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    Film-making workshop by NYFA

    Hyderabad film-makers have cause to cheer for the esteemed NYFA will be coming to India a second time round to conduct their filmmaking workshop. “City being the second largest film-making centre, we hope to have a huge participation from here,” says Suniti Ghoshal, director, Yellow Submarine here adding, “We expect to have 50 students for the film-making programme and 50 for acting from across the country.”“Hyderabad has a huge potential as a film-making city which is why it was our first stop to introduce the workshop. Every year a good number student from the City enroll in one of the many programmes available at the academy,” says Suniti Ghoshal, director of Yellow Submarine.The New York Film Academy (NYFA) will be coming to Delhi to conduct two workshops simultaneously in a span of four weeks, in association with Yellow Submarine Films pvt ltd. Suniti Ghoshal was in the city to further discuss the workshop.Hands on training“The academy will be conducting two workshops - one on filmmaking and another on acting for film. The latter will introduce the students to acting, keeping in mind the technical aspects of how the equipment will capture them,” the director explains.NYFA which came in May to Mumbai, will be conducting the acting for film workshop for the first time in India.“We are looking at taking in 50 students each for both the workshops.The faculty to student ratio will be about 1:10 where a group of four students will get to share one camera, a camera to student ratio we think is the highest in the country,” Ghoshal adds.A former student of NYFA who was in the city, Suniti Ghosha says, “I took the course in 2004. I realised film-making was my passion and started Yellow Submarine in 2006 with retired Lt Col Vijay Bhagoliwal."Ask the unassuming colonel whether the shift from defence to filmmaking was quite the jump, and he charmingly replies, “Not really. I do the same thing - shooting.”Workshop starts from Oct 1The month-long workshop which starts on October 1 and goes on till 29, promises to give students hands-on experience in not just the role of a director but also the roles such as gaffer, editor, production assistant and so on. Each student is expected to come up with three films thus ensuring that each group produces 12 films, giving each student the exposure to that many films."The schedule is very hectic and rigorous. Thus every one will learn from the workshop even though its only for a span of 4 weeks,” opines Ghoshal.The NYFA has so far conducted these workshops across 16 cities in nine countries including, the US, UK, Italy, France, Nigeria, South Korea and China. So how come they finally did come to India? Explains Ghoshal, “India is largely a film-crazy country and every year a significant number of students enroll at NYFA. In 2006, there were 160 students at the academy. Having studied there, I approached them, because I sincerely believe its a really good course and we can learn so much more from this. All I had to do was to show them the statistics and the rampant film industry here, and they were in.”About course feeThe course however charges Rs 1.8 lakhs, an apparently fixed rate across the world. Says the woman entrepreneur, “It is an expensive course, I’ll admit. But it cuts down on costs of travel and stay if one were to go to New York, like I did, to do the course.”She adds that most students who come in, have been working and have saved up money. They look at this workshop as an investment because after all it is the NYFA.“Doing this is something like a continued education for them.” Faculty and equipment for the workshop will come from the academy and stay here for a month. Due to that, the intake for the workshop is only 50 per batch. “The academy doesn’t want to compromise on the quality. Plus they are bringing in the state-of-the-art equipment which will benefit the students. Also they are specific about the student-instructor ratio,” says Ghoshal.For details, visit www.nyfaindiaworkshop.com or email films@nyfaindiaworkshop.com