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    IPL 5, Match 72: as it happened

    Mumbai Indians innings:19th over: Mumbai 163 for 0 Shane Watson's first ball is a wide and Mumbai win by 10 wickets with 12 balls to go. Smith and Tendulkar remain unbeaten on 87 and 58 respectively. Mumbai's next assignment is against Chennai Super Kings in the Eliminator on May 23.18th over: Mumbai 162 for 0 Tait comes back on to bowl. Concedes seven runs in the over. This is the best opening partnership in IPL history.17th over: Mumbai 155 for 0 Shane Watson returns and is hit for a four off the last ball. Mumbai need another 8 to win. 16th over: Mumbai 149 for 0 Siddarth Trivedi comes on to bowl. Smith is dropped by Tait. The next ball the West Indian smashes for a four. What batting by both. 15th over: Mumbai 140 for 0 Brad Hogg comes back and Smith continues his rich vein of form. Takes two fours from the over. This is the best opening partnership this IPL.14th over: Mumbai 130 for 0 Tait returns and Dwayne Smith takes a four with a pull shot off the second ball. It's all Caribbean style.13th over: Mumbai 118 for 0 Binny comes back into the attack. Two fours come off the over, one by Tendulkar, one by Smith. Mumbai need 48 more to need. 12th over: Mumbai 105 for 0 Smith is caught off a no-ball. This is the second such occasion today. Tendulkar adds insult to injury with a four two balls later. Pulls it nicely. This is the second hundred partnership for Mumbai in IPL history.11th over: Mumbai 95 for 0 Ajit Chandila replaces Trivedi and Smith sixes off the first two balls. Both over long-on. Chandila drops Smith off the third but it was hit really hard. The West Indian completes his fifty with a double off the fifth ball.10th over: Mumbai 79 for 0 Brad Hogg continues and bowls a good over. Just seven off it.9th over: Mumbai 72 for 0 Trivedi continues and Smith flicks him off his pads for a four, off the third ball. This is the best opening partnership for Mumbai this season.8th over: Mumbai 66 for 0 Brad Hogg continues. Tendulkar is dropped by Watson who races in from deep mid-wicket but fails to complete the catch. It was a leading edge. Another good over for the visitors. Nine runs come from the over. 7th over: Mumbai 57 for 0 Siddharth Trivedi comes into bowl. By all means a wayward over. 8 runs off wide balls, including five off one. Overall, 13 from the over. 6th over: Mumbai 44 for 0 Brag Hogg comes into the attack. Appeals for lbw against Tendulkar right up. The umpire turns it down. Tendulkar gets the better of him off the second ball with a four through square leg. The rest of the over doesn't have much action.5th over: Mumbai 39 for 0 Tait continues. Smith takes a four off the penultimate ball off Shaun Tait. Plays it over point. Quite high in the air. Another boundary. This time a pull shot.4th over: Mumbai 27 for 0 Watson continues and does a good job until the last ball when Smith fetches a four, hitting over the point fieldsman. 3rd over: Mumbai 21 for 0 Shaun Tait replaces Chandila and Tendulkar hits an exquisite boundary off the third ball.2nd over: Mumbai 12 for 0 Shane Watson comes into bowl. Smith fetches a four off the fifth ball through fine-leg. 1st over: Mumbai 8 for 0 Ajit Chandila opens the bowling for Rajasthan and Dwayne Smith hits him for a six off the fifth ball. Earns praise from Tendulkar at the other end.Rajasthan Royals innings:20th over: Rajasthan 162 for 6 Lasith Malinga to bowl the last over. Dishant Yagnik flicks the fourth ball off his pads for a four. Malinga takes revenge off the next ball. Takes a high catch off his own bowling.Yagnik c & b Malinga 6 (3)19th over: Rajasthan 151 for 5 Dhawal Kulkarni return. He is having a good day at the office. Takes another wicket. Takes a catch off his own bowling to see the back of Ashok Menaria. His third wicket today. Eight runs off the over.Menaria c & b Kulkarni 21 (20)18th over: Rajasthan 143 for 4 Malinga cleans up Menaria off a no-ball. However, the free-hit ball yields just a single. The left-hander must be very disappointed with himself. 