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    IPL, Qualifier 1: As it happened

    Delhi Daredevils innings:A clinical Kolkata Knight Riders beat Delhi Daredevils by 18 runs to enter their maiden IPL final in Pune here on Tuesday. They proved superior to their opponents in every department of the game. This is it with our live updates. Our full match report will be up shortly.20th over: 144 for 8 KKR win by 18 runs. Last over, as expected, was bowled by Sunil Narine, who gave away just seven runs and picked up two wickets. Negi and Morkel were the batsmen dismissed in the last over.P Negi st McCullum b Narine 14 (11)M Morkel c Bhatia b Narine 0 (1)19th over: 137 for 6 Seven runs and the wicket of Ross Taylor off Kallis' last over. The New Zealander was caught at deep backward square leg by Das. It's all but over for Delhi now.R Taylor c Das b Kallis 11 (8)18th over: 130 for 5 Though Kallis has launched Narine for a six and ten runs have come in this over, Delhi still need 33 runs from two overs. A difficult task in hand for the Delhi batsmen.17th over: 120 for 5 Kallis has come on to bowl his third over. The first ball is a dot, which is followed by a single from Negi. Another single and then a wide down the leg side. The ball seemed to have hit Venugopal's bat before going into McCullum's hands, but the umpire thinks otherwise. The batsmen isn't lucky on the next delivery, which spoons up high in the air and Bhatia takes a good catch in the covers.Y Venugopal Rao c Bhatia b Kallis 13 (22) 16th over: 117 for 4 After a four through the vacant third-man region by Negi, four singles have come off Shakib's last over. He finishes his spell with 1 for 36. Why Ross Taylor hasn't come in yet is puzzling.15th over: 109 for 4 What an over under the circumstance by Iqbal Abdulla, who gives away just four runs and picks up the big wicket of Jayawardene. The Sri Lankan was stumped when he tried to go over the top. Things are getting tough for Delhi as young Pawan Negi makes his way into the middle.M Jayawardene st McCullum b Iqbal Abdulla 40 (33)14th over: 105 for 3 Shakib returns and bowls a very good over, giving away just five runs. After the wicket of Ojha, Jayawardene holds the key for Delhi now.13th over: 100 for 3 Narine has been brought back into the attack and he is on the mark as usual. A single and a couple of runs from this over. KKR want their leading wicket-taker to provide them a breakthrough. Delhi, on the other hand, are taking themselves closer to the KKR target.12th over: 95 for 3 Abdulla continues and gives away seven runs, three singles and a four, in his third over.11th over: 88 for 3 Bhatia provides the much-needed breakthrough to KKR. Ojha, who was batting magnificently, hits one very short ball straight into the hands of Gambhir at backward point. Just one run in the next four deliveries, and then Jayawardene cuts one very late past the point fielder for four.N Ojha c Gambhir b Bhatia 29 (28)10th over: 83 for 2 Iqbal Abdulla continues. After two singles from the first four deliveries, Jayawardene ends the over with two glorious boundaries, first is hit past the backward point, while the other one is chipped over the bowler's head.9th over: 73 for 2 Naman Ojha is turning it on now for Delhi. The right-handed batsman hits back-to-back fours off Rajat Bhatia. Eleven runs have come from Bhatia's first over.8th over: 62 for 2 Now Iqbal Abdulla gets the ball and he delivers a good over under pressure, giving away just five runs. Both Jayawardene and Ojha seem to be taking their time.7th over: 57 for 2 Two singles and a wide down the leg side off the first few deliveries in Kallis' second over. A leg bye and two dot balls follow, and then Ojha cuts one hard, which gets an outside edge to the third-man fence for four.6th over: 49 for 2 The bowler who has spun the web around the batsmen throughout this season has been brought into the attack. Narine has made life difficult for the batsmen and it doesn't seem to be any different tonight. He was right on the mark from ball one, causing a lot of confusing in the minds of both Ojha and Jayawardene. Only two runs from Narine's first over. Great stuff by the West Indian.5th over: 47 for 2 