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    IPL, Match 39: as it happened

    Rajasthan Royals:

    20th over: 151 for 3. Umesh Yadav comes in to bowl the crucial over and gives two runs in first three balls. Fourth ball was an unbelievable six over point by Rahane and the next they take two runs. Rajasthan needed two runs off the last ball, Yadav runs in and bowls a dot ball and a run out of Owais Shah. Delhi Daredevils juggernaut moves on, as they win by 1 run and what a match for a Sunday crowd.

    Owais Shah run out 1 (1)

    19th over: 141 for 2. This can be a crucial over for both the teams and what a over he gets through by giving just three runs and the wicket of Brad Hodge. Rajasthan need 12 runs from the last over.

    Brad Hodge lbw b Morkel 22 (18)

    18th over: 138 for 1. Two fours and 10 runs from this Umesh Yadav over. Now Rajasthan need 15 off 12 balls and this match might go down the over.

    17th over: 128 for 1. Morkel now faces the elegant blade of Rahane. One he just opens the face of the bat to glide to the third-man area and the next over covers. 11 runs from this over.

    16th over: 117 for 1. With four more overs to go and Rahane batting at the middle, Rajasthan look to overhaul Delhi's target with effortless ease.

    15th over: 108 for 1. Rahane leads Rajasthan's chase after Dravid wicket and the visiting team look set for an easy win. Nadeem completes his four overs and goes wicketless.

    14th over: 100 for 1. Pathan completes his spell of four overs by taking the wicket of Dravid. Pathan pitches it up and Dravid almost clears long-on, but Agarkar takes a stunning catch.

    Rahul Dravid c Agarkar b Pathan 40 (38)

    13th over: 94 for 0. Good run for Rahane continues, as he gets to his half-century and in the process snatches back the orange cap from Sehwag.

    12th over: 85 for 0. Lot of things happen in this over. Dravid pulls up his hamstring, but looks fine after some treatment. That is not end of it, Pathan appeals for a caught behind and thinking Dravid is walking back; umpire Rod Tucker gives out and then realises his mistake and reverts the decision.

    11th over: 78 for 0. Presently its silent attack by Dravid and Rahane on a mute mode by picking up runs at a healthy pace. Rajasthan take 11 runs from this Agarkar over.

    10th over: 67 for 0. A good partnership going on at the moment and Delhi look frustrated as runs keep coming at a good pace.

    9th over: 61 for 0. Dravid and Rahane are showing that by playing proper cricketing shots a match can be own rather adopting to the slam-bang approach. But for Delhi, a good over comes to an end.

    8th over: 55 for 0. Rahane just lifts over the cover fielders and the ball beats two sweeper fielders with precision. If Rajasthan continue in this fashion they can easily achieve the target.

    7th over: 47 for 0. Rajasthan are presently playing some risk-free cricket and in control of the situation and most importantly boundaries are coming in each over.

    6th over: 40 for 0. mOrkel goes for 10 runs in this one and Dravid also has something to say to the lanky fast bowler. Both the batsmen are playing some excellent cricket shots.

    5th over: 30 for 0. Umesh Yadav digs one short and Dravid immediately launches on the back-foot and pulls it for a four, but apart from that a nice over.

    4th over: 24 for 0. Good over from Morne Morkel and this can be expected from the purple cap holder. Both the openers need to be patient and can lift the tempo in the middle overs.

    3rd over: 22 for 0. Two boundaries from the last two balls of Pathan over. First one in the cover region and the second one flicked off the pads.

    2nd over: 14 for 0. The in-form Shahbaz Nadeem comes on and what a shot by Rahul Dravid off a short pitched ball through the covers for a boundary.

    1st over: 6 for 0. Irfan Pathan starts things for Delhi and a decent one except for a poor ball straying on the pads of Ajinkya Rahane, who guides it to the fine-leg boundary for a four.

    Delhi Daredevils:

    20th over: 152 for 6. Not a last over Rajasthan would have wanted, as 20 runs conceded by Amit Singh. Late surge by Yogesh Nagar at the end helped Delhi to put up a decent total of 152 for 6. Two sixes and two fours going this over and also the wicket of Nagar, but there might be some bad news for Rajasthan, as Cooper looks like getting injured while going for a catch at the boundary.

    Yogesh Nagar c Chavan b Singh 27 (20)

    19th over: 132 for 5. A great spell from Cooper comes to an end and what a over at the death. He finishes his four overs by giving away 19 for none. Rajasthan would be happy to keep the home team under 150.

