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    IPL 5, Match 8, Pune vs Punjab: as it happened

    Kings XI Punjab innings:20th over: 144 for 8 Bipul Sharma uses a long handle, with his 18-ball 35. But his effort goes in vain as Punjab lose another match. Another good performance by the Ganguly-led Pune. That's it for our live upates. The full match report will be up shortly.19th over: 131 for 8 Dinda comes into the attack for his third over. Strangely, Ganguly has given him only three. But there was no need as well as the other bowlers, including the part-timers, have done their job. A boundary and four singles, then the wicket of Faulkner ends Dinda's third over. And his figures read 3 for 13.J Faulkner c Ganguly b Dinda 3 (4)18th over: 122 for 7 Bipul Sharma's slog goes to the mid-wicket region, and he deposits the next delivery from Sharma for a straight six. Another four runs from this over and Sharma's spell of 2 for 34 finishes.17th over: 108 for 7 Samuels at his best. He is firing quick, flat and on-the-stumps deliveries one after another. After a dot and two singles, the fourth ball finds the lower part of Mascarenhas's bat but is grabbed cleanly by Jesse Ryder at long-on. Another one goes for Punjab.D Mascarenhas c Ryder b Samuels 5 (5)16th over: 104 for 6 Chawla lofts a quicker one outside off by Sharma towards long-on, where Manish Pandey takes a good running catch. It's just a formality now.P Chawla c Pandey b Sharma 16 (8)15th over: 99 for 5 Piyush Chawla gets into the act, hitting a good length delivery from Nehra for a massive six over long-off and follows it up with two more boundaries. But Punjab have lost just too many wickets for their liking.14th over: 84 for 5 A six off the second ball, which is smashed over midwicket for a huge six by Hussey. But Sharma makes a strong comeback, shattering the off stump of Hussey to send the Aussie back to the pavilion. D Hussey b Sharma 18 (17)13th over: 75 for 4 Nehra comes back and picks up the wicket of Nayar, who finds Ganguly at midwicket. It's the pressure that gets the better of Nayar, who could only score 24 off 28. Just three runs and a wicket. Terrific stuff from Nehra.A Nayar c Ganguly b Nehra 24 (28)12th over: 72 for 3 Hussey flicks Ryder for a single, and two back-to-back boundaries follow. Nayar cuts fiercely to deep point for the first four and opens the face of the bat and slices the next ball past short third man.11th over: 58 for 3 Kartik comes to bowl his third over and gives away only five singles at this stage of the game. Punjab need some sixes, especially from David Hussey, who has a big reputation of hitting lusty blows. 10th over: 53 for 3 It was on the cards. Mandeep fails to pick the off-cutter by Ryder and nicks it back to Uthappa, who takes a sharp catch. Only a miracle can save Punjab now.Mandeep Singh c Uthappa b Ryder 24 (23)9th over: 45 for 2 15 runs have come off Kartik's second over. Mandeep hits him for two boundaries, one is a pull in the mid-wicket region while the other was a bottom edge that goes past the keeper. Punjab needs more such overs, and quickly too.8th over: 30 for 2 Just 30 runs in the first eight overs. Only seven runs have been scored off the military medium pace of Jesse Ryder. The Punjab batsmen should do something to entertain the crowd at least.7th over: 23 for 2 Murali Kartik, who stifled the Mumbai batsmen in their last game, has been brought into the attack. And he starts off in the manner in which he finished the last game, not giving any room to the the Punjab batsmen and giving away just four runs in his first over.6th over: 19 for 2 It's looking like Punjab have already lost the game. Both Mandeep and Nayar are finding it hard to find the gaps. A boundary and two singles off Rahul Sharma's first over. 5th over: 13 for 2 Nehra gets the ball. The first ball is a dot, then a single off the next, and three more dots follow. Just a single off the last ball by Nayar. It's difficult to understand Punjab's tactics. Their innings is not going anywhere. Nevertheless, a good start by Nehra.4th over: 11 for 2 Another mix-up, another run-out. And it's Smith again for Pune! He runs in, lobs the ball, and throws it to Uthappa, who does the rest. A terrible start for Punjab, losing both of their openers inside four overs. Just two runs off Samuels' second over.A Gilchrist run out 6 (11)3rd over: 9 for 1 A terrible mix-up on the first ball and Valthaty gets run out. A huge appeal for an lbw by Dinda as the ball drops near the stumps. Valthaty stays his ground but Gilchrist hurries to the other end. Smith picks up and throws to the non-striker's end where the bails are knocked off. P Valthaty run out 1 (5)2nd over: 7 for no loss Samuels drops it short and wide and Gilchrist punishes him with a fierce cut to the point boundary. Samuels resumes to bowling straight and flat and no run is conceded off the next four. 1st over: 3 for no loss Gilchrist is away with a single to third man. Valthaty doesn't connect the next three deliveries off Dinda, who is bowling with good pace. A single to third man off the fifth and a leg bye finishes the first over.Pune Warriors India innings:20th over: 166 for 6 Despite being hit for a six off the first ball by Smith, Faulkner comes back well, taking the wicket of his fellow Australian and giving away just eight runs. The penultimate over may prove costly at the end for Punjab.S Smith b Faulkner 25 (12)19th over: 158 for 5 A fantastic spell by Harmeet is cut short when he bowls two waist-high full tosses. He is taken out from the attack. But Punjab will rue why he bowled those two beamers as Bipul Sharma, who replaces him, goes for three sixes, two by Smith and one by Manish Pandey. A staggering 27 runs come off this over. Earlier in the over, Harmeet shatters the stumps of Uthappa, who makes 40 off 33.R Uthappa b Harmeet Singh 40 (33)18th over: 131 for 4 Faulkner returns for his third over. Steven Smith smacks the first delivery through covers. The next ball is a dot, then three singles follow. A four off the last ball by Uthappa spoils an otherwise good over by Faulkner. 