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    IPL 5, Match 50: as it happened

    Royal Challengers Bangalore

    18.5 overs: Bangalore 185 for 5 de Villiers' onslaught continues. Greets Anand Rajan with a four. He seems to be in a hurry. Another four. Now a six over deep mid-wicket. Big relief for the bowler as the South African takes a single. But he has done his job. Jamaluddin closes out the match with a four.

    18th over: Bangalore 166 for 5 de VIlliers hits Steyn for a six over deep mid-wicket. Unbelievable stroke. Follows it up with a two. Now comes a four through mid-wicket. Steyn is up against it. Here come a big six, over covers this time. Steyn can't believe it. de Villiers has really turned it around. Another four. It's unbelievable. Single off the last ball. 23 runs off the over.

    17th over: Bangalore 143 for 5 Manyank Agarwal breathes life into the match. Hits Reddy for a big six over covers. de Villiers also fetches a four. Match on. Reddy hits back off the last ball. Traps Agarwal lbw.

    16th over: Bangalore 130 for 4 Veer Pratap takes out Tillakaratne Dilshan. His off-stump goes cartwheeling. Big wicket for Deccan. They are now favourites to take the match. de Villiers is still there but the asking rate is really big. Even he has to play out of his skin. Meanwhile, Mayank Agarwal hits a six against the run of play. Here comes a four as well. Just what the doctor ordered for the hosts.

    Dilshan b Pratap Singh 71 (54)

    15th over: Bangalore 113 for 3 Anand Rajan has been given the ball. Dilshan survives a close run-out. He makes it back to the non striker's end in time. Another good over for Deccan. Just six runs off it.

    14th over: Bangalore 107 for 3 Two wicket for Amit Mishra. First he removes Virat Kohli, who is caught by Dale Steyn at the long-on boundary. The next man in Asad Pathan follows suit. Big over for Deccan. Steyn again takes the catch at the same position.

    AUK Pathan c Steyn b Mishra 4 (4)

    V Kohli c Steyn b Mishra 9 (9)

    13th over: Bangalore 102 for 1 Reddy comes back on. Super over. Just five runs off it. RCB now need 80 from seven overs. They have got some task on their hands.

    12th over: Bangalore 97 for 1 Amit Mishra does a good job in this over. Just four runs off the over. He and Sangakkara had a heated argument in the last over. That seems to have revved up the legspinner.

    11th over: Bangalore 93 for 1 Anand Rajan has probably been hit for the biggest six off his bowling. Gayle sends him out of the park. Can he avenge himself on his perpetrator? Yes. He clean bowls Gayle, who tries to go for another. Deccan break through.

    Gayle b Anand Rajan 26 (22)

    10th over: Bangalore 83 for 0 Amit Mishra comes into the attack. He hasn't done anything of note this season. Can he change it all today? No, the story remains the same for him. Gayle hits him for a six off the last ball.

    9th over: Bangalore 74 for 0 Eight off the Reddy over. It's still Dilshan who is doing the bulk of the scoring.

    8th over: Bangalore 66 for 0 Dilshan completes his fifty. Gayle on the other hand is uncharacteristically quiet. He has scored just 12 off 17 balls. Is it the lull before the storm?

    7th over: Bangalore 57 for 0 Ashish Reddy to bowl the over. Dilshan gets a four off the fourth ball. The RCB chase is on track as of now. Lo and behold, here is a big six. Dilshan kind of slog-sweeps to good effect.

    6th over: Bangalore 46 for 0 Two fours off the Anand Rajan over. One by Dilshan, one by Gayle. Both very poor balls. Justly punished.

    5th over: Bangalore 36 for 0 10 runs off the Veer Pratap Singh over. Dilshan gets a six, hits it straight back over the bowler's head.

    4th over: Bangalore 26 for 0 Great battle between Gayle and Steyn and the South African comes out on top. A maiden. That shouldn't come as a surprise. He is the world's best bowler.

    3rd over: Bangalore 26 for 0 Veer Pratap replaces Shikhar Dhawan. Another four comes. Beautiful shot from Dilshan. Just a push through the covers.

    2nd over: Bangalore 18 for 0 Dale comes into the attack. Dilshan hits him for a four. The rest of the over is quiet. Overall, good over.

    1st over: Bangalore 11 for 0 Shikhar Dhawan opens the bowling for Deccan and Dilshan takes two fours off him. A surprise move surely but not to desired effect.

    Deccan Chargers innings:

    20th over: Deccan 181 for 2 Parameswaran gets rid of White. Takes a high catch off his own bowling. His first wicket. White departs for 45. He took just 24 balls to do that. Sanga is the new man in and he finishes the innings in style with a six. Big, big score. Remember, RCB are in a must-win situation.

    White c & b Parameswaran 45 (24)

    19th over: Deccan 167 for 1 Zaheer Khan to bowl the over. Can he restrict the DC batsmen? No. Cameron White hits him for a six over mid-wicket. His third six. Dhawan hits straight into Zaheer off the last ball. The pacer couldn't hold onto it.

