over, knocking Watson's off stump. This is the second wicket for the left-arm spinner. He is having a good time in the middle. Seven runs and a wicket in this over.S Watson b Negi 8 (9)10th over: 80 for 1 A good over in the making till Watson spoils it with a massive six over the deep midwicket fence. Eight runs from this over of Nadeem.9th over: 72 for 1 Good over from Negi which included the big wicket of Rahane. Dravid takes a single off the first ball, two dot balls follow and then the wicket of Rahane, who reverse swept Negi to Sehwag at backward point. Another dot ball and a single to finish a successful over.A Rahane c Sehwag b Negi 42 (32)8th over: 70 for 0 Nadeem replaces Morkel from the other end. Three singles off the first three balls, and then Dravid goes forward to loft Nadeem over extra cover for a boundary. The fifth is a dot ball and single off the last finishes Nadeem's second over. 7th over: 62 for 0 Left-arm spinner Pawan Negi has been brought into the attack. After two singles, Dravid mistimes one to the right of the bowler who dives to grab the ball which didn't stick to his right hand. Two dot balls and a miscued slog sweep fetches Rahane another two runs. A single to the square leg ends Negi's first over.6th over: 56 for 0 Morkel continues for Delhi. Dravid takes a single off the first and Rahane cuts a short outside the off stump delivery for a boundary through covers. Morne beats Rahane with a one that bounced more than the batsman expected. Two more dots and a single off a bouncer that hit Rahane's bat and helmet before falling down to finish the over. Another good opening partnership by the two batsmen.5th over: 50 for 0 Shahbaz Nadeem gets the ball. After three singles off the first three balls, Dravid pulls the fourth, which is a little short, over the right of the mid-on fielder. Another single, and then Rahane lofts a full delivery just over mid-on. The fifty comes up for Rajasthan. Great stuff!4th over: 38 for 0 Sehwag brings in his ace pacer Morne Morkel into the attack. And as expected, the South African bowler is on the mark from the outset, extracting a lot of bounce from the track at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium here. Just four runs from this over. 3rd over: 34 for 0 Rahane is continuing is fluent touch. He pulls Pathan off the front foot over the mid-on fielder and follows it up with a drive on the front foot to the right of mid-off. Rahul Dravid too hits a soothing drive through covers and Rahane follows it with a boundary in the same region. 18 runs off Pathan's second over.2nd over: 16 for 0 Umesh Yadav gets the ball. Rahane uses the pace of Yadav to drive him through the gap between the point and cover fielder for another boundary. Dravid too flicks a good length ball on middle through midwicket for another four. Eleven runs from this over.1st over: 5 for 0 After Rahul Dravid takes a single off the second ball from Irfan Pathan, Ajinkya Rahane picks up a length delivery off his legs for a four at deep square-leg region. So four dots, a boundary and a single in Pathan's first over.7:45 p.m. Rajasthan skipper Rahul Dravid have won the toss and elected to bat first. Shane Watson comes in for Kevon Cooper. That's the only change the home side has made. Delhi brings in left-arm spinner Pawan Negi in place of Ajit Agarkar.7:20 p.m. Hello and welcome to our live coverage of a crucial IPL 5 game between Rajasthan Royals and Delhi Daredevils. It is crucial for the simple reason that Rajasthan had an upper hand in their chase of 153 in their last game in Delhi till Morne Morkel bowled a magnificent 19th over to deprive the visitors of a victory. Can Rajasthan go one step ahead this time? They probably can, as the addition of Shane Watson will add more strength to their side. Meanwhile, Delhi have been sitting pretty at the top of the points table for quite some time now and Virender Sehwag and Co. will hope to continue the winning momentum. It’s also Kevin Pietersen’s last match for Delhi this season, for he will leave to join the England team after this match.