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    IPL 5, Match 63: As it happened

    Chennai Super Kings Innings

    So Chennai keep their hopes alive with that crucial win that draws them level on points with Kolkata in the standings, and it's an especially good win after Bangalore lost their match against Mumbai earlier in the day. It's their third win in a row, and Chennai seem to be hitting form at the right time, with the fight for the top four still close. They almost made a mess of it though, frittering away a good start from Man of the Match Hussey and Vijay, before some lusty blows from Dhoni and then Bravo at the end pulled them through. Meanwhile, KKR will rue their own batting collapse after Gambhir and McCullum had given them a solid platform, and their failure to put on more runs, and perhaps play more spinners, cost them in the end. Still, despite having lost their second game in a row, they should still make the play-offs. But it's a race that will go down to the wire, which means exciting times are ahead for IPL fans! That's all from us for now, join us for tomorrow's live coverage of the IPL match between Delhi Daredevils and Kings XI Punjab. Bye!

    20th over: 160 for 5. CSK WIN BY 5 WICKETS! What a finish! Bhatia thought he had won the match for KKR after Dhoni was bowled, missing a good length leg-cutter that crashes into the stumps. Ravindra Jadeja puts Dwayne Bravo on strike, 5 are needed off the final delivery, but Bhatia bowls a full toss and Bravo launches it over long on... It takes a long time, but it crosses the ropes, and Chennai win by five wickets with a six off the last ball. Gambhir, the KKR owners and the fans at Eden Gardens are looking stunned... What a finish!

    19th over: 149 for 4. This is why Dhoni is one of the best finishers in the business. He blasts de Lange's first delivery for a four straight down the ground, just missing the bowler's head... Lucky that! He gets another powerful four to deep mid wicket, before punching it over long on into the stands. 18 runs off that over, what a massive one! Now CSK just need 9 from 6. This game has swung one way, then another. What's going to happen in the last over?

    18th over: 132 for 4. Bhatia makes it even tougher for CSK now. du Plessis charges down the track but it's a slower delivery and he is easily caught by Tiwary. Dwayne Bravo is the new man in, can he and Dhoni take Chennai over the line from here? 27 needed off 12 balls.

    F du Plessis c Manoj Tiwary b Bhatia 13 (16b)

    17th over: 127 for 3. Narine finishes his excellent spell, his figures are 4-0-14-2 and he didn't concede a single boundary. He gives away only three off his final over and Chennai now need 32 off 18. They need some boundaries, fast! One also wonders if KKR will regret not having included more spinners in their line-up.

    16th over: 124 for 3. Dhoni gets a much-needed boundary, hitting a short delivery for four, though Kallis should have done better. 9 runs off that over. Chennai are making it tough for themselves, though they have seven wickets in hand.

    15th over: 115 for 3. Just 5 runs off the over, and Dhoni survives as his leading edge falls short of the fielder. Time-Out and CSK need 44 runs off 30 balls.

    14th over: 110 for 3. Another one goes, another run-out! The ball goes to long leg, Raina wants a second, but he stumbles on his way, and Bhatia's accurate throw makes it easy for McCullum to dislodge the bails. Skipper MS Dhoni walks in, he will be wondering how his team messed this up after that wonderful opening stand from Hussey and Vijay not too long ago... Just like KKR lost their way after Gambhir and McCullum had given them a good start. The game is hanging in the balance now.

    S Raina run out 8 (10b)

    13th over: 108 for 2. Another good over, Kallis concedes only 4 runs. More pressure on the new men du Plessis and Raina. CSK need 51 off 42. It gets interesting now.

    12th over: 104 for 2. It could have been a good over from Yusuf Pathan but for poor fielding by Debabrata Das, who concedes a four to Raina at long off. Six off the over, this is the time for KKR to put some pressure on CSK now.

    11th over: 98 for 2. Is this the over that will turn things around? And it's no surprise that it's Narine who's done the trick for KKR. First he gets Hussey, his top edge caught by Bhatia, who runs from short fine leg to take a good catch. Two balls later, Vijay is bowled after Narine's ball spins sharply and Vijay misses his attempted cut. Chennai are still in pole position, but this is exactly how KKR lost their way earlier in their innings, and this game is far from over.

    M Hussey c Bhatia b Narine 56 (39b)

    M Vijay b Narine 36 (24b)

    10th over: 96 for 0. Yusuf Pathan takes the ball, but it makes no difference to Hussey, who welcomes him with a four after some poor fielding from Shukla. This is not helping KKR's cause. McCullum then drops a tough catch off Vijay, hurting his injured finger in the process, and Chennai reach the halfway mark at 96 for 0. They need less than five runs an over now.

