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    Reflections of a young mind

    KOCHI: She has an impeccable diction and speaks English with flawless ease. Listen to her and it would be hard to believe that she is a Malayali born and brought up in a small village in Harippad in Alappuzha. Aiswarya T Anish, 14, a Class IX student of Trivandrum International School, is a promising talent. She has a way with words and has written 400 poems, three novels and about 100 essays and articles. She is also a spoken English tutor at such a young age.Daughter of Anish Raj M S and Tara Bhai, Aiswarya started writing even as a three-year-old. “Initially, my mother used to help me with the writing. But soon I started writing on my own,” says Aiswarya, whose poems have been published in international journals and anthologies.Her tryst with the English language started during her kindergarten days. “One day, I was late for class and my teacher asked me why I was late. But I didn’t understand what she was asking. That incident motivated me to master English language at any cost,” she recollects.Like any other children her age, Aiswarya too was hooked on cartoons. But instead of just watching and enjoying the cartoons she started learning the language as well.Her recently published poetry collection—The Crescent Smile (My world - the reflections of a human mind)—is a window to her uncanny imagination. She has shown a remarkable ability to imbibe what she sees around the world into her writing. The topics that she has dealt with are varied. There are simple poems like ‘Amusing Parks’ which speaks of the excitement of a child visiting an amusement park, and complex poems like ‘Decline and Revival’ which speaks about ‘spirited storm’ and ‘voodoo doll’.She is now looking forward to her poem ‘Festival Day’ to be published in ‘Holiday Book,’ an anthology of poetry by a new Mexican publisher, Casa de Snapdragon, from USA.Awards and academic achievements are not new to her. Aiswarya is the recipient of ‘The Lions’ Excellence Award 2011’, Triond Young Poet of the Week Award (thrice), Souhardodayam Club Award 2010 and Janani Arts and Sports Club Award 2010.Aiswarya is also a bright student. She secured a distinction in English and credit for science in Macmillan IAIS Scholarship organised by the University of New South Wales, Australia, in 2010-11. Aiswarya was selected as the ‘Brave New Voice of Chennai’ as audience’s choice in the English school level Poetry Slam contest organised by the US Consulate this year.This child prodigy is focused on her career. “Poetry is my passion by my dream is to join IIT,” she says. She is truly a name to watch out for. This is what American author and poet Mark Landsberg has to say about Aiswarya, “From time to time throughout history, mankind is blessed with prodigies. As Mozart was to music, I believe Aiswarya T Anish will be to poetry. Her words speak timeless truths.” We wish this bundle of talent all the very best!