Jacques Kallis has come on to bowl. After two singles off the first three balls, Jayawardene comes down the track and smacks one through point for a boundary. Another single and two dots to finish the over.4th over: 40 for 2 What a reply by Delhi. Though they have lost two big wickets - Sehwag and Warner - early, both Jayawardene and Ojha take the attack to the opposition, with the former hitting a four, while the latter complimenting him with a six and a four.3rd over: 25 for 2 Things get worse for Delhi as Sehwag departs now. The Delhi skipper was caught behind off Balaji, who was in despair with what seemed like a hamstring injury at the end of the over. But the over produced just one run and the big wicket of Sehwag. Great stuff.V Sehwag c McCullum b Balaji 10 (7)2nd over: 24 for 1 Gambhir employs the left-arm spin of Shakib. A couple of runs from Sehwag to start the over, which is followed by a single and four byes. Warner goes down on one knee and launches a length delivery into the crowd beyond the long-on fence. But the bowler has the final say as Warner inside edges one to McCullum.D Warner c McCullum b Shakib Al Hasan 7 (6)1st over: 11 for 0 Balaji starts for KKR. David Warner gets off the mark immediately. Sehwag then slashes one outside off stump, which takes a thick outside edge before racing away to the third-man fence. Three singles follow. Balaji then sends one down the leg side for a wide. Sehwag ends the over with another single.Kolkata Knight Riders innings:20th over: Kolkata ended with 162 for 4 An unbeaten 56-run stand off just 24 balls between Yusuf Pathan and Laxmi Ratan Shukla helped KKR finish with a challenging score. The last over from Aaron produced 21 runs, including a four by Shukla and two fours and a six by Pathan.19th over: 141 for 4 The first ball is a dot. Shukla then makes room on the second and smacks it through covers for four. He follows it up with a massive six over the square-leg fence. Another single and a couple of runs to finish Morkel's fourth over, which went for 15 runs. 18th over: 126 for 4 Pathan takes a single off the first ball, and then Shukla pulls one powerfully through the gap in the midwicket region for a boundary. Two more dots and as many singles off the next few balls, and then another four, but this time by Pathan. 17th over: 115 for 4 Morkel gets the ball. After a dot ball and two singles, Pathan frees his arm and sends a length delivery for a straight six. Another single from the over. KKR, however, need more such strikes.16th over: 106 for 4 KKR lose fourth wicket. Kallis pulls a short Yadav delivery straight into the hands of Taylor at deep midwicket. A very important wicket at this juncture as KKR are looking for some quick runs.J Kallis c Taylor b Yadav 30 (33)15th over: 99 for 3 Aaron returns. After two balls, Pathan takes a single off the third. Kallis too gets off the strike with a well-stolen single. A couple of runs to finish Aaron's third over, which goes for seven runs.14th over: 92 for 3 Pathan bowls his fourth over and ends his spell with the wicket of Shakib, who is caught behind. The left-hander gets a faint edge off a short of a length ball. Pathan finishes with 1 for 20. After Gambhir and McCullum gave KKR a solid start, Delhi have come back strongly.Shakib Al Hasan c †Ojha b Pathan 1 (3)13th over: 88 for 2 Though McCullum sent a Negi delivery into the stands at deep midwicket, the bowler won the battle when got the New Zealander caught at point by Warner, who took a good running catch. So, seven runs and a crucial wicket of McCullum from this of Negi, who bowled brilliantly, giving away just 18 runs and picking up one wicket in his four overs.B McCullum c Warner b Negi 31 (36)12th over: 81 for 1 Umesh Yadav returns. Kallis takes a single off the first. Another single by McCullum follows, and then Kallis pulls a short ball between long-on and midwicket for two runs. Yadav strays on to Kallis' pads, who glances it down to the fine-leg boundary for four. Two more singles to end the over.11th over: 71 for 1 Negi is bowling really well. The left-arm spinner is getting lots of turn and is troubling both the batsmen. Just three runs from this over of Negi, who has given only 