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    Norway NRI case: 'India return best for children'

    New Delhi: The two Indian children caught in the Norway custody battle might finally get to return home. Norway's Child Welfare Service reportedly told a court on Wednesday that a return to India was in their best interest.

    The children's uncle could now be given custody eventually clearing the way for a retrun home. A final judgement is expected on April 23.

    Svein Kjetil, lawyer for the Bhattacharyas, said, "It was proposed jointly yesterday in court that it will be in the best interest of the children to go back to India."

    Kjetil added, "It is for the court to finally decide the matter. The parents agree to this and that is what is necessary for the court."

    Three-year-old Abhigyan and one-year-old Aishwarya have been in foster care for almost 12 months now after being taken from their parents' custody in May 2011.