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    Karimnagar man stuck in Dubai with amnesia

    KARIMNAGAR: The Karimnagar district officials are trying to find the family of Nerella Lacchaiah aka Laxman (43), who is suffering from severe memory loss and is undergoing treatment in Dubai. Laxman sustained a serious head injury in a road accident in Dubai last November. He underwent a surgery and is staying at Rashid Hospitals in the foreign country. However, Lacchaiah recollected that he belongs to Karimnagar but he is unable to tell the exact place to which he belongs in the district.The NRI Department of Andhra Pradesh received a message from Dubai about Lacchaiah and the same was passed on to Karimnagar collector Smita Sabharwal by the state chief secretary.Based on the wireless message, the collector directed DRO Balaji Ranjith Prasad to detect Laxman’s family members at the earliest possible.The message stated that Lacchaiah belonged to Mankammathota in Karimnagar and the revenue staff are trying to find his family.On different occasions, he told the doctors that he has wife and four children, stated the message. UAE-based ‘Gulf News’ carried a report along with his picture that he had lost his memory in an accident last November. He was found in Jafiliya area. According to news reports, he landed in Dubai in 1990 to work as unskilled labour.