    9th over: 88 for 0. This is not the way to stop the run flow, and the move to include Balaji is not looking like a good one right now. Hussey begins the over with a four and a six, pulling a short one to fine leg before going well over long on for the maximum. Kolkata then get a chance to run out Hussey, but Narine's throw isn't good and the opportunity is missed. How costly will that be? Remember the game changed in the first innings when McCullum was run out. Meanwhile, Hussey brings up his fifty. What will Gambhir do now? How can he break this opening stand?

    8th over: 75 for 0. Chennai are racing along here. 17 runs off this over. Rajat Bhatia is brought in but Vijay steers him to backward point for four. Bhatia then goes down the leg side, conceding four byes, before Hussey deposits him over deep square leg for a six. How can KKR stop these boundaries? The runs are just flowing, and CSK are heading for an easy win at this rate.

    7th over: 58 for 0. Balaji has been quite expensive and this over goes for 7, with Hussey picking up an easy boundary to third man. Chennai are in the driver's seat right now, KKR badly need a breakthrough.

    6th over: 51 for 0. Fifty comes up for Chennai as Hussey and Vijay manage to deal with Narine and even take 7 runs off his over. At the moment, the required run rate is 7.20, while Chennai are going at 10.20.

    5th over: 44 for 0. Kallis comes in now and Hussey greets him by coming down the track for a big six over long on. Vijay then picks up a four to make it 12 runs off the over. So far, it's been easy for Chennai.

    4th over: 32 for 0. Yes, Sunil Narine comes into the attack and won't he be crucial for KKR! Good start by him, just two runs off the over.

    3rd over: 30 for 0. Chennai's openers are intent on giving them an even better start than Kolkata got earlier, it seems. Vijay finds the deep backward square leg fence, then powers it over cover for a boundary, before swatting the final delivery off de Lange's over for a huge six over deep midwicket. Time for the spinners?

    2nd over: 16 for 0. Hussey hits Balaji for a four and then dances down the track to pull him over midwicket after the bowler gives away a wide. Excellent shot, good start for Chennai.

    1st over: 5 for 0. Michael Hussey and Murali Vijay start things off for Chennai, Vijay getting a four through cover off de Lange off the last ball of the over. Let's see how soon KKR get their spinners in, given how well Chennai's spinners did earlier.

    Kolkata Knight Riders Innings

    20th over: 158 for 6. So KKR eventually manage 158 for 6, which will please Chennai given that the home side were 99 for no loss at one stage. Credit to the spinners, especially Jakati and Ashwin. Shukla helps the total with a flat six over deep midwicket off a short one from Hilfenhaus, but he goes the next ball, finding Raina at cover. Rajat Bhatia gets the single to bring Das back on strike, but he can't find the boundary and KKR get only 9 runs off the last over. They won't be pleased with this total at all, after the start they had, and though Chennai have done well to keep the total down, can they get the crucial win? They need it more than Kolkata do, for sure!

    L Shukla c Raina b Hilfenhaus 9 (6b)

    19th over: 149 for 5. Not a bad over that for KKR, 11 runs come off it. Das hits a slower delivery over Bravo's head for a much-needed six, before Bravo bowls the first wide of the innings of the next ball. No more boundaries off the over though, but Das has done well here and he has got 17 runs off just 7 deliveries.

    18th over: 138 for 5. Another catch for Bravo, another wicket for Chennai. Tiwary looks to loft it over midwicket, but he only finds the West Indian at long on. Das, however, gets two boundaries to end the over and lift KKR's spirits. The spinners have really done the job for Chennai, and this is not what owner Shahrukh Khan would have wanted from his side in their last home game.

    M Tiwary c Bravo b Jadeja 12 (14b)

    17th over: 127 for 4. No, it isn't to be Yusuf's day after all. He goes for the big one and is caught by Bravo at long on, giving Ashwin his second wicket. Can KKR get at least a par total now? A lot will depend on Tiwary and new man Debabrata Das.

    Y Pathan c Bravo b Ashwin 11 (8b)

    16th over: 122 for 3. The run rate has really dropped now, but Pathan gets Jadeja's final delivery away for a big six over the deep midwicket boundary. Can Pathan find form at the right time for KKR? He hasn't really set the IPL alight this time around, but this is his chance to give his side a big finish.

    15th over: 112 for 3. Are KKR about to waste the excellent platform their openers gave them? In any case, they've lost another wicket and Kallis is back in the hut. Looking to reverse sweep, the ball comes off the arm and goes to Ashwin at slip. Kallis is obviously not happy with the umpire's decision, and Yusuf Pathan walks in. How the game has changed!

    J Kallis c Ashwin b Jakati 4 (9b)

    14th over: 105 for 2. Only 3 runs off the over, Jadeja gets through the over quickly.

