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    IPL 5, Match 67: as it happened

    Delhi Daredevils innings:20th over: Delhi 194 for 9 Russell departs after hitting a six off the first ball. Parameswaran takes out Umesh Yadav off the last delivery to take Bangalore to a 21-run win. It's their eighth win in 15 matches and their playoff hopes remain alive. Delhi won't be too disappointed with the result as they rested a few key players for the match and without them having got that close will boost their confidence not a little. Yadav c Tiwary b Parameswaran 0 (2)Russell c Kohli b Parameswaran 31 (15b)19th over: Delhi 186 for 7 Vinay Kumar continues. Pawan Negi manages a four off the second ball as the ball goes past the wicketkeeper. Russell gets a high six off the fifth ball but it's a bit too late.18th over: Delhi 172 for 7 Zaheer continues. Superb bowling under pressure by him. Irfan Pathan goes back. Tries to hit Zaheer out of the park but a poor execution leads to his downfall as Dilshan takes a dolly at deep mid-wicket. Third wicket for the pacer, two in the last two overs.Pathan c Dilshan b Khan 4 (4)17th over: Delhi 165 for 6 Taylor out. Pulls it straight to Mayank Agarwal at deep mid-wicket. Is the end of the road for the hosts? Russell gets a four as just seven runs come off the Vinay Kumar over.Taylor c Agarwal b Vinay Kumar 55 (26)16th over: Delhi 158 for 5 Naman Ojha out. Saurabh Tiwary takes an easy catch at long-on. The first two balls were dots. The next yielded a double and then the wicket. Andre Russell hits the penultimate ball for a six to keep the hosts in it. The over concludes with a single.Ojha c Tiwary b Khan 13 (12)15th over: Delhi 149 for 4 Harshal Patel continues and Taylor gets a four off the second ball. Hits it straight back. A bazooka. A single off the next, the short fine leg fields. Two more singles in the over. Seven off the over. 14th over: Delhi 142 for 4 Muralitharan into his third over. Two runs off the first ball. Followed by two singles off the next two deliveries. A wide. The pressure is getting to him. Another single. One more single. And Taylor hits a six off the last ball to complete his fifty. His first this season. Finally he is back to form. It came off 22 balls.13th over: Delhi 129 for 4 Harshal Patel comes back on and Naman Ojha welcomes him with a four. Hits it straight back. A double off the next ball. A single. Taylor is on the strike now and he pulls it for a four. Single off the last ball. 13 from the over.12th over: Delhi 116 for 4 Harshal Patel takes a ripper at long-on to send back Venugopal. Muralitharan takes his first wicket. Taylor improves the situation with back-to-back fours. He has not given up. The contest is on.Venugopal Rao c Patel b Muralitharan 36 (24)11th over: Delhi 105 for 3 Prasanth Parameshwaran continues but Taylor hammers him for a four off the fourth ball in his trademark style. The left leg out of the way and a big swipe. If Taylor can continue like this, Delhi surely have a chance.10th over: Delhi 96 for 3 Another good over for Delhi. Ross Taylor takes a four and a six off Muttiah Muralitharan to renew the hosts' hopes.9th over: Delhi 82 for 3 Prasanth Parameshwaran comes and sends back Mahela Jayawardene. AB de Villiers takes an easy catch behind the wicket. Out-of-form Ross Taylor is the next man in, steers the fourth ball through third man for a four. Fifth ball, five runs thanks to an overthrow. Gayle takes a shy at the stumps from gully; no back up as the ball races to the boundary. Venu adds insult to injury with a four off the last ball. Cuts it really hard through the covers. It's a four in a flash. Jayawardene c †de Villiers b Parameswaran 9 (14) 8th over: Delhi 69 for 2 Harshal Patel continues. A good over until the last ball. Venu hits a six over long-on. Superb shot. But Delhi need more of that.7th over: Delhi 60 for 2 Muttiah Muarlitharan comes on to bowl. Things don't augur well for the hosts. Venugopal is up to the task. Gets a four off the fourth ball. The ball is too wide on the leg stump and he sweeps it past the keeper. 