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    IPL 5, Match 57: as it happened

    Pune Warriors India:20th over: 138 for 9. Vinay Kumar goes back with excellent figures of 3 for 32. In batting all credit goes to Gayle, Dilshan and Tiwary. Then when Bangalore came out to defend their total it Zaheer (2 for 21) first up then Vinay Kumar (3 for 32) and Muralitharan (2 for 16).19th over: 128 for 9. Zaheer completes his spell with figures of 2 for 21. Captain Smith is fighting a lone battle at the middle.18th over: 122 for 9. Vinay Kumar brings Bangalore just a wicket away from win. A good exhibition of fast bowling from Kumar as he cleans up Thomas first and then knocks off Rahul Sharma's off-stump.Rahul Sharma b Vinay Kumar 0 (2)Alfonso Thomas b Vinay Kumar 7 (6)17th over: 117 for 7. Pune need a big over to stand any chance of winning this tie. Zaheer has been brilliant tonight and finishes this one by giving eight runs.16th over: 109 for 7. Muralitharan gets another wicket before completing an excellent spell of 2 for 16. Kumar makes some room for himself but a faster one from Muralitharan cleans him up. From here on Pune would find it difficult.Bhuvaneshwar Kumar b Muralitharan 2 (4)15th over: 105 for 6. Patel digs in bit short and Majumdar looking to go over covers fails to clear and Zaheer runs in to complete a great diving catch.Anustup Majumdar c Khan b Patel 31 (26)14th over: 102 for 5. Appanna completes his spell of four overs and returns with figures of 1 for 30.13th over: 94 for 5. Now skipper Steven Smith walks out to the middle and would like to do some repair work before launching for big shots.12th over: 88 for 5. Appanna gives the ball some flight and Mathews steps out but misses it completely and AB de Villiers did the rest. Pune are not giving themselves a chance for a win.Angelo Mathews st †de Villiers b Appanna 4 (10)11th over: 84 for 4. Muralitharan is bring his experience and the Pune batsmen are not taking a chance against him.10th over: 80 for 4. Angelo Mathews joins Majumdar at the crease and both have to be patient and try to build on a steady partnership.9th over: 73 for 4. Uthappa makes here a mistake of stepping out to Muralitharan and pays the price of being stumped by a long way. The way Uthappa was going, Pune had a chance of challenging RCB's total.Robin Uthappa st de Villiers b Muralitharan 38 (23)8th over: 71 for 3. Uthappa now takes charge of Pune's chase and the wickets earlier on seems to have no effect on the hard-hitting batsman. Patel bowls one slower one and Uthappa reads it fast to whack it over midwicket for a maximum.7th over: 56 for 3. Muralitharan brings sanity to the proceedings. The veteran brings his experience into play and just gives six runs.6th over: 50 for 3. Another big over conceded by Bnagalore. KP Apanna comes on to bowl and concedes 12 runs. This time its Anustup Majumdar, who had shown his spark in the last match.5th over: 38 for 3. Three wickets have not affected the scoring rate of Pune. Harshal Patel comes on to bowl and Robin Uthappa smacks him for two fours.4th over: 26 for 3. Vinay Kumar gives away 12 runs but gets the wicket of Michael Clarke in the bargain. Clarke trying to clear long-off holes up to the fielder.Michael Clarke c Tiwary b Vinay Kumar 13 (10)3rd over: 14 for 2. Zaheer is settling down in a good rhythm here in Pune and getting the ball to swing under lights. 2nd over: 10 for 2. Vinay Kumar is also steaming in with some great deliveries. Just six runs in this one, except for a boundary hit back straight past the bowler by Clarke.1st over: 4 for 2. What a start Zaheer Khan gives Bangalore. The fourth ball he gets the ball to zip back to trap Mohnish Mishra infront of the wickets and in the last ball knocks off Manish Pandey's off-stump.Manish Pandey b Khan 0 (2)Mohnish Mishra lbw b Khan 4 (4)Royal Challengers Bangalore:20th over: 173 for 3. This was the kind of over Bangalore were looking for and Thomas gave them that. Bangalore take 15 runs from the last over which consisted of one four and a six. Gayle's 57 off 31 balls then Dilshan and Tiwary's knock propelled the visiting to a big total of 173 for 3. The chase for Pune won't be easy with the pitch slowing down.19th over: 158 for 3. Kumar finishes his spell and return with 40 for 0. The scoring rate surely slowed down after the fall of Gayle, but Dilshan and Tiwary kept the momentum going. With a over to go, RCB would look for a 170 plus score.18th over: 149 for 3. Smart work from Thomas gets Dilshan run out. Tiwary plays straight to Thomas and runs back to flick the bails off to find Dilshan out of the crease.Tillakaratne Dilshan run out 53 (44)17th over: 138 for 2. Dilshan and Saurabh Tiwary are having a tough time to get the runs quickly. