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    IPL spot-fixing: Ravi Sawani fully convinced that Sreesanth 'fixed'

    The fate of tainted Rajasthan Royals's players S Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan will in all likelihood culminate into bans after a report in the The Indian Express on Tuesday published findings of the probe done by BCCI's anti-corruption unit chief Ravi Sawani.

    While the formal meeting of the BCCI's disciplinary committee has yet to conclude, the report in the English daily said that the players have been found guilty by Sawani of spot-fixing during IPL6 and face bans ranging from five years to life.

    The players, who have been suspended by the BCCI, were arrested by Delhi Police in Mumbai on May 16. The Indian board then appointed Sawani to investigate the alleged involvement of the three players, who were accused of conceding a pre-determined number of runs per over in exchange for money.

    Here are some of the report findings:

    On Sreesanth

    According to Sreesanth, his admission of wrongdoings during police interrogation was only to make the police officials happy and release him. The former India Test pacer said that he confessed as a result of continuous torture and interrogation. However, Delhi police officials told Sawani, "When Jiju told Sreesanth that he had already told the police everything and that there was no point hiding facts any further, both cried and hugged each other before Sreesanth also admitted to being part of the fix."

    Sawani's conclusion: "I am fully convinced that Sreesanth was part of the fix and, therefore, I confirm my earlier findings of holding S Sreesanth guilty of the offences listed in my initial report."

    On Amit Singh

    Amit Singh said that Chandila never fixed and was just after quick money. He was making fool of the bookies by just accepting money from them. Chandila also complained to Amit about the bookies harassing him. Sawani reckoned that Amit is "the bad fish that spoils the entire pond" because he is the one who brought the players in contact with bookies and fixers.

    Sawani's conclusion: "He deserves no sympathy and I hold him guilty of all offences listed against him."

    On Siddharth Trivedi

    He took money from Chandila for meeting bookies and received gifts from Chandila and Amit. Trivedi's answer to this was that he only took the money but never fixed. Trivedi said that he eturned Rs 2.5 lakh to Chandila and Rs 1 lakh to Amit Singh. But Sawani reckons that Trivedi is "30 years old and fully capable of comprehending why people were buying him gifts and gifting enormous sums of money."

    Sawani's conclusion: "The fact remains that Trivedi failed to report the receipt, clearly knowing the people and the purpose."