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    IPL 5, Match 62: as it happened

    Mumbai Indians innings

    19.4 overs: Mumbai 173 for 5 Chris Gayle to bowl the last over. Interesting move. Rayudu is on strike. One off the first ball, a leg-bye. Pollard flicks the second ball off his pads for a six. Mumbai are surely on course. Here comes a four, past short third man. Another four and Mumbai win. What a win. Against all odds. Both batsmen added 122 runs off 65 balls to do the unthinkable for their team. Kudos to both of them. Rayudu (81 not out), Pollard (52 not out), guys take a bow.

    19th over: Mumbai 158 for 5 Zaheer continues. Rayudu goes off strike with a single. An inside edge off Pollard's bat and the ball races past the keeper to four runs. Four consecutive singles finish off the over. 14 needed to win off 6 balls.

    18th over: Mumbai 149 for 5 Vinay Kumar replaces Harshal Patel. A single off the first ball. Rayudu on strike and he hits a six. Over long-off. Makes the the most of the low full toss. The ball just escapes Appanna's hand at the boundary. Here is another six. Hits it straight back. Rayudu is really turning it on. What a player he is turning out to be. A single and a dot close out the over. 18 from the over. Mumbai are the favourites now.

    17th over: Mumbai 131 for 5 Rayudu smashes Zaheer for a six over deep mid-wicket. Now Pollard has three balls at his disposal. Let's see what's in store. Here comes a four. Hits it straight back. A bazooka. Pollard goes off strike with a single. A wide and a double bring the over to an end. 16 from the over.

    16th over: Mumbai 115 for 5 Harshal Patel returns and concedes nine runs in the over as Pollard takes a four on the leg-side.

    15th over: Mumbai 106 for 5 Rayudu hits Gayle for a four off the second ball. Takes another boundary off the penultimate ball. With that he reaches his fifty. Superb knock.

    14th over: Mumbai 95 for 5 Pollard survives a close run-out. Only a full length dive saves him. Appanna provides a superb throw from backward point. The big West Indian thought he was out but replays showed he was wrong. Meanwhile, Murali bowls another great over. Just four off it. With it finishes his spell (1 for 16)

    13th over: Mumbai 91 for 5 Chris Gayle comes into bowl. Rayudu hits the fourth ball straight back for a four. Follows it up with a six over deep mid-wicket. Single off the last ball. 14 from the over.

    12th over: Mumbai 77 for 5 The match has stopped due to a power outage. It's all dark out there. Play is suspended. On the Duckworth and Lewis Method, Mumbai are way behind. In case play doesn't resume, the hosts will take the match. So much for all the discussion. The lights have come back on. It's going to resume in a while. In fact, it has. Murali bowls a tidy over. Just two off the over.

    11th over: Mumbai 75 for 5 KP Appanna replaces Harshal Patel. And Rayudu takes a four off the third ball. Pollard gets in on the act. Gets two successive sixes. The first one over the bowler's head, the second over mid-wicket. Just what the doctored ordered for the visitors.

    10th over: Mumbai 56 for 5 Muralitharan continues. Just five runs off the over. He is as tough to score off as ever.

    9th over: Mumbai 51 for 5 Harshal Patel removes Dwayne Smith as Tillakaratne Dilshan takes a good catch at point. The visitors' chase is in terrible, terrible shape. Pollard joins Rayudu. Can he be the saviour?

    Smith c Dilshan b Patel 6 (5)

    8th over: Mumbai 45 for 4 Muttiah Muralitharan gets rid of Dinesh Karthik as Harshal Patel takes an easy catch at square leg.

    Karthik c Patel b Muralitharan 16 (14)

    7th over: Mumbai 40 for 3 Harshal Patel continues. Rayudu comes up with a pull shot that reaches the boundary in a flash. Wow. But Mumbai need more of that. Eight off the over.

    6th over: Mumbai 32 for 3 Vinay continues. Another good over for the hosts. Just four off it.

    5th over: Mumbai 28 for 3 Harshal Patel replaces Zaheer. Tight over. Just five off it.

    4th over: Mumbai 23 for 3 Vinay Kumar continues. Rohit hits him straight back for a four off the second ball. Vinay hits back two balls later. Rohit, who hit a ton in the previous match, goes back as Vinay takes an easy catch in his follow through. Big, big wicket for RCB. Karthik improves the situation a little bit with a four off the last ball.

