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    IPL 7 will see fewer foreign players: report

    New Delhi: The number of overseas players in the Indian Premier League (IPL) is expected to come down to nine from 11, media reports suggested on Tuesday after the conclusion of the meeting between IPL Governing Council and the team franchises in Singapore.

    New IPL chairman Ranjib Biswal seems to be concentrating on the word 'Indian' in the Indian Premier League to promote Indian domestic players.

    Meanwhile, it has also reportedly been decided that at maximum a team can retain five players, and in doing so will have to shell out Rs 39 crore of the Rs 60-crore cap. That will leave a franchise with Rs 21 crore to fill up the remaining slots in the squad.

    It has also been learnt that every team will now have a squad of 27 instead of 33 since the team owners wanted to retain five players. Reports also suggested that the players retained will play on an annual contract.

    Pakistan have also expressed optimism about participation of their players in IPL 7, but there was no such talk during the meeting in Singapore.

    The scheduling of IPL 7 remains a concern with its dates likely to clash with General Elections in India. While there is no talk of moving the tournament out of India, there have been reports of a few matches hosted by the neighbouring Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.