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    All natural disasters are man-made

    CHENNAI: Though we classify disasters into two categories--natural and man-made--almost all disasters that strike the earth are indeed man-made, M K Bhandari, Faculty of Law in Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur, has said.Addressing a gathering of law students during the inaugural session of two-day seminar on ‘Disaster Management and Law: Issues and Challenges,’ organised at TN Dr Ambedkar Law University on Wednesday, professor Bhandari said, “Due to our folly, we see fury of nature in the form of quake, volcano, lightening, and hurricane .” As a result of our acts like tinkering with nature and destroying ecological balance, we are getting all these types of natural disasters, Bhandari said.Recollecting the major disaster happened at Indian Oil Dept fire in Jodhpur few months ago, Bhandari said, “Man-made disasters are some time because of our ignorance and negligence.”Bhandari said, “One of its defective switch was not repaired on time and a spark from the damaged switch led to big disaster. These disasters are result of human negligence and causal approach to the day-today problem.”