11 runs in his three overs so far.10th over: 68 for 1 Pathan bowls his third over. A misfield by Ross Taylor at the midwicket fence gives Kallis his first boundary. Pathan drops a difficult chance when Kallis hits a length ball straight back to him. So, two dot balls, a boundary, a drop chance and three singles from this over.9th over: 61 for 1 Another good over by Negi, who is getting assistance from the wicket. A good news for KKR, who are playing three spinners. Meanwhile, just six runs from Negi's second over. So Delhi are keeping Kolkata in check.8th over: 55 for 1 Pathan returns. Gambhir's wicket has pegged KKR back a little. They are just concentrating on singles at the moment. Four singles and two dot balls from Pathan's second over.7th over: 51 for 1 Sehwag brings left-arm spinner Pawan Negi into the attack. Only three runs have come off this over as both McCullum and Kallis get a little cautious.6th over: 48 for 1 Gambhir was toying with Delhi's bowling before he got run out. A top edge off a short ball from Aaron went for a six over the fine-leg fence. The big shot was followed by a four through covers. But then the left-hander was involved in a confusion with McCullum, who sent his captain back after calling him for a single. He is found short of his crease. So Delhi finally get the breakthrough.G Gambhir run out 32 (16)5th over: 36 for 0 Morkel continues. Gambhir starts the over with an inside out four over extra-cover, which is followed by four successive singles. The last ball is a dot. It's a very good start by Kolkata. Both the batsmen have taken the attack to the opposition from the outset.4th over: 28 for 0 Fourth bowling change in as many overs. Varun Aaron has been given the ball. Three back-to-back singles are followed by a boundary. Gambhir comes down the pitch and slashes it through point. A dot and another single by Gambhir to end the over. Eight runs have come off it.3rd over: 20 for 0 Morne Morkel, the highest wicket-taker of IPL 5, has been brought into the attack. A single off the first is followed by a dot. McCullum cuts the third ball fiercely, but it goes over the slip for four. Two dot balls follow, and then a leg bye.2nd over: 14 for 0 Umesh Yadav comes in to bowl the second over. The first is a dot ball. Gambhir drives the second to the right of mid-off fielder for a single. Another single off the next, and then Gambhir pulls Yadav for a six over the fine-leg fence. A single to square-leg and a dot to finish the over. 1st over: 5 for 0 Pathan gets the ball. McCullum is on strike. After three dot balls, the New Zealander comes down the pitch and slams it over Pathan's head for a boundary. A wide down the leg side and two more dots. A good over by the left-arm seamer.7.40 p.m. Kolkata Knight Riders' skipper Gautam Gambhir won the toss and elected to bat against Delhi Daredevils in Pune on Tuesday.Besides Virender Sehwag, Ross Taylor has also come in for Delhi. Kolkata have brought in Laxmi Ratan Shukla in place of Manoj Tiwary.7.30 p.m. Good news for Delhi's fans as Sehwag is declared fit and will lead DD for this all important game.7.20 p.m. Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the first playoff of IPL 5. Delhi Daredevils are up against Kolkata Knight Riders at the Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium in Pune. Delhi and Kolkata finished first and second in the points table at the end of the league stage. Today’s contest is significant for the fact that the winner will go directly into the final on May 27, while the loser will get another chance to progress, playing the second playoff with the winner of the May 25 eliminator between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. There is still doubt over the availability of Virender Sehwag for this game. The Delhi skipper, who was given rest and missed the team’s last two fixtures, did not attend the practice session on Monday. But considering what is at stake, Sehwag may take the field even if he is half-hit. Whether Kolkata play more fast bowlers than spinners or vice versa will depend largely on the nature of the pitch. The other permutations and combinations related to today’s match are analysed wonderfully in our preview.