    RG Sharma c & b Vinay Kumar 5 (7)

    3rd over: Mumbai 15 for 2 Dinesh Karthik gets two fours off the over. No respect for Zaheer Khan.

    2st over: Mumbai 7 for 2 Another wicket. This time a run-out. Herschelle Gibbs is way out. Just five off the Vinay Kumar over. Gibbs makes a late decision on the third run. Pays the price with his wicket as Apanna provides the throw from deep mid-wicket to Vinay who does his job pefectly.

    Gibbs run out 2 (6)

    1st over: Mumbai 2 for 1 Zaheer opens the bowling for RCB. He removes Tendulkar off the fourth ball. A soft dismissal. Hits it straight to Kohli at short cover.

    Tendulkar c Kohli b Khan 0 (1)

    Royal Challengers Bangalore innings

    20th over: Bangalore 171 for 6 Munaf to bowl the last over. And first ball goes for a six, over long-off. Agarwal follows it up with a four. Munaf is having a bad day at the office. Here we go. Another four. Through covers this time. Just the over the hosts needed. A two off the fourth. Rohit makes a superb stop at the boundary. It's murder happening here. Another six. Over mid-on. The last ball yields two runs.

    19th over: Bangalore 147 for 6 Malinga continues. Agarwal flicks the third ball off his pads to fetch a four. Super shot. He follows it up with a six over covers. Harbhajan is not happy at all. Who can blame him? 13 from the over. A big over for the hosts.

    18th over: Bangalore 134 for 6 RP did not hear what we said. The first ball is too short and Mayank makes him pay for it. A four over the slips. RP hits back two balls later, takes out Dilshan who misses a low full toss to be bowled. Now there is a run-out off the fifth ball. It's Vinay Kumar. Dwayne Smith picks up the ball at point and throws it straight to Karthik as Vinay fails to complete a two.

    Vinay Kumar run out 1 (2)

    Dilshan b Singh 47 (50)

    17th over: Bangalore 128 for 4 Lasith Malinga returns. And he does what is expected of him. Just six runs off the over. Brilliant stuff. RP should take a leaf or two out of the Sri Lankan's book.

    16th over: Bangalore 122 for 4 RP Singh comes back on. Had bowled well in his first spell. At the death, it won't be the same story. Let's see how he fares. We were right. Mayank gets a four off the third ball. Hits it over point. Two balls later he goes one better. This time a six. Over long-off. Single off the last ball. 15 off the over. It's amazing. RP's first two overs accounted for just 8 runs. What a leveller this game is.

    15th over: Bangalore 107 for 4 Dilshan fetches a four off Smith. Munaf fails to stop it at third man. What a day he is having. Absolutely all over the place. He has been a disaster in both bowling and fielding.

    14th over: Bangalore 99 for 4 So what's a good score on this pitch? It seems anything around 150 is going take some getting. To reach that total, Dilshan has to play till the end. Meanwhile, Pollard gives away nine runs in the over. Mayank Agarwal fetches a boundary off the fifth ball, hits it over covers.

    13th over: Bangalore 90 for 4 Dwayne Smith comes into bowl. Does a good job. Just two runs off the over.

    12th over: Bangalore 88 for 4 Pollard removes de Villiers. Tries to hit over mid-off but doesn't connect it properly as Malinga takes an easy catch. A big blow to the hosts.

    AB de Villiers c Malinga b Pollard 14 (13)

    11th over: Bangalore 85 for 3 Harbhajan continues and de Villiers takes a four off the third ball. Makes room for himself and hits the ball over point. Now Dilshan gets in on the act. A big six off the fifth ball, over mid-wicket. Good over for the hosts. 16 runs off it.

    10th over: Bangalore 69 for 3 Kieron Pollard replaces Malinga. The first two balls see a wild swipe from Dilshan but to no desired effect. Single off the third and de VIlliers gets a four off the next. He gently steers it through third-man. Another single. A dot and a single finish the over.

    9th over: Bangalore 61 for 3 Harbhajan continues. He is getting a lot of purchase off the pitch. Spin and bounce in plenty. There is a misfield off the fifth ball. Munaf fails to collect the ball at the point boundary. Harbhajan is livid. One can't blame him.

    8th over: Bangalore 52 for 3 Lasith Malinga continues. Bowls a tidy over. Just four runs off it, including a two off the last delivery.

    7th over: Bangalore 48 for 3 Captain Harbhajan Singh brings himself on. And Tiwary lifts him over long-off for a six. Makes room for himself and connects it pretty well. There is a hit-wicket appeal off the next ball. Replays show his back leg hit the stumps. A bizzare dismissal. He was batting so well. He must be disheartened. AB de Villiers is the next man in.