6th over: Delhi 51 for 2 Harshal Patel comes into bowl and does a good job. Just four off the over. Delhi need some big overs to keep themselves in the hunt.5th over: Delhi 47 for 2 Unmukt departs after hitting Vinay Kumar for a six off the first ball. The pull shot lands straight into Harshal's Patel hands at mid-on. Stand-in captain Mahela Jayawardene off his mark straight away with a single.Chand c Patel b Vinay Kumar 18 (10)4th over: Delhi 39 for 1 Three fours come off the over. Two hit by Unmukto, one by Venugopal Rao. 15 off the Zaheer Khan over. 3rd over: Delhi 24 for 1 Vinay Kumar comes into the attack. Venugopal Rao gets a four off the second ball. A brilliant short past point.2nd over: Delhi 18 for 1 Zaheer Khan to bowl the over and David Warner hits a six over covers, off the third ball. Warner out off the next ball. Tries to bludgeon the ball but loses his bat as Vinay Kumar takes an easy running catch at mid-off. Warner c Vinay Kumar b Khan 15 (9)1st over: Delhi 11 for 0 Tillakaratne Dilshan opens the proceedings for Bangalore with a wide. Unmukt Chand off his mark off the next ball. David Warner is on strike and takes two successive fours off the next two balls. One is along the ground; the other is aerial. A huge appeal for lbw off the fourth ball but replays show the ball is missing the leg-stump.Royal Challengers Bangalore innings:20th over: Bangalore 215 for 1 Another six for Gayle, over backward point. Varun Aaron is goggle-eyed. This is RCB's highest IPL total against Delhi. Also, the highest IPL total this season. Also, the second double hundred partnership in IPL history. A match of stats, nothing else. Gayle remains unbeaten on 128 off 62 balls, while Kohli weighs in with 73 not out off 53 balls. The West Indian hit 13 gigantic sixes and seven fours in his innings. For Kohli, nine fours and one six.19th over: Bangalore 203 for 1 Kohli hits him for a four off the third ball. In the absence of Morne Morkel, Delhi's bowling is looking really weak. Six. Virat Kohli hits the fifth ball over long-on as Unmukt Chand drops a catch at the boundary. It was tough but at this level one is expected to take such catches.18th over: Bangalore 189 for 1 Let's see Andre Russell can do anything different. Virat Kohli greets him with a four. It's a pull shot of the highest order. Another six for Gayle, off the fourth ball over deep mid-wicket. His 12th of the innings. OMG. A run-out appeal against Kohli but he survives.17th over: Bangalore 176 for 1 Umesh Yadav comes back on. Gayle completes his 3rd IPL ton with a single off the first ball. It's a 53-ball hundred. Another six for Gayle, off the second ball, over deep point. It's a no-ball. The next ball also goes for a six, this time over covers. We are really short of words to describe his innings. Meanwhile, Kohli reaches his fifty. Phew. 16th over: Bangalore 159 for 1 Pawan Negi returns and Gayle launches him for a six, over square-leg. Another six. This time over long-on. It's murder in the dark. One more. Over the bowler's head. Massacre. Overall, 22 runs off the over.15th over: Bangalore 137 for 1 Varun Aaron returns and gives away nine runs including a four to Kohli.14th over: Bangalore 128 for 1 Irfan Pathan into his last over. He has had a good at the office today. Let's see whether he can continue his good bowling. Six. Gayle hits it over covers and Negi manages to just touch the ball before it sails over the ropes. Another six, this time off the fifth ball. It's a bad ball, a long hop and Gayle makes him pay. It travels 109 metres. One more. Again a bit on the short side and the West Indian pounces on it in a flash. This over spoils Irfan's otherwise good day. 20 off it.13th over: Bangalore 108 for 1 Russell comes back on and is hit by Gayle for a four off the second delivery. Another four off the fifth. Hits it straight back and Umesh Yadav's dive goes in vain. Another