17th over: 122 for 4 Two wickets in two overs for Harmeet. After cleaning up Samuels with a straight delivery, Harmeet catches Ferguson off his own bowling. Pune seem to have lost their way now, losing wickets one after another. The over also produces just one run. Brilliant bowling at the death by Harmeet.C Ferguson c & b Harmeet Singh 3 (6)16th over: 121 for 3 Mascarenhas bowls his last over and gives away eight runs, Nevertheless, a good spell - 1 for 23 - by the tall Punjab bowler comes to an end. 15th over: 113 for 3 Good stuff from Harmeet, whose second over brings the wicket of the well-set Samuels for 46. The Caribbean batsman misses a heave completely, and gets bowled by Harmeet. Earlier in the over, Samuels hit a four towards the deeper cover, while Uthappa deposited a length delivery over the long-off fence for a maximum.M Samuels b Harmeet Singh 46 (39)14th over: 101 for 2 After singles off the first five balls, Uthappa puts an outside off delivery from Faulkner fine to third man for a boundary. 13th over: 92 for 2 Harmeet gets the ball. The two batsmen have already shared a 60-run stand, but they are still finding it hard to hit boundaries regularly. This over just produces six runs. A good first over from Harmeet.12th over: 86 for 2 Mascarenhas is keeping things tidy for Punjab. The medium-pacer has given away just 15 runs in his three overs. Except a four on the third, only two runs have been scored off him. Pune need more big overs.11th over: 80 for 2 A well-set Samuels is making his intentions clear now. He chips out and lifts Chawla over the long-on fence for a maximum. Three singles and two dot balls follow. Pune are on the move. 10th over: 71 for 2 A very good over for Pune. 13 runs come off Bipul's second over. After getting dropped at short cover, Samuels makes room and hits it toward the long-off for a boundary. But the third ball is dispatched for a massive six over long-off by Uthappa.9th over: 58 for 2 Piyush Chawla gets the ball. The wily leg-spinner bowls a few drifters and and flat deliveries. Only five runs from this over.8th over: 53 for 2 Samuels finally breaks the shackles, lofting the left-arm spin of Bipul Sharma over long-off and David Hussey jumps but the ball sails over the ropes after touching his fingertips. Ten runs from Bipul's first over.7th over: 43 for 2 Praveen Kumar completes his spell, giving away 27 runs in his four overs. After three runs off six balls, which includes a wide down the leg side, Uthappa takes two to end the over. 6th over: 38 for 2 Just two runs off Mascarenhas second over. Both Samuels and Uthappa are finding it hard to time the ball. 5th over: 36 for 2 A run-out was on the cards. After a mix-up earlier in the over, Ryder tries to scamper for a single off a ball defended by Samuels. But Praveen Kumar lobs the ball and directly hits the stumps. A glance for four by Samuels off the last delivery.J Ryder run out 8 (8)4th over: 28 for 1 Ganguly departs. The Pune captain never looked comfortable during his 20-run stay at the crease. After three singles off the first three balls, Ganguly hits a slower ball from Mascarenhas straight to Valthaty at mid-off off the sixth.S Ganguly c Valthaty b Mascarenhas 20 (18)3rd over: 21 for no loss Praveen continues. First ball is a dot, an appeal for an lbw against Ganguly, who was well outside his crease and scampers for a single. No run by Ryder off the third, while a three in the mid-wicket region off fourth. Another tentatively-taken single by Ganguly, and a run off the last ball.2nd over: 15 for no loss Similar start to Faulkner's over. Another inside edge past the wicketkeeper for a four off the first, follows by four dot balls. A single to finish a good over.1st over: 10 for no loss Praveen Kumar starts for Punjab. Jesse Ryder gets off the mark with a single off his pads, follows by an inside-edged four by Ganguly. Two dot balls and another four by Ganguly, who glides it past short fine-leg. A single off the last ball. A good but jittery start by Pune.7:40 p.m. Sourav Ganguly of Pune Warriors India won the toss and elected to bat against Kings XI Punjab in Pune on Sunday. Ashish Nehra returns for Pune, while Jesse Ryder also finds a place in Pune's playing XI. Shaun Marsh, on the other hand, misses out from Punjab's line-up.Teams:Punjab: Adam Gilchrist (wk/capt), Paul Valthaty, Abhishek Nayar, David Hussey, Dimitri Mascarenhas, Mandeep Singh, Bipul Sharma, Piyush Chawla, James Faulkner, Praveen Kumar, Harmeet SinghPune: Sourav Ganguly (capt), Jesse Ryder, Manish Pandey, Robin Uthappa (wk), Callum Ferguson, Marlon Samuels, Steven Smith, Murali Kartik, Rahul Sharma, Ashok Dinda, Ashish Nehra7:30 p.m. Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the eighth match of IPL 5 between Pune Warriors India and Kings XI Punjab. There is a festival-like atmosphere at the new Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium in Pune, which is hosting its first match. The crowd is thronging the stadium in colourful attire, a light shade of blue, to support the home side.Pune are coming into this game after an impressive win over title contenders Mumbai Indians. The Sourav Ganguly-led side looked extremely determined in the game on Friday. The captain himself showed some tactical brilliance on the field as they defended a below-par score of 129. Punjab, on the other hand, suffered a loss in their opening encounter against Rajasthan Royals. The KXIP bowlers gave away too many runs and their batsmen couldn’t get going while chasing a massive total of 191. Adam Gilchrist, who is leading the side for the second season in a row, will want a better show from his team today.