17th over: Rajasthan 136 for 4 RP Singh returns and Ashok Menaria takes a successive four and six. 16 runs off the over. Another good over for the hosts.16th over: Rajasthan 120 for 4 Kieron Pollad continues. Owais Shah closes out the over with a four and a six. Both shots on the leg side. Superb stuff.15th over: Rajasthan 106 for 4 Harbhajan comes into bowl. Superb over. Just one off it.14th over: Rajasthan 105 for 4 Kieron Pollard is greeted by Watson with a six over mid-wicket. Gets a four off the penultimate delivery. Steers it towards fine leg. Pollard hits back. Watson out off the last ball. Tries to hit the West Indian out of the park but holes out to Dwayne Smith at wide mid-on.Watson c Smith b Pollard 45 (36)13th over: Rajasthan 91 for 3 James Franklin has been brought on to bowl his first over. Does a good job. Just six runs off it.12th over: Rajasthan 85 for 3 Stuart Binny run-out in bizzare circumstances. Tries to take a single but there is no encouragement from Shane Watson at the other end. Kieron Pollard kicks the ball on to the stumps as the batsman falls short on his way back. Owais Shah is the next man in.Binny run out 30 (17)11th over: Rajasthan 83 for 2 Dwayne Smith continues and Watson launches him into the stands off the third ball. The rest of the over is relatively quiet.10th over: Rajasthan 74 for 2 Stuart Binny gets two fours. Harbhajan does not look in his element. A six comes off the penultimate ball. A four closes out the over. Good over for the hosts. Binny is unstoppable right now. 22 from the over.9th over: Rajasthan 52 for 2 Dwayne Smith comes into bowl. Does a good job. Just four runs off it.8th over: Rajasthan 48 for 2 Stuart Binny hits a six off the fourth ball of Harbhajan Singh's over. Hit over wide long-on. 7th over: Rajasthan 40 for 2 Malinga continues and concedes two fours in the over. It's Shane Watson in the thick of things.6th over: Rajasthan 31 for 2 Dhawan strikes again. This time his victim is Rahane. The batsman goes for a pull but the execution is not perfect as Rohit Sharma takes a catch at shortish midwicket. A wicket-maiden.Rahane c Sharma b Kulkarni 13 (17)5th over: Rajasthan 31 for 1 Lasith Maling comes into bowl. Does a good job. Just five runs off the over.4th over: Rajasthan 26 for 1 Kulkarni continues. Shane Watson concludes the over with a four over covers. Superb timing.3rd over: Rajasthan 18 for 1 RP Singh continues. Two fours come off the over. Rahane is looking in his element. 2nd over: Rajasthan 9 for 1 Dhawal Kulkarni sends back Rahul Dravid. A big edge straight through to the wicketkeeper. Remember, Kulkarni replaced Munaf Patel for this match, and he is already giving a good account of himself.Dravid c †Karthik b Kulkarni 5 (5)1st over: Rajasthan 7 for 0 Ajinkya Rahane and Rahul Dravid walk out to the middle. RP Singh to open the bowling. Dravid takes a four off the last ball, a beautiful flick off his pads.7.40 pm: Rahul Dravid wins the toss, Rajasthan will bat. Mumbai captain Harbhajan Singh informs they have rested Herscelle Gibbs and Munaf Patel for this match. Dhawal Kulkarni and James Franklin get a game. Two changes for Rajasthan as well: Yagnik and Hogg come in place of Botha and Goswami. The teams will be out in a while.Rajasthan Royals: Rahul Dravid(c), Ajinkya Rahane, Shane Watson, Owais Shah, Ashok Menaria, Stuart Binny, Dishant Yagnik(w), Brad Hogg, Siddharth Trivedi, Ajit Chandila, Shaun TaitMumbai Indians: Sachin Tendulkar, James Franklin, Rohit Sharma, Dinesh Karthik(w), Ambati Rayudu, Kieron Pollard, Dwayne Smith, Harbhajan Singh(c), Dhawal Kulkarni, Lasith Malinga, RP Singh7.20 pm: Hello and welcome to match number 72 of Indian Premier League season five between Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians. It's the last group stage tie this season. Mumbai have already qualified for the playoffs. As for Rajasthan, they can end their campaign on a high with a win today. Here is the preview for those who want more.