    18th over: Deccan 156 for 1 Parameswaran's first ball is dispatched by Dhawan for a four through fine-leg. Now comes a six. Dhawan picks up the ball from the off-stump and it sails over the ropes, between fine leg and deep square leg.

    17th over: Deccan 142 for 1 Mithun comes back into the attack. White gets a six off him over mid-wicket. The next ball is sent across the ropes, through deep square leg. Difficult times for RCB. Here comes another four. 16 runs from the over.

    16th over: Deccan 126 for 1 Murali returns. First boundary off the Sri Lankan in this match. This is his last over. Dhawan should be very proud of himself. Murali gives away just 18 off his four overs. Super stuff champ.

    15th over: Deccan 117 for 1 Parameswaran back on and Dhawan takes two fours off him on his way to a fifty. Superb batting 12 runs from the over.

    14th over: Deccan 105 for 1 Jamaluddin is sent into the stands by Cameron White. The Aussie has been Deccan's best batsman so far and he is crucial once again in this match.

    13th over: Deccan 93 for 1 Gayle comes on to bowl. Just six off his over. It could have been better had Dhawan not taken a four off the last ball.

    12th over: Deccan 87 for 1 Jamaluddin again and Harris hits him for a six over square leg. Run out. Harris out. Unnecessary as most run-outs are. Dhawan hits towards short cover but is hesitant to run, while Harris has run to middle of the pitch. There is no going back. Virat Kohli picks up the ball and Jamaluddin takes the bails off.

    DJ Harris run out 47 (41)

    11th over: Deccan 77 for 0 Muralitharan bowls another great over. It's amazing he is still as effective as he was as Sri Lanka cricketer. Just three runs from the over.

    10th over: Deccan 74 for 0 Jamaluddin comes on to bowl. He is playing his first match this season. He does a good job. Just five runs from the over.

    9th over: Deccan 69 for 0 The same Harris looks clueless against Murali. Just four runs off the over. Do what the openers would, Murali remains hot to handle.

    8th over: Deccan 65 for 0 Murali's brilliant over prompts Kohli to bring on Dilshan. However, Dilshan is not half as effective as Murali. Far from it. Harris gets a six and a four off. There you go. Another six. The Aussie is really turning it on in this over.

    7th over: Deccan 48 for 0 Talisman Muralitharan picks up the ball and the Bangalore crowd roars. Guess what, he finds an edge off Harris but wicketkeeper AB de Villiers fails to catch it. Murali is getting a lot of bounce. Not a bad idea to have him in Vettori's stead as the Kiwi's form has been really bad in this tournament. Honestly speaking, both batsmen have struggled against the guile of Murali. He is still unplayable.

    6th over: Deccan 46 for 0 Parameswaran comes into the attack and in-form Dhawan takes a four. The rest of the over is quite quiet. Good first over from Parameswaran.

    5th over: Deccan 39 for 0 Zaheer Khan again. Harris hits him for a six. The ball is high in the air and the fielder at deep square leg just misses it as it sails over his head. Brave shot.

    4th over: Deccan 31 for 0 Mithun also bowls a better over. However, Dhawan takes another four off him.

    3rd over: Deccan 24 for 0 Zaheer Khan makes up for his poor opening over. Just concedes runs 3 in this one. The Deccan camp has, all of a sudden, started to look positive. That's what wins do to you, I guess.

    2nd over: Deccan 21 for 0 Abhimanyu Mithun operates. Not a good start for him. Dhawan fetches a four off the first ball. Harris gets in on the act a couple of balls later. Beautifully driven through the covers. Another good over for the visitors.

    1st over: Deccan 11 for 0 Zaheer Khan is ready to run in against Daniel Harris. The Aussie is off the mark off the very first ball. Shikhar Dhawan racks up two fours later in the over. Good start by Deccan.

    7.30 p.m.: RCB's stand-in captain Virat Kohli wins the toss and decides to have a bowl. A lot of changes for them. Regular captain Daniel Vettori is out. Dilshan and Muralitharan return, while Vinay and Saurabh sit out. Deccan captain Kumar Sangakkara admits to the Muralitharan threat. The teams will be out soon.

    Deccan Chargers: Daniel Harris, Shikhar Dhawan, Parthiv Patel(w), Cameron White, Kumar Sangakkara(c), Akshath Reddy, Ashish Reddy, Amit Mishra, Dale Steyn, Veer Pratap Singh, Anand Rajan

    Royal Challengers Bangalore: Tillakaratne Dilshan, Chris Gayle, Mayank Agarwal, Virat Kohli(c), AB de Villiers(w), Asad Pathan, Syed Mohammad Jamaluddin, Abhimanyu Mithun, Zaheer Khan, Prasanth Parameswaran, Muttiah Muralitharan

    7.10 p.m.: Hello and welcome to match number 50 of the Indian Premier League between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Deccan Chargers at the Chinnaswamy Stadium. Deccan's title hopes are almost over despite having improved in the last few matches, but RCB are still in the hunt with four wins, five losses and one washout. However, a loss today can dent Bangalore's campaign severely. It's high time the RCB players got back to winnings ways after two successive losses. For those who want to know more, satiate yourself on our preview.