good over for the visitors.12th over: Bangalore 96 for 1 Pawan Negi comes back on and Gayle sends him into the stands off the fifth ball. It travels 106 metres. This guy is all muscles. Now he hits a four. He hits it straight back and Umesh Yadav bungles at the boundary to gift another four runs. 11th over: Bangalore 83 for 1 Irfan Pathan comes back into the attack and does a good job. Just four runs off the over. 10th over: Bangalore 79 for 1 It's double spin attack for Delhi. Venugopal Rao comes into bowl. Umesh Yadav fields badly at deep midwicket to gift Kohli a four off the third ball. Two balls later Gayle adds insult to injury, whacks a six over the bowler's head. It has travelled 96 metres.9th over: Bangalore 66 for 1 Pawan Negi to bowl his first over today. The left-arm spinner has caught the eye with some really good performances in the previous matches. Let's see how he fares against Gayle. A tight over. Just two off it. Credit to the young bowler.8th over: Bangalore 64 for 1 Andre Russell continues and Gayle takes him to task. Takes a four and a six off the over. The six off the fourth ball is hit over long-on. Incredible power. 7th over: Bangalore 51 for 1 Irfan Pathan returns and concedes nine runs in his over with Gayle hitting him for a four off the third ball.6th over: Bangalore 42 for 1 Andre Russell comes into bowl. It's his second game. In his first game against Deccan Chargers last week, his bowling was all over the place. Today he has a big opportunity to make up. As we write all this, he bowls a no-ball. Luckily for him, Virat Kohli couldn't utilise the free-hit to good effect. Just a single. Russell recovers well for the rest the over. Just three off it.5th over: Bangalore 39 for 1 Varun Aaron continues and is dismissed for a four by Virat Kohli off the first ball. The pitch is as flat as it can get. A high-scoring contest in the offing. Virat has looked quite good so far. Without Morne Morkel, Delhi's task has become a bit difficult. Virat concludes the over another four. This time it's a pull shot. 4th over: Bangalore 30 for 1 Umesh Yadav continues but this time he is getting some hammering. Concedes two fours to Virat Kohli in the over. Both exquisite shots. 3rd over: Bangalore 21 for 1 Dilshan out. The Sri Lankan gets a leading edge while attempting to hit Varun Aaron out of the park. Irfan takes an easy catch at mid-on. Gayle improves the situation with back-to-back fours off the last two balls. Attack is the best form of defence for him. Dilshan c Pathan b Aaron 10 (7)2nd over: Bangalore 11 for 0 Umesh Yadav bowls a maiden against Chris Gayle. Unbelievable. Exhibition of some real pace. 1st over: Bangalore 11 for 0 Irfan Pathan opens the proceedings for Delhi. He has a tough job on his hands against Chris Gayle and Tillakaratne Dilshan. Dilshan gets back-to-back fours off the last two balls, both hit straight back. 7.30 pm: Delhi elect to bowl. Virender Sehwag is not playing in this match. Mahela Jayawardene is the stand-in captain. Unmukt Chand to replace Sehwag. Delhi also rest Morne Morkel. West Indian allrounder Andre Russell gets a game. Meanwhile, RCB also go in with one change. Prashanth Parameshwaram comes in place of KP Appanna. The teams will be out soon.Delhi Daredevils: 1 David Warner, 2 Unmukt Chand, 3 Naman Ojha (wk), 4 Ross Taylor, 5 Mahela Jayawardene (captain), 6 Venugopal Rao, 7 Andre Russell 8 Irfan Pathan, 9 Pawan Negi , 10 Umesh Yadav, 11 Varun AaronRoyal Challengers Bangalore: 1 Chris Gayle, 2 Tillakaratne Dilshan, 3 Virat Kohli (capt), 4 Saurabh Tiwary, 5 AB de Villiers, 6 Mayank Agarwal, 7 Vinay Kumar, 8 Zaheer Khan, 9 Harshal Patel, 10 Muttiah Muralitharan, 11 Prashanth Parameshwaram 7.15 pm: Hello and welcome to match number 67 between Delhi Daredevils and Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium in New Delhi. Delhi have already qualified for the playoffs but Bangalore have to win today to keep themselves afloat. Here is the preview for those who want more.