    Tiwary hit wicket b Harbhajan Singh 21 (16)

    6th over: Bangalore 40 for 2 Finally we see Lasith Malinga. It's the right time for him to bowl. Tiwary is dropped by RP Singh off the second ball. RP, at mid-on, dives towards his right but spills it. Now Malinga bowls a wide. Let's hope it's not the start of the Munaf syndrome. It's not. No runs off the last two balls.

    5th over: Bangalore 34 for 2 Munaf is into his third over. Saurabh Tiwary hits him for a four after the first two quiet balls. Tiwary did pretty well in the last match. Here comes a no-ball. So it's a Free-Hit. Tiwary fails to make the most of it. Just a single off it. Hang on. It's also a no-ball. Another Free-Hit. This time it's a wide. Munaf has lost it. The Free-Hit stays. Munaf bowls another no-ball and Dilshan whacks it for a four, the ball races through the covers. Another Free-hit but Dilshan misses the ball as it goes through to the keeper. So much drama just for few runs. A single off the fifth. Here comes a big six off the last ball. Tiwary pulls him over mid-wicket. An end to an eventful over.

    4th over: Bangalore 13 for 2 RP Singh continues. Bowls a really tight over. Just two runs off it. Great start by the visitors.

    3rd over: Bangalore 11 for 2 Gayle out. Virat Kohli run-out. Disaster for the hosts. Munaf first removes Gayle as the West Indian chops the ball on to his stumps. Two balls later there is an awful misunderstanding between Dilshan and Kohli.

    V Kohli run out 3 (1)

    CH Gayle b Patel 6 (8)

    2nd over: Bangalore 7 for 0 RP Singh comes into bowl. Nothing off the first four balls. The fifth produces a single down third man. Dilshan off his mark. Gayle takes a big heave off the last bowl but misses it completely.

    1st over: Bangalore 6 for 0 Munaf Patel opens the bowling for Mumbai and it's Gayle on strike. Muanf does a good job. First five balls give away nothing. But hang on, here comes the first six off the blade of the West Indian. A big heave over long-on. That's how it is with him. The pitch looks bald and has a lot of little cracks.

    4:50 p.m. Here we go. Chris Gayle and Tillakaratne Dilshan walk out to the middle.

    4:40 p.m. Harbhajan Singh wins the toss, Mumbai will field. His decision hasn't come as a surprise as captains tend to bowl first in matches where rain is expected. The teams will be out soon.

    Royal Challengers Bangalore: Tillakaratne Dilshan, Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli(c), AB de Villiers(w), Saurabh Tiwary, Mayank Agarwal, Vinay Kumar, Zaheer Khan, Harshal Patel, KP Appanna, Muttiah Muralitharan

    Mumbai Indians: Herschelle Gibbs, Sachin Tendulkar, Rohit Sharma, Dinesh Karthik(w), Ambati Rayudu, Dwayne Smith, Kieron Pollard, Harbhajan Singh(c), Lasith Malinga, RP Singh, Munaf Patel

    4:25 p.m. Word is that the covers have been taken off. The toss is expected in the next ten minutes.

    4:10 p.m. No news on the toss yet. It's still raining. Frustration has taken hold of the stadium.

    3:50 p.m. While wet conditions keep us waiting, here's a look at how a result in this match can affect either team.

    Mumbai Indians are third on the points table with 16 points to their credit. If they win, they will join Delhi Daredevils at the top. Meanwhile a win for RCB will take them to third with 17 points and push Mumbai down to fourth.

    3:35 p.m. No rain at the moment but the one that happened an hour back has done some damage, leaving the area adjoining the pitch damp and under covers. Hence, the delay in toss.

    3:20 p.m. We are here at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore, awaiting the start of another key clash in IPL 5, where the Royal Challengers Bangalore take on Mumbai Indians.

    The playoffs bracket is still empty as none of the teams is yet in it. With Deccan Chargers and Pune Warriors India just completing their check-out formalities, seven teams are jostling for the top four spots in the points table, turning all the remaining 11 roun-robin games into a virtual eliminator.

    Weather gods don't look too pleased today as it was raining heavily just over an hour back. And with it staying overcast, don't be surprised if we get off to a delayed start.

    Meanwhile, here's our preview for the game as we wait for the two captains to walk into the middle for the toss.