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    IPL6 auction may be in rupees, not USD

    New Delhi: Fluctuating exchange rates may force BCCI to conduct the upcoming Indian Premier League auction in rupees instead of US dollars, according to a report published in the Times of India.

    A BCCI source told the newspaper that the IPL Governing Council is considering the switch as it will help the franchises to manage their expenses in a better way.

    The inaugural edition of the IPL in 2008 had a standard rate of Rs 40 a dollar, which is still the case for Indian players. But the pay cheque for the expats is calculated at the current rate of exchange. According to the daily, the new system may come into force from 2014, when all the existing contracts have expired.

    In another change to the auction process, most franchises want all the players to be part of the auction pool in 2014, including the domestic players. Currently only foreign domestic players are part of the auction, whereas domestic cricketers from India have fixed contract rates depending on their experience.

    "This is an Indian league and our domestic cricketers should be treated at par with the domestic cricketers from foreign countries," a board official told the newspaper.