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    SL President attacks UN report on May day

    Colombo: Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Sunday said that his government wouldn't let any force to undermine the victory achieved by his armed forces in the war against LTTE.

    Rajapaksa did not name the UN directly but said that he was encouraged by the message sent to the international community by tens of thousands of people who attended the ruling party's May Day rally in Colombo.

    "We gave true freedom to Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and all other communities, religious groups. We will do everything to protect that victory," he said addressing the United People's Freedom Alliance May Day rally in Colombo on Sunday.

    "When we try to rebuild the country, we face various external threats, people creating problems. I want to tell you that we won't bow down to them," he told the crowd.

    "I won't name people, but I appeal to those reporting or writing about this country not to be lured by dollars and write incorrect things."

    Tens of thousands heeded Rajapaksa's call to participate in the May day celebrations in order to send a message that outside interference in Sri Lanka was unwelcome which was a direct response to the advisory panel report issued by UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon.

    Activists of some 16 political party allies and several other affiliated bodies of UPFA took to streets in support of Rajapaksa.

    The procession was marked with burning of effigies of N chief and shouting of slogans against the members of his three member advisory panel.

    The report released last week accused the government of war crimes during the last stage of the military battle with the LTTE and advocated the setting up of an independent panel of inquiry.