    13th over: 102 for 2. Chennai are really fighting back now, and they've picked up the important wicket of Gambhir. The KKR skipper comes down the track to hit Jakati but he gets an inside edge and the ball goes off the pads onto the stumps. With two new men at the crease now - Jacques Kallis and Manoj Tiwary - this is Chennai's chance to turn on the screws now.

    G Gambhir b Jakati 62 (43b)

    12th over: 100 for 1. Finally a breakthrough for Chennai! McCullum goes for a second run, Gambhir sends him, but it's a little too late and Dhoni runs him out with no trouble at all. McCullum goes for 37. His 99-run partnership with Gambhir has set up the platform for KKR though.

    B McCullum run out 37 (29b)

    11th over: 96 for 0. It doesn't matter who the bowler is, the batsmen are on song now. McCullum hits Raina for a six, a great shot to hit it over deep backward square leg.

    10th over: 86 for 0. Dhoni is trying to break this dangerous partnership and he now brings in Dwayne Bravo. Gambhir still finds the boundary though, this time at third man, and at the half-way mark, KKR are 86 for no loss, and once again led by skipper Gambhir, the openers have set up a solid platform for the team to put up a big score. The other match now seems to be hanging in the balance, but Chennai will want a win here to boost their chances of progressing further. A wicket is desperately needed by the visitors.

    9th over: 78 for 0. Ashwin calms things down a little for Chennai. Only six runs - and no boundary - of the over. Gambhir has reached his half-century though, what form he is in!

    8th over: 72 for 0. What an expensive over for Ravindra Jadeja to start with! 15 runs off that one... This is now an excellent start by KKR and CSK desperately need a breakthrough. Gambhir goes over midwicket for a big six, then drives it to deep backward point for a four. McCullum then joins the party, just edging it past the 'keeper to fine leg. Raina chases, but it reaches the boundary anyway.

    7th over: 57 for 0. Suresh Raina comes into the attack now and concedes seven off his first over. A boundary by McCullum via a superb reverse sweep takes him to 18 of 17 balls.

    6th over: 50 for 0. Gambhir is in fantastic form and Jakati is welcomed back into the attack with a six off the first ball, straight down the ground. He then hits the second one for a boundary. KKR pick up another eleven runs from the over, they're really starting to get a move on now.

    5th over: 39 for 0. Ashwin continues and KKR pick up another seven from the over that includes a boundary off the first by Gambhir, between the slip and the wicketkeeper.

    4th over: 32 for 0. Hilfenhaus continues and after three dot balls, Gambhir smashes him for the maximum over deep square leg and picks up a single off the next delivery. McCullum then lofts the final ball over mid-on for four. Promising start for the home side, worrying signs for Chennai.

    3rd over: 21 for 0. R Ashwin is brought into the attack by MS Dhoni, but Gambhir still finds the boundary, coming down the track to loft him over long on. Gambhir is looking in good touch, as he has for most of the tournament.

    2nd over: 13 for 0. Now McCullum finds the boundary, clipping Hilfenhaus off his legs to deep midwicket.

    1st over: 6 for 0. KKR's in-form skipper Gautam Gambhir gets off the mark with a confident four off Shadab Jakati to backward square leg. Meanwhile, according to reports, Morkel is unwell and that is why he is not playing for CSK.

    7.55pm: KKR have made three changes - Brendon McCullum, Marchant de Lange and Lakshmipathy Balaji have been included, Shakib al Hasan, Brett Lee and Manvinder Bisla miss out.

    For CSK, Faf du Plessis is fit, and he comes into the side in place of Albie Morkel.


    Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Brendon McCullum (wk), Jacques Kallis, Manoj Tiwary, Yusuf Pathan, Debabrata Das, Laxmi Shukla, Rajat Bhatia, Lakshmipathy Balaji, Sunil Narine, Marchant de Lange

    Chennai Super Kings: Murali Vijay, Michael Hussey, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, MS Dhoni (wk/c), Faf du Plessis, Srikkanth Anirudha, Ravichandran Ashwin, Shadab Jakati, Ben Hilfenhaus

    7.45pm: The toss has taken place and the news from the centre is that Chennai have won the toss and have elected to bowl first.

    7.25pm: Hello and welcome to our live coverage of today's second IPL game, between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders at Eden Gardens. The first game between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore is still going on, having started late due to rain; meanwhile though there was rain earlier here as well, currently the covers are off and we're awaiting the toss in Kolkata.

    An inspired Rohit Sharma ended Kolkata's six-match winning streak last time around, and though they are almost assured of a place in the top four, they will be looking to get back on the winning track.

    Chennai, on the other hand, are coming into this match after back-to-back victories against Rajasthan Royals and table-toppers Delhi Daredevils, but they still need a win here to move closer to making the play-offs, especially with Bangalore currently in pole position against Mumbai.

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