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar gets through a tidy over at this stage.16th over: 132 for 2. The pitch has slowed down a bit compared to the initial overs. A score of 150 plus would be a good score to defend and in the second innings the pitch might slow down more.15th over: 129 for 2. Again Upadhyay goes for runs and this time it's Dilshan. He takes three consecutive fours and plunders 14 runs from this over. Upadhyay completes his spell with 33 for 0.14th over: 115 for 2. Twenty can sometimes be so harsh on a bowler. Sharma finishes his spell of four overs with figures of 1 for 31 and gives away 16 runs in this over.13th over: 99 for 2. After Gayle's departure, Smith brings on Upadhyay and guess what he finishes off by giving just two runs.12th over: 97 for 2. What a game its turning out for Sharma. Kohli tries to work the ball on on-side but gets a leading edge to covers for a simple catch to Smith. Nothing wrong with the shot, maybe Kohli played the ball a touch early.Virat Kohli c Smith b Sharma 9 (12)11th over: 93 for 1. Michael Clarke comes on and starts off with a decent one except for a four. Clarke pitches it up and Kohli drives elegantly through extra-cover.10th over: 88 for 1. After sitting out for few matches for Pune, Rahul Sharma makes a good return and finishes off a tidy over by conceding only three runs.9th over: 85 for 1. Mathews manages to get the wicket of dangerous Gayle. The RCB opener makes room for himself and tries to clear long-on boundary, but plays straight down the throat of the fielder.Chris Gayle c Pandey b Mathews 57 (31)8th over: 77 for 0. Leg-spinner Rahul Sharma comes on to bowl and hope history doesn't repeat itself. Last time Pune played against Bangalore, Gayle had hit Sharma for five sixes in a over. This time it's eight runs in Sharma's first over.7th over: 69 for 0. Smith turns to the experienced Angelo Mathews to put a brake to the scoring rate. After a Gayle storm in the previous over, he decides to slow down and take things easy. Three runs from this over.6th over: 66 for 0. One can feel for the young Kumar. Gayle takes the attack to him and hits four huge sixes. First one comes in the second ball, when Gayle lifts effortlessly over the bowler's head and follows it up with three more to end the over. Gayle storm on at Pune.5th over: 41 for 0. The decision of bowling first is not going the Pune way. Gayle and Dilshan are now not in mood of taking singles and twos. The big left-hander snmacks two successive fours off Alfonso Thomas.4th over: 29 for 0. Smith takes out Upadhyay out of the attack and brings in Bhuvaneshwar Kumar. The medium-fast bowler does well to keep the big-hitting openers quiet.3rd over: 19 for 0. Gayle takes Upadhyay to cleaners. The West Indian is now in his zone and hits the first six over extra-cover and the second one just lifts it over midwicket. 14 runs from this over.2nd over: 11 for 0. First ball Alfonso Thomas starts off with a no-ball and the free-hit delivery Dilshan smashes it for four. Pune are presently trying hard to scalp these dangerous openers early.1st over: 3 for 0. Krishnakant Upadhyay starts off the proceedings for Pune Warriors and almost runs out Tillakaratne Dilshan. From the first over it suggests that the pitch has a decent carry and Bangalore would very much like to exploit the conditions.8:50 pm: So good news from Pune. The play is going to start at 9:00 pm with no reduction in overs.8:33 pm: It has stopped raining and both the umpires are out there in the middle. They are again going to come out at 8:45 pm for inspection and make a final decision.7:51 pm: This is not good news from Pune as the covers are on at the moment and the rain is coming pretty hard.The rain seems to have eased out a bit and hopefully the match will get started at the earliest.Teams:Pune Warriors India: Manish Pandey, Robin Uthappa (wk), Mohnish Mishra, Michael Clarke, Steven Smith (capt), Angelo Mathews, Anustup Majumdar, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Rahul Sharma, Krishnakant Upadhyay, Alfonso ThomasRoyal Challengers Bangalore: Tillakaratne Dilshan, Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli (capt), AB de Villiers (wk), Mayank Agarwal, Saurabh Tiwary, Vinay Kumar, Zaheer Khan, Harshal Patel, KP Appanna, Muttiah Muralitharan7:30 pm: Pune Warriors new captain Steven Smith has won the toss and elected to field. As expected Sourav Ganguly opts out of this match and this gives Steven Smith to lead the side. Pune have made three changes: Alfonso Thomas, Rahul Sharma and Mohnish Mishra come in for this match. While Bangalore have made only one change and bring in KP Appanna in place of unfit Syed Mohammad. 7:15 pm: Hello and welcome to the 57th IPL 5 match between Pune Warriors India and Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium in Pune. Bangalore are now in the fifth position of the points table with 13 points, while Pune are placed bottom of the standings just ahead of Deccan Chargers. There is also an uncertainty of Sourav Ganguly not playing in this match and Steven Smith might lead the side. On the other hand, Bangalore would like to continue with stand-in skipper Virat Kohli.