    18th over: 125 for 5. Ojha could have lifted the tempo for Delhi but falls with two overs remaining. Going for a big shot, Ojha gets a top edge and Dravid completes a good catch.

    Naman Ojha c Dravid b Singh 11 (11)

    17th over: 118 for 4. Wickets have slowed down things for Delhi and for Rajasthan Cooper is doing a good job with the ball.

    16th over: 114 for 4. Naman Ojha walks out and hits Hogg for a six straightaway. However, the former Australian spinner completes his four overs with figures of 1 for 31.

    15th over: 105 for 4. Taylor falls to Pankaj Singh. Taylor moves to off-stump to flick it over midwicket but misses and the ball crashes on the stumps.

    Ross Taylor b Pankaj Singh 25 (35)

    14th over: 102 for 3. After going for 11 runs in his last over, Brad Hogg finally wins the battle when he removes Sehwag caught by Ashok Menaria at deep cover running in to complete a brilliant catch.

    Virender Sehwag c Menaria b Hogg 63 (39)

    13th over: 99 for 2. Another tight over from Cooper. Both the batsmen find it hard to score off the slow bowlers, as things slow down for Delhi.

    12th over: 95 for 2. Chavan has been impressive in this match and finishes his four overs with figures of 1 for 31. The Kotla track today seems to be on the slower side but not affecting Sehwag a bit.

    11th over: 88 for 2. No respect for a retired international cricketer. This time Hogg bears the blunt of Sehwag's willow. Hogg pithes one up and Sehwag hits a flat six over long-on and the last ball on the shorter side pulled for a four.

    10th over: 73 for 2. Sehwag now cuts loose and brings up his fourth consecutive IPL half-century. Fifth and sixth ball goes for two fours, one through the covers and the second in midwicket region.

    9th over: 62 for 2. Ross Taylor looks to be struggling there at the middle as Amit Singh finishes up with a misery over.

    8th over: 58 for 2. The experienced Bradd Hogg starts up with a tidy one. Just gives five runs, but the dangerous Sehwag still at the crease.

    7th over: 53 for 2. Chavan goes for runs again and its quite obvious with Sehwag batting. He reverse-sweeps one for one and another full length ball through the covers.

    6th over: 42 for 2. Kevon Cooper comes in to bowl some medium-fast stuff. Cooper bowls a fullish one and Sehwag launches it over mid-off for a six.

    5th over: 35 for 2. Amit Singh comes in to bowl and starts of with an expensive one, as he gives 11 runs.

    4th over: 24 for 2. Five runs come from this over. With two key batsmen back in the pavilion, Sehwag needs to be patient at this stage.

    3rd over: 19 for 2. Double whammy for Rajasthan in successive overs. Kevin Pietersen goes for a cut off Chavan but gets a thick edge to Dravid at second slip and he doesn't miss many.

    Kevin Pietersen c Dravid b Chavan 5 (5)

    2nd over: 13 for 1. Sehwag looks in great touch, as he chips Pankaj Singh for four in the midwicket region. Next Jayawardene attempts a same short but holes up to midwicket fielder.

    Mahela Jayawardene c Hogg b Pankaj Singh 6 (5)

    1st over: 7 for 0. Left-arm spinner Ankeet Chavan starts off proceedings for Rajasthan Royals and Mahela Jayawardene welcomes him with a boundary. Chavan starts off on the shorter side and Jayawardene cuts it through the covers.

    3:30 p.m. Virender Sehwag has won the toss and Delhi are batting. The hosts are going in with the same eleven as in the last match. Meanwhile, there are three changes in the Rajasthan side.

    Delhi Daredevils: Virender Sehwag (capt), Mahela Jayawardene, Kevin Pietersen, Ross Taylor, Irfan Pathan, Naman Ojha (wk), Yogesh Nagar, Ajit Agarkar, Morne Morkel, Umesh Yadav, Shahbaz Nadeem

    Rajasthan Royals: Rahul Dravid (capt), Ajinkya Rahane, Owais Shah, Brad Hodge, Ashok Menaria, Shreevats Goswami (wk), Kevon Cooper, Ankeet Chavan, Brad Hogg, Amit Singh, Pankaj Singh

    3:15 p.m. Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the IPL, where it's the battle of the north Indian teams - the rampant Delhi Daredevils are hosting this year's surprise package Rajasthan Royals.

    Having won six of their eight games so far, Delhi have opened up a clear lead at the top. On the other hand, Rajasthan will like to arrest the mini slide they have gone through in the last few matches, which saw them slip to fifth on the leaderboard having won four and lost four.

    And while we wait for the toss